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Review #1, by Lucy Not Alone

24th February 2009:
very original and i love the way you have written about others expectations from hermione.

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Review #2, by NodLove Not Alone

1st June 2008:
Wonderful...Yet depressing.

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Review #3, by muggrrl Not Alone

16th April 2008:
wow, same thing happened to me in chemistry last year :P very cute... if not a little steriotypical, but steriotypes exist for a reason so just ignore me.
i look foward to the rest- keep writing!

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Review #4, by Ripley Not Alone

3rd March 2008:
I can imagine that Hermione could be depressed at points during her time at Hogwarts, and you do a good job of showing that, without making it too heartbreaking or the regular teen angst. Good start.

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Review #5, by Renababy0590 Not Alone

24th January 2008:
UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!! it sounds really good and really original!!

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Review #6, by inkismyworld Not Alone

30th December 2007:
gah! Who was it? I'm dieing to know! Btw I liked how you portrayed Hermione's inner conflicts of having to be viewed as perfect by everyone else. It was realistic, and it made me think how even authors on this site have a tendency to do this as well. good job!

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Review #7, by amritab529 Not Alone

3rd November 2007:
this looks really great so far!
i love the idea of the stoy.
great job =)
please update soon.

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Review #8, by xxstaindrosesxx Not Alone

4th September 2007:
I really liked this story and I look foward to reading more in the future!!!

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Review #9, by crazyy_x Not Alone

7th August 2007:
This was fantastic! :) I've seen it popping up everytime I search for a story, but I've never had time to actually read it, you know? Now that I've read it though ... It was just fantastic. xD I can't wait for the next chapter. Hurry, hurry!

Harper. [:

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Review #10, by Misty_Rey Not Alone

4th August 2007:
Okay, that was not what I expected at all! Wow!!

I really like your characterizations of Hermione and her thoughts and what's more, you avoided making her seem out of character, expressing her thoughts as the thoughts of a frustrated teenager, which is what she is. Her explanations of why she feels they way she does was a very wise thing to do as the reader knows where and why Hermione feels the way she does and it isn't just random emo-ness. Her contimplations of each of the words she's constantly being associated with subtle yet hit the mark of where you wanted to go. I have to say this is one of the better characterizations of Hermione that I have read in a looong time ;).

It astounds me that I'm so far the first and only reviewer of such a good first chapter but hopefully in time, this will be appreciated the way it deserves to be appreciated. Please update soon as I'm very excited to see what happens next! 10/10!


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