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Review #1, by cookiemonster Prologue~The Funeral

12th April 2008:
Wow. Really powerful start. I like it already!! I'm really, really curious as to what happened to Ella!! =)

Author's Response: Aw, thankies! This isn't one of my best stories, though, but I appreciate your taking the time to read it! ^_^

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Review #2, by sammieoxox Epilogue ~ Three Years Later

1st February 2008:
lmao ~ this was an awsome mystery ;)
you are GOOD
i was so surprised and it was amazing -- dont you dare rewrite!

Author's Response: awww, thanks! I appreciate the review and the slight threat. lol.

Thanks for th R&R! ^_^

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Review #3, by Bella 15 Chapter Eight ~ The Ransom Note

17th November 2007:
nobody else is revewing its so sad. this is good i wonder why nobody is reveiwing at all. sorry i havent reveiwed any of the ohter chapters i just found this story today. i said reveiwed a lot didnt i. lol keep writing

Author's Response: aw, thank you! lol. i might add a continuation, i didn't know ella could be so popular!

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Review #4, by sinwillys822 Epilogue ~ Three Years Later

15th November 2007:
i think it was good. i dont think that you need to do a rewrite. maybe you can continue the story of remus and ella.

Author's Response: aw, thanks so much! i really do like remus and ella, they started me off on this site, and i think i might do one for when they went to France for Ella's recuperation, with tonks in tow. :)

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Review #5, by sinwillys822 Chapter Ten ~ The Aftermath

13th November 2007:
i think its good. why did her mother tell her not to come back home?

Author's Response: well, Zoe's mother is rather unstable, and very selfish. thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 Chapter Nine ~ The Villain Unmasked

12th November 2007:
u need to at least tell us if she wakes and if she lives happily ever after and all that jazz.

Author's Response: *grins* hmmm... i don't know. you'll have to wait to find out.

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Review #7, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter Eight ~ The Ransom Note

11th October 2007:
Whoa, whoa, whoa. A decoy? Is she insane?... Thinking about that.. she probably is. Haha. Ah well. I can't wait for the next chapter. Goshh. School is such a pain in the ass.. I can't wait for the weekend.. where I can sleep in.. oh wait I can't. I have a math competition where I have to be at school at 7 in the morning.. Oh joy... GAH.

Anyway..See ya next chapter! =]

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose is pretty much feeling crazy and out of place at the moment, not knowing where to look.

Match competition? What, are you one of those insanely genious people that make us, the ones who are merely okay in math, feel stupid? lol. Anyway, at least you have one day of sleep-in. Of course, I'm not insanely smart in math, and I have a two whole days. lol

Anyway, good luck!

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Review #8, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter Seven ~ Zoë, Where Are You?

27th September 2007:
Wow. Her mom is... wow. Geez. And don't worry - I wouldn't laugh. I'm a history nut myself... and I'll probably cry if I don't get a certain APUSH next year myself. =] Can't wait until the next chapter!

Author's Response: lol. I haven't written it yet. Hopefully soon, though, I'll get around to it. You're free to read my Oliver/OC story, however, titled "Beneath the Willows" and based off Jane Eyre. I know, I'm so original.

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Review #9, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter Six ~ Remus's Remembrance

21st September 2007:! You can't end it like that!! *goes to hugs Remus* Poor him... reliving it.. But in the beginning doesn't it state that he's like now engaged to Tonks or is that in another story? Ugh.. I should go back and reread it.. should, would, could. but probably won't. Haha. Can't wait for the next chapter m'dear!

Author's Response: lol. I just looked over the prologue, well skimmed over it actually, and saw no mention of Tonks. Just her mother.

Oh, the classed I missed out on was history. Now, don't make fun of me, it's just that the history teacher is unlike all others by making the subject interesting and doesn't force us to remember dates.

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Review #10, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter Five ~ Mr. Remus J. Lupin

16th September 2007:
Oh wow... I wonder what really happened that night... And you'll most probably not get to that for a loong while. Damn. And I know! My schedule got really screwed up this year! What class was it that you didn't get into?

Author's Response: Lol. I'll try to wrap it up a little quickly. I feel sorry for you. Maybe you should write a mystery-filled story to pay me back.

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Review #11, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter Four ~ A Fiancé?

15th September 2007:
...You can't end it like that!! Noo! Noo!! Aghhh! This was probably not meant to be a suspenseful chapter.. but it is for me!
I wanna know what Remus thinks about this whole thing!!! Agh. I can't wait for the next chapter!! =]]]

Author's Response: lol. I'm sorry. I'll go and update it now... And, no, I didn't mean for it to be suspenseful. lol.

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Review #12, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter Three ~ Rita Skeeter's Interview

15th September 2007:
Oh my.. I really can't stand Rita Skeeter. Ugh. Ugh. And, what was it? Oh right. Ugh. Waiit. Healer Tonks? Does that mean Tonks (as in Nymphadora) is a Healer?? Damn my fading memories...

And very nice cliffhanger. I wonder what happened this time...

Author's Response: No, Nymphadora is not a Healer. Remember, she's an Auror. The character in the story is her mother, Andromeda.

I don't think I captured Rita very well. *sighs* Anyway, I'm glad you liked the cliffy :D

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Review #13, by pinaygrl3123 The Century-Long Feud

15th September 2007:
*pouts* I hate school. And summer reading for that much. Haven't had the time to really scope out all of my favorite stories, until now. Sorry!

Anyway. This was a lovely chapter and I'm wondering what Remus is going to think over all of this.. I can't remember if you've mentioned him being alive and engaged or anything (gosh, it's been a while...) But yeah..

Off to the next chapter! =]]]

Author's Response: Aw, I hate school, too. I couldn't take my favorite class this year, and I'm very angry about that.

Thanks! I think it ironic that you talk about Remus with your review for this chapter and his name pops up in the next one. lol

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Review #14, by Journey Chapter Four ~ A Fiancé?

15th September 2007:
Wow, i wasnt sure of this story as i started, but it sure is great. it keeps me on the edge of my seat!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really like this review.

Btw, does your name have anything to do with the singing group Journey?

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Review #15, by xxMugglePrincess The Century-Long Feud

24th August 2007:
I wonder why someone would draw a dark mark on Ella's arm..awesome chapter. :)

Author's Response: thankies! I can't wait to see what people will think when this story is finished. :D

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Review #16, by xxMugglePrincess Chapter One ~ The Letter

24th August 2007:
wow..that's really creepy..

Author's Response: lol. thanks!

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Review #17, by xxMugglePrincess Prologue~The Funeral

24th August 2007:
That's depressing..though now i can't help but wonder who started the whole black at a funeral thing..hum..

Author's Response: Don't ask me, because I don't know, lol. I'm sorry it's depressing, though. I seem to have that affect on people when I write prologues and one-shots.

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Review #18, by ravenlupin The Century-Long Feud

18th August 2007:
Meg, this chapter was captivating! It was, it was!! I've missed you and your stories a lot (I've been MIA from hpff for a little bit now...) But, anyway, Meg-- this was an awesome chapter and I can't wait for the rest!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you, Becca! I'm writing it -- it's not turning out too well -- by should be up by Wednesday. At least. Let's hope.

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Review #19, by Infinite Chapter One ~ The Letter

7th August 2007:
Quite honestly, I'm captivated. There's a brilliant aura of mystery going on here, and the suspense is... suspensful, for lack of a better word, but hopefully, it's clear that my appreciation is stronger than my words. However, I am in a slight confusion about which tense the story is written; the last chapter was from Remus' point of view, and it would appear third person now. I do understand that this chapter isn't one that could well be written from Remus' point of view, though- I merely wonder if or if not this story has, really, a set narrator.

Despite this, I really do love your writing styles, and the idea for this story in particular is interesting, to say the very least. Keep it up.


Author's Response: The prologue was written in first person because I really wanted to try and write from a male's point of view. I'm such a feminine-toned writer that all my male characters come off as gay (well, to me, I don't know about anyone else), and so I'm trying to work on that. ;)

Thank you! I never thought this story would be that popular, though it's no rival to its prequel. Drop me a note, though, if you post something on your account. I'd love to see it.

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Review #20, by wolfgirl818 Chapter One ~ The Letter

15th July 2007:
whoa that was awesome

Author's Response: Thankies! *grins*

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Review #21, by ravenlupin Chapter One ~ The Letter

13th July 2007:
Oh Lord was I shocked when I read the ending of this chapter. I was like :O but my eyes were also bugging out of my head.

Very well written, though. *really, really, really, really, really wants to see what happens next.*

I love it, Megs!

Author's Response: Thanks! I know, the sense of "ooh, what happens". I hate it, which is why I like giving it to you.

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Review #22, by ravenlupin Prologue~The Funeral

13th July 2007:
AHH!! It's back, but better than ever!! I was so thrilled when I was looking through the recently added and saw that it was up!!!

It was amazing, terribly sad, but amazing.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. Such a compliment from you as if someone's given me a ton of money.

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Review #23, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter One ~ The Letter

13th July 2007:
*blushes* Oh. You didn't have to put that in. Anyway. That's a weird pyscho. Why would they leave the Dark Mark on her arm? She wasn't a Death Eater - right?! That'd be horrible if she was. And aw. A sapphire diamond ring from Remus. Aw. I saw OOTP and squealed when he was on screen. Haha. Can't wait for the next chapter! =]

Author's Response: Yeah, I did. Because you're such a faithful reviewer. You stuck with me all throughout the first, even though it wasn't updated for a LONG time. So, thanks.

I can't really say if Ella was a Death Eater or not, but what I can say is, if he left the Dark Mark on her arm, why not on the part of the arm where Dark Marks usually go?

Oh, and I loved the sapphire thing, too. I made it sapphire because sapphires are usually attributed to blue, and Ella's eyes are blue.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by pinaygrl3123 Prologue~The Funeral

11th July 2007:
I had a feeling I had read of Ella once before. And then with the mention of Poitiers and Iseult - I knew it had to be from the same author. That's horrible about Ella. Poor Remus. *hugs him* It was not a terrible start and you did a fine job. Can't wait for the next chapter! =]

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I really do think it was a bad start, not as horrid as some I've had, but I like more of a mystery sense (will happen in next chappie) better than the whole cliched, memory-loss thing.

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