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Review #1, by lunalovingly Wish

11th October 2009:
i see you like to write about Luna! luna is my favorite character and i was wondering if you would ever consider a collaboration. i would love doing a collaboration with you on a short story. it's totally okay if it isn't your thing and i wouldn't know how to do it but it is something in was considering. love all your stories and i hope you will respond. you can just respond to this comment or write a comment on my story. even if nothing works out i would be honored if you would simply read Luna's Reality (my story) and tell me what you think. you are my favorite hpff writer and thanks for writing such amusing awsome tales.

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Review #2, by Roxy Wish

9th April 2008:
Oh, this was so sweet! You really should update on this.

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Review #3, by fredsgurl4eva Wish

5th March 2008:
i like it. it's good so far.

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Review #4, by Jesse Wish

30th November 2007:
Wow. I can not begin to tell you how much your writing has improved! (Although I'm sure you know that yourself.) It's been a year or two since I last read "Hogwarts Sanitarium", but I was re-reading over that, and then I read this... and the descriptions in this are wonderful. Not to mention how much more interesting the dialogue is in here. (Not that it wasn't interesting before)

One of my favorite descriptions is this,

"Always was a beautiful word. Never-changing, continuous… I used it often. However much I liked the word, it didn’t change the disappointment that swelled inside me. If always didn’t change, then we can’t expect anything new. And I can’t expect that tomorrow – or maybe the next – will be any different."

You have improved so much as a writer! I can definitely tell that you are just going to get better and better. So keep up the good work!

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Review #5, by laughhard91 Wish

6th August 2007:
This is sad. Funny, but sad. I hope to see more soon. It has great potential, and you do a good job writing Luna's character. I'm really quite pleased. I look forward to your next update!!

PS I like Lisa.

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Review #6, by xXgryffindorgoddessXx Wish

5th August 2007:
I love it.
It's so true.
Luna has always been one of my favourite characters, since she was introduced in the books...

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Review #7, by symphonyofwords Wish

29th July 2007:
you capture luna's personality quite accurately.
I'll be watching for updates.

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Review #8, by cgsfdga Wish

28th July 2007:
dude!!!, you need to update Hogwarts Sanitarium, I really enjoy it, and am looking forward to the next chapter, if you ever want to live up to your dream of becoming an author, you'll have to finish at least one story!! I give Hog San a 10 out of 10 come on!! you can do it!!

oh, and I put this in this story because you don't seem to be reading your reviews on any other stories.

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Review #9, by amdk Wish

16th July 2007:
Ah, I adore Luna -- she makes me happy. :] And the fact that you wrote her so well makes me even happier! Really, you did. Amazing job, and good luck on the next chapter.

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Review #10, by Haley_Pitter Wish

14th July 2007:
This is really good and so original! Of course, all of your stories are so spectacular and original, but it's great to read them again and again. I hope you update soon!

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Review #11, by granger spark Wish

14th July 2007:
i wouldn't say it was one of your best stories,luna wasn't written as well as you write some of your other charictors but still it was very well written and i look forward to reading more.

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Review #12, by DAC Wish

13th July 2007:
This was amazing and incredibly sad. I loved it. I do hope you add more too it.

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Review #13, by Timechild Wish

12th July 2007:
Very interesting...

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Review #14, by MajiKat Wish

12th July 2007:
oh nice work!! this is very interesting! i love how you have written LUna. she is perfect. and we have a mystery!!! i look forward to the next chpater!!!

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