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Review #1, by Azzasin714 The Way Of The Dragon

10th August 2009:
Good story... One of my favorites from the maurauders era... So r u goinng to continue it or not?

Author's Response: I certainly am going to continue it. There were a couple of issues with the plot I needed to resolve, but I'm going to start updating it again soon. Thanks for reviewing, this story hasn't had any feedback for a while!

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Review #2, by katie The Way Of The Dragon

10th August 2009:
you should keep writing this story. its really good.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm afraid I have neglected it in favour of other fics because I was stuck on how to resolve part of the plot. I'll be working on it again soon, so keep your eye out for updates. I'm glad you're enjoying it. :-)

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Review #3, by Pal The Way Of The Dragon

17th July 2009:
I like it really much :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! I haven't had a review for this fic in ages. I've been a bit stuck on it. I'm glad you like it and I hope I'll come up with more soon. :-)

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Review #4, by i heart harry 2010 The Problem With Olivia

20th November 2007:
that's kinda depressing, I'm guessing that your other stories tell more about sirius' relationship with Olivia? I'll have to check it out. It's interesting how it says that Sirius and Regulus had been brothers forever, but they had only been friends for a little while. It makes everything seem more realistic, i think, just cause most siblings aren't friends to begin with. Very good, I can't wait to finish the rest! :)

Author's Response: If you want to know more about Olivia, read "The Spreading of Evil" - that's where she's introduced - but she's also in "Killer's Curse".

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Review #5, by i heart harry 2010 You May Kiss The Bride

18th November 2007:
Aww I am so loving this story. I haven't read the first two, but this one is very good. The bit at the end about him buying him a broomstick is just like, omg! He kept his promise so many years later about it. I don't know why that was the thing that popped out at me, but it was lol. Anyways, very good!

Author's Response: Thanks heaps! Yeeah, I like doing those little 'hints'. My rationale is, after so long in Azkaban, Sirius has a mental age of 21, he hasn't moved on from the life he had before, so that would have stuck in his mind and even though it wasn't really a promise at the time, it would have seemed like it when trying to deal with losing James and Lily.

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Review #6, by black enchilada The Order of the Phoenix

12th November 2007:
hahaha good old james and sirius...stupid dumbledore!
great chapter!
update soon hey!

Author's Response: Hope so! I may have to to refresh my memory as regards the books before I can go much further, but there should be a bit more before that.

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Review #7, by midwinter_wolf Prologue: The Man With The Eye

11th November 2007:
Really good. Looking forward to see what happens next

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

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Review #8, by i heart harry 2010 Prologue: The Man With The Eye

11th November 2007:
This sounds really interesting, I can't wait to read more. I like it because it's different than a lot of the other fan fics out there :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I look forward to more of your feedback.

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Review #9, by black enchilada Love, Honour and Obey

21st October 2007:
wow.interesting...update soon please? whats gonna happen to poor sirius and regulus?

Author's Response: You know I'm not gonna tell you :-) lol. Thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by back2front The Dark Mark Is Cast

4th October 2007:
Love yours story mate, excellent plot lines and believable characters. Bit disapointed with lack of updates though read the first 2 books in 2 days, but i havent started this yet cause i know that i will be hooked and the lack of updates may just drive me insane! :) Any idea how long till completion? i want to read it all in one go and am dying to find out how it all comes together! great work

Author's Response: Yeah, I have been a bit slack lately! Keep an eye on it for a 'completed' stamp, as far as my thinking goes it's over half done. I'm glad you're enjoying it all so much though, thank you for your feedback! :-)

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Review #11, by Padfoot_ The Dark Mark Is Cast

16th September 2007:
I have read your stories the last few days. And they are absolutely brilliant. I especially love your marauder ones :)

And i love the fact that Regulus is neutral. And proves that your not always the bad guy if your placed in slytherin. Amazing story.

Your a great writer. And you've left us all on a sort of suspense as to what will happen to Sirius!

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such an encouraging review. I'm hoping to get some chapter updates up soon - I've had to stop writing because I've been so busy and I've missed doing it!

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Review #12, by POTTERRULZ Christmas Eve

23rd August 2007:

Author's Response: The next chapter is complete, I've just been really slack in putting it up! But your review's encouraged me, so I'll put it up today. :-) Glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for your feedback.

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Review #13, by black enchilada Christmas Eve

3rd August 2007:
oh update soon??? interesting!

Author's Response: Good to hear from you again, Black Enchilada! Thanks for your review, I'll update ASAP. :-)

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Review #14, by SiriusDogStar Christmas Eve

2nd August 2007:
Very good chapter!
The conversations are very good and it's nice to see for once the more sensible side of the Black family.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you appreciated that, because it's something I'm very interested in exploring in my fics.

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Review #15, by blue Prologue: The Man With The Eye

12th July 2007:
oh wow! this is a captivating first chapter- i look forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Thanks! More is on its way. Hope you continue to enjoy it. :-)

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