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Review #1, by anonymous Prologue: I'm Calling Out For You

22nd August 2009:
he killled her? how sad! poor sirius has to live in that horrible place with that guilt on him...
awesome start for a story

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Review #2, by bythequill_moe Prologue: I'm Calling Out For You

25th May 2008:
I hated it.

NOT! BHAHAA. Thought I'd leave some love. This was amazing, siriusly. And the graphics, as usual they are the best thing my eyes have ever saw. I don't know where you get all this mad graphics making and writing skills from.

M'kays, again, that was amazing. If you don't write more, I will bother you every day because I can. The descriptions were beautiful, I love how you made Sirius' feelings seem so real. It wasn't just senseless words on the screen. Oh and no spelling or grammar mistakes, even better.

Anyways, overall it was AMAZING. I hardly ever review and they usually suck so that's as good as my praises gets.

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Review #3, by LilliaSnape Prologue: I'm Calling Out For You

14th November 2007:
OH wow. This is realy realaly realy good! HOly crap! I love every word. It's spellbinding. You should be proud. Seriously. I wish that I could write so well. This is definetly one of the best prolouges ever. I'm telling ya. I really really like this:
She danced on, not caring that Sirius was just sitting there, watching her with an extremely pained expression on his face. She was something he wanted even more than seeing his godson’s face again. “Sirius…. Sirius….” She called to him, his voice like silk, wrapping around him. Involuntarily, he stood up and made a dash to get her. But as soon as he reached to grasp her arm, she disappeared and appeared behind him.
It really is great. Amazing imagery first off. I'm sorry that you haven't gotten any reviews for this so far, if you add any more to this I will faithfully review and recomend it to anyone who is looking for something special. 100/10 You should be really proud.

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