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Review #1, by Zolushka Coming Home

5th April 2013:
"Now get out" ???! seriously?! you start the chapter off saying Harry loves Cho - "the woman he loved was upstairs" and then he just kicks her out, he doesn't even apologize? even if he doesn't REALLY love her as you say, he did ask her to marry him!! =/ you have such a great plot and the middle was interesting, you had me hooked but THE END? like SERIOUSLY the ending ruins the whole story :(

here is how i would have ended it: so Harry says "Look, Cho, I am very sorry about this, but we can't be together anymore, not when Ginny is back and I love her as much as I do" and then Cho runs out of the house sobbing.. and then Ginny says "She'll be alright, you know" and Harry says "You were always the one for me". and then they kiss. and then he says "Mrs. Potter" (just a thought, but in my opinion much more accurate to 1) the beginning of your story, he did ask Cho to marry him, he must care for her!! 2) harry's original character, he is so caring and kind, he wouldn't just kick Cho out... )

oh also, if Ginny was really assaulted the way she was, she'd be really scarred and when she is lying next to Harry i think she should have a flashback to the rapes and maybe cry while harry comforts her and promises he'll always be there for her. its a bit unnatural how OK she seems. i am kind of rewriting your story, i am sorry!! haha, i am a writer too, thats why. overrall the plot is great, i just really didn't like the ending. good job, though, don't stop writing, i'd love to read more of ur stuff =)

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Review #2, by my wicked quill Coming Home

13th October 2009:
hmm.. i love the plot, only i think u executed it a bit fast, with Harry kicking cho out so fast and so harshly, and harry didn't even talk to Ginny about what happened to her. i think if u take this story make it a bit longer, with more explanations and communications it would be an incredible piece of work, still, im in love with the idea 6/10

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Review #3, by la belle lune Coming Home

7th October 2009:
oh! that was so sweet! it made me wanna cry cause i was so happy! :) and the end made me even more happy!! cause i totally hate cho =P lol but really i luv it!!!

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Review #4, by lifter57 Coming Home

23rd February 2009:
terrible - not bad writing but terrible plot and very unbelievable

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Review #5, by Abby Coming Home

11th May 2008:
Hey, I loved your story. Although the very end, when he yells at Cho, felt quite rushed and I would have loved if it was expanded a bit, and there was more stuff in between kicking Cho out and calling Ginny "Mrs. Potter". Other than that,though, gorgeous story!!

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Review #6, by ginnyXharry Coming Home

12th November 2007:
αδικο!!! (καημένη Τσο)
this was so unfair for cho.

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Review #7, by Black Dahlia Coming Home

23rd August 2007:
i thought the story started out great, but why on earth did Harry hav to be THAT mean to Cho?

Author's Response: uhm.. you know i'm not quite sure. i was waiting on one of my friends to help me finishing the story up.. but she never got back to me. so i finished it the way i thought it would finish. i'll go fix it. thanks for the review!!

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Review #8, by twinkies Coming Home

15th August 2007:
I loved it. It was a little weird at the end with the twins and explaining them but overall I liked it. Awsome job. Keep writing other stories.

Author's Response: thank you. i have thought about removing that part.. because now we all know that it doesn't happen?? lol anyways.. thank you for reviewing.

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Review #9, by Rollerpig Coming Home

8th August 2007:
I really like your writing style. But I'm disappointed in the plot to be honest.

Author's Response: alright.. tell me what you didn't like about it.. and for my next story i'll try and fix it. :] thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by AnotherGinnyWeasley Coming Home

27th July 2007:
This is a good story and I felt REALLY sorry for Ginny. When Harry was with Ginny first, I felt sorry for Cho, but when Harry and Ginny arrived home, I weren't sorry for her anymore.

Author's Response: :] i thought so too.. i tried to make it where both of them were not happy in their relationship, or rather they could not give themselves completely to one another. So that's why ended the way i did. thank you for reviewing!! :]

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Review #11, by UltiLunaFan Coming Home

26th July 2007:
Nice ending, convenient that Cho betrayed him, eh?

Author's Response: lol oh i know.. she was happy but it was the same mutual feeling as Harry... she couldn't give him everything. thanks for reading and your review!!

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Review #12, by kyrandia Coming Home

18th July 2007:
ah so cutte

Author's Response: thank you :]

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