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Review #1, by Yuki Kim Confession

25th January 2017:
so he finally confessed his feeling foe her!!! and he finally kissed her ! way to go Draco!

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Review #2, by gocnocturna Confession

2nd March 2012:
This story was super cute. I love Draco/Luna stories, there are so few! This was amazing and I woule love a sequel? Awesome story!

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Review #3, by freja Draco's Mess

26th July 2011:
I just wanted to say I love this fic and Iím wondering if you have considered posting this over at fanfiction dot net?
If not, could I by any chance, with your approval of course post it over there?
Sincerely freja

P.S. If you are interested just respond to my review D.S

Author's Response: I've been meaning to set up an account over at fanfiction dot net, but I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

I'm really flattered that you think this story could do well over on another site, thanks for the encouragement!! I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the story!!

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Review #4, by Hannah Rose Confession

20th July 2011:
this deserves many many more reviews. I loved it, nice to see a comical side to Lucius for once. Found myself laughing every now and then at his devious plans! Thank you so much for writing, again, it was fantastic!

Author's Response: I actually had so much fun writing Lucius in this story!!! I was getting bored of reading all dark horrible Lucius stuff so took matters into my own hands lol & it's been really nice that those nice enough to read & leave reviews have also liked Lucius in this fic.

thanks for taking the time to read & review. Sorry it's taken me such a dreadful length of time to reply to you!

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Review #5, by kate Confession

30th June 2011:
it was cute and good. sweet.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I'm please you enjoyed it.

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Review #6, by Charmedcat Confession

27th June 2011:
Wow, the ending! It was wonderful, so beautiful! I never knew Draco had it in him. So I guess Lucius turned into a good guy after all. (lol) I thought it was great that they both finally had the courage to admit their feelings to each other. Draco really changed from the beginning too! I think this is the best Draco/Luna fic I've ever read. Excellent work and keep on writing!

Author's Response: lol, yeah Lucius was on Draco's side all along! Go Lucius!! lol. I'm really pleased you enjoyed the ending. Thanks so much for sticking with the story!

I'll be looking forward to more of your story soon too!!!

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Review #7, by Charmedcat Lucius' New Plan

14th June 2011:
I'm back! (School takes up so much time). I just loved Luna in the beginning. She's so funny, even in her sleep! Poor Draco. (although he probably enjoyed it a bit!)
I love how the chemistry between Draco and Luna has gotten so much more intense and closer! They really care for each other.
I see Lucius has another evil plan, but I never would have thought it would have to do with their engagement ring! I quote Luna, "'What happens now?'" ?!?

Author's Response: Life does take up a lot of time!! lol. Yeah, I reckon Draco probably would enjoy it lol.
I had so much fun writing Lucius in this story and I've been really pleased that everyone who has read has liked him.

More Draco/ Luna feelings coming up!!

Thanks for coming back. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so!

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Review #8, by Charmedcat Sore Feet

30th December 2010:
I think I would like to shop with Cissy, she sounds like a fun companion to have. Imagine buying all you want without worrying about the price! (the Malfoys must be a very wealthy family).
Draco and Luna's relationship is really coming together, isn't it? I wonder if Luna knows how much she's driving Draco to the edge? lol.

Author's Response: It would be great to buy anything you wanted wouldn't it!! I read somewhere a while ago that Lucius Malfoy was in the top 5 billionaire's of fictional characters!!! I think Scrooge McDuck of Disney's Duck Tails was first lol. Can't quite remember which position Lucius came but he was in the top 5.

I'm glad that you're enjoying the progression of Draco & Luna, & I don't think Luna has a clue what she's doing to poor Draco lol.

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Review #9, by Charmedcat Realisation & Opportunity

30th December 2010:
(I didn't use my account for my last review, oops). I really enjoyed reading this chapter because it went into depth of Draco and Luna's feelings. I love Luna and how she refuses all of Draco's pricey offerings. Show him, Luna! But I wonder what Lucius is planning, he's so sneaky!

Author's Response: Draco's always been about his status and wealth which is so completely opposite to Luna that I just had to show that lol.

I really loved writing Lucius in this story it was fun coming up with little twist for him to throw at Draco & Luna so I'm really pleased you like him!!

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Review #10, by Charmedcat The Invite

30th December 2010:
Sorry that it's been months since I've been on here! (I blame schoolwork). I'm so glad to come back and read more of Draco and Luna. When I was reading this, I thought "Aww!". Draco is so sweet with his feelings about Luna and Luna is so cute whenever she is around him.

Author's Response: Schoolwork is never good!! lol. I'm glad that you're still enjoying the story!! Thanks for taking the time to read & review.

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Review #11, by Charmedcat Race Day

24th October 2010:
Ooh, a race day! Good job with the descriptions, I could just imagine the high-class setting with all the wealthy purebloods. I didn't think Luna could be so energetic about racing, but you've convinced me otherwise. Besides, they're flying horses!
I also liked how you included Lucius and Narcissa. I could see a part of their relationship that usually isn't written about-- the gentle and loving partnership.

Author's Response: This is probably my favourite chapter lol. I really enjoyed writing this one so I'm thrilled you enjoyed reading it!!

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Review #12, by Charmedcat Shenanigans

24th October 2010:
Ah, shenanigans; everything in Lucius's mind is sly and evil! Though, when Luna and Draco are put together, it seems much less evil... Great chapter, I so look forward to see what happens next!

Author's Response: I've had a blast writing Lucius to be honest, I haven't really written anything with him before, let alone ahve him as a mian character & I've been really pleased with the reactions from everyone towards him.

I'm glad that you are still enjoying the story. Thanks for taking the time to continue to read & review.

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Review #13, by ms simone Confession

15th October 2010:
love this story... luna & draco are too cute.

Author's Response: Yeah they are lol.

Thanks for taking the time to read yet another of my Draco/Luna's!!

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Review #14, by Charmedcat Poker

27th September 2010:
Oh gosh, this was an amusing chapter! Poker with wizards, interesting!
You've definitely captured how Luna is so amazingly observant and how Draco is the hungry little Slytherin he is. I could really see Draco and Luna's relationship here, but poor Draco is about to pay the price from his dad!

Author's Response: This is my fave chapter up to this point in the story. I had a lot of fun writing it and trying to show those sides of the characters as well as their relationship so I'm glad you thought so much of it!!

Thanks for sticking with the story, I'm really pleased that you're enjoying it so far!!

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Review #15, by Charmedcat Pleasant Plots

27th September 2010:
I thought this was a great chapter! You describe Draco and Lucius's thoughts sooo well.
I find it funny that Draco could be a noisy kid. Having a little Draco running up and down the manor-- cute!

Author's Response: I like the idea of a little Draco lol. Think he'd be cute!! lol.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I apologise for the delay in responding to you!!

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Review #16, by WeirdRandomPerson Confession

20th August 2010:

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I really had fun writing this story. The story is at an end though, there will be no more chapters added.

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Review #17, by Charmedcat Lucius Takes Control

15th August 2010:
Lucius is evil! But Luna was so nice to stay and help Draco. All Draco wanted was to impress his father and be with Luna and now he gets both! Isn't he lucky? ^-^
I wonder what Lucius will do now...

Author's Response: Yep Draco's lucky, although you should always be careful what you wish for lol, Draco will also get stressed as Lucius always has a plan lol.

Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you're still enjoying the story.

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Review #18, by Charmedcat How Far?

5th August 2010:
Great chapter. The relationship between Lucius and Draco is actually very believable, not too close, yet not too hostile. And of course, them both being Slytherins, they must have some sort of rivarly together (with the lies and disbelieving thoughts and whatnot).
Luna and Narcissa got along very well, despite their differences. "'Men.'" Oh, Narcissa! Lol.

Author's Response: I don't think that Lucius & Draco are particulalry close, but then I really don't beleive that it's a hard, cold relationship they have either so I attempted to go for something in the middle & I'm glad you thought I managed to hit it just right.

Narcissa was fun to write lol.

Thanks again for reviewing! I appreciate it!!

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Review #19, by Charmedcat Persuading Luna

5th August 2010:
Luna's so nice and Draco's so cute! I can imagine how embarrassed he feels explaining everything to Luna while trying to keep his dignity. The snooty owl in the beginning made me laugh. Can owls be snooty? Ha ha.
I also like how Luna absolutely refuses money and things from Draco. Poor Draco has to learn that his wealth doesn't get everything. xD

Author's Response: Major embaressment I would think lol. Draco kinda deserves it though even though I love him lol.

Luna didn't seem the type to me who would take money or anything from Draco. She always comes across as the type of person who would want to help just because she can. Such a sweet character!! & of course, as you say its a nice little lesson for Draco lol.

Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #20, by Charmedcat Draco's Mess

21st July 2010:
Excellent chapter and beginning! I absolutely love Draco and Luna together.
You describe Draco and his thoughts so well, especially with the things about his father. The way Draco wants to impress and rival against Lucius is just like in the books!
I wonder what Draco will do next, since his father is so darn sly and cunning. Evil he is, trying to get Luna and Draco together... Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I had fun writing this story so I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the first chapter & thought the characters were true to canon as that is important to me!!

Thanks very much for taking the time to read & review

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Review #21, by Fianna from DRACOAWARDS Confession

19th May 2010:
Congratulations Tom_Dracogirl! Your story has been nominated for an award at DRACOAWARDS HET round 2010!

I'm unable to leave you a link but the community is located at LiveJournal under the name 'dracoawards'.

Author's Response: Thanks again for letting me know!

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Review #22, by Draco Awards Mod on Livejournal Confession

19th May 2010:
Congratulations Tom DracosGirl! Your story How Far? has been nominated for Best Romance†at Livejournal's community dracoawards HET round 2010!†

If you want to watch to see if you win:

community (dot) livejournal (dot) com /dracoawards/

Author's Response: Oh taht's really nice! Thanks for telling me!

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Review #23, by Looneyy Confession

17th May 2010:
:) is so awshum, love this so damn much :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much!! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!!

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Review #24, by Clover Confession

15th May 2010:
Why in the world are you ending it? I wanted to see if they got engaged and what happened with Harry and them.

Author's Response: I lwanted the ending to be just the two of them, considering it has been just them throughout the story.

Thanks for taking the time to review.

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Review #25, by Kris Confession

19th April 2010:
PERFECT TEN!!! I love this story! I love it so much! From Draco's feelings, to their developing love, and draco's relationship with his father. I mean, there's competition, but it's so obvious Lucius wants Draco to have everything he could ever possibly want. I really think that their relationship is really that way, because judging from deathly hallows, his parents really love him and spoil him to death and would do anything for him. thank you for this story! It's so amazing! you've made my day! thank you!:D

Author's Response: I happen to have the exact same feelings about Draco relationship with Lucius after reading DH, hence the end of this story lol.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this story, I had a lot of fun writing it, especially Draco & Lucius competition lol.

Thanks for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it.

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