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Review #1, by Dark Whisper Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

19th January 2012:

Wow! I was listening to this song today and I was wondering if their was an HPFF songfic for it.

And I not only found one, but it was down right incredible and wonderful and amazingly better than I even thought possible.

You have such wonderful emotion in this and in a way, I am glad that you didn't have a happy ending... because that is very much in keeping with the sadness and anguish of the tone of the whole thing.

I am so impressed and I'm favoriting to come back to this. I find it inspiring and fantastic.

You really nailed it perfectly and I feel it was a privilege reading that.

Amazingly emotional song with a fanfic that matched it... a rare thing indeed.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark Whisper,

I posted this story in 2007. I have been waiting for 5 years for a review like yours on this story!!

Thank you so much for "getting" this. I still recall writing this story. I was really into this song, and thought it was so sad- I wanted to translate that feeling into a Dramione fic.

Overall, I feel this fic was not well received by readers. That's okay, because as a writer, I write for myself, to express myself. I enjoy all reader feedback (unless of course it's a completely rude flame!) I may be biased but I've always loved this fic. I think the feelings between Hermione and Draco would have to be sad, desperate and generally unhappy... just because of their history in canon.

So thank you ever so much, for taking time to look for this story (very cool how you came across it) and thank you even more for letting me know your thoughts.


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Review #2, by Tara Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

22nd February 2010:
Love that song! Aww poor Draco. Poor hermione. Did they kill themselves in the end? Or is that just what they wanted to do but didn't? Awesome song fic. NEver seen one done like that. Very cleaver!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Did they kill themselves? I will leave that up to the reader to decide. I kind of think they may have. Just like Romeo and Juliette.

Thanks again!

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Review #3, by Cthulhufhtagn Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

20th March 2009:
Whoa...brief but waaayyy intense! Most novels don't pack so much emotional depth. Interesting to see you do a story in which the relationship could not sustain itself. Call me jaded, but it's no great stretch of the imagination for me to picture Draco as having an addiction problem (with a father like his, who could really blame him?). How sad that he is too much a captive of his nature to say or do what he needs in order to win Hermione back.

P.S. - To answer your question from my review of 'Holly and Ivy', I played Andrew Carnes in 'Oklahoma'.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your lovely, intelligent, Insightful reviews of my writing.

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Review #4, by Krystle Lynne Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

18th February 2009:
Not quite as cheerful as the other story, but amazing nonetheless. The pain they were feeling was tearing at my heart and made me want to go and give them both a hug and somehow get them back together. Awesome job.

~Krystle Lynne~

PS: 10/10

Author's Response: Definitely not as cheerful. I'm really pleased you felt the heavy sorrow in this- that's the feeling I was going for. However, I've never been happy with the ending of this one. (?) I guess I just prefer happy endings!

Thanks for taking time to let me know what you think of it!

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Review #5, by dracosgem Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

9th June 2008:
Heart-wrenching! There is something about the dynamic between them that makes their fate truly sorrowful. Good play on feelings utilizing the song...I must say your use of song lyrics in your stories deepens the meaning of each very well.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! I'm excited you liked the use of the lyrics in the actual thoughts and descriptions of the characters. Some reveiwers do not dig that. (But that's okay too.) I liked sprinkling the lyrics throughout the two characters thoughts and words tpo each other. It made the song 'theirs' so to speak.

I'm glad you caught the mournful and somber tone of this one. It killed me to not give them a happy ending, lol! I love happy ending Dramiones. Thanks agian for such a lovely review! :D

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Review #6, by Quiddichref Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

10th January 2008:
Well, songs don't come much darker than "Hate Me" (thanks for sending me off to listen to it; never would have found it without you!). And song fics don't come much darker than this one. If you are trying inspire feelings of utter dispair in your readers, congratulations! Mission accomplished.

If you would like a lighter read, I have a song fic called "World" posted; it's intented to end with a smile.

Author's Response: Hee Hee. I'm glad to inspire intense feelings in readers!! Yeah! I wrote this in like 15 minutes. I had just read something dark by hplssrmntc313 (HPFF author) and it just was there in my head wriggling out onto the page.
Glad you like 'Hate Me'. Turn it up!
I'll be skipping on over to your page to check out 'World' :DD
Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #7, by poorleno22 Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

13th November 2007:
aww...sad. :-(

Author's Response: yeah... my attempt at teen angst. thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by mysticalshadows Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

13th September 2007:
WHOA this is different. your a really good writer. just dont get the lyrics in the story. like IN the story. that was really good. the ending was ? when im making a fic on this song too! except im sorta doing the same as some other person. anyway. this is way cool! i love this song =]

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! and thank you for your compliments.
so, you didn't like the lyrics in the story? :(
let me explain...=) i wrote the fic while looking at the printed lyrics. i interpreted the lyrics along the way until certain phrases popped into my fic...it was intentional. i want the reader to 'hear' the song while they're reading, so, that's why some lyrics are in the actually story.
the ending; yeah, i want the reader left feeling like,'no! don't let it end this way!'
i want the mood of the music/lyrics to come through in the end.
i'm really glad you liked it, and i agree, the song is awesome!
thanks again!

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Review #9, by Torie_talks_alot Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

7th August 2007:
That was so sad..But really good at the same time.

Author's Response: yeah, it is so sad. i think the song (hate me) is so full of sadness and despair; the hunting melody, the lyrics...i had that feeling while writing this.

thanks for letting me know you think it's good. it means alot.

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Review #10, by JenniferRain Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

29th July 2007:
Oh my goodness. I love Blue October, first off, and the song Hate Me always makes me tear up, but this... this was brilliant and heartwrenching at the same time. I litterally cried. Thank you.

Author's Response: hey JenniferRain! Thank you for taking the time to read and review. your review made my day!!
i love this song too; it moves me to tears-the music is so emotional- i was hearing the music while i wrote this and i cried while writing!!
i am so thrilled that it touched you in the way you described. i was hoping just one person would feel what i felt while writing it! thank you again!! :D

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Review #11, by comeon359 Hate Me for the Things I Didn't Do

27th July 2007:
a bit starange i sugest that you make a story on what happened. you give the ending in this so say how it started and things like that

Author's Response: well thank you for reviewing coneon359. what i'm going for here is to focus on the end. the song is about ending a relationship and the pain involved, so i purposely began at the end so to speak.

i hope the reader will gather through the descriptions that they were in a deep and meaningful relationship. it ended because of hardships that i eluded to in the words which i interwove with certain lines from the lyrics.

its only part of thier story really, a glimpse or a snap shot. i wanted things to be a little ambiguous. i want the reader to consider: why did they break up? what happens? do they kill themselves?, does draco get the courage to stand by her?

i do agree with you that it would make for a good story from start to finish though- thanks for your comments.

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