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Review #1, by Veela_is_me James & Lily's First Date

24th January 2012:
Great Story! It was quite funny to read from James' Point of View. You wrote him just like i imagined he would be. I especially loved the part when James was naming all his children! You are a great writer!

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Review #2, by Maddie James & Lily's First Date

1st March 2011:
that was epic! so funny! continue to write! good job.

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Review #3, by Bookworm045 James & Lily's First Date

15th February 2010:
I loved this. Especially James' plans about his and Lily's kids, and Angel Moony and Devil Padfoot. :)

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Review #4, by kassandra466 James & Lily's First Date

8th November 2009:
OMG!! I LOVED IT!!! it was amazing!!!

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Review #5, by Magical Ginny James & Lily's First Date

12th September 2009:
Great story! I enjoyed every moment of it :)

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Review #6, by ohsayitaintsox3 James & Lily's First Date

3rd September 2009:
I think I just died laughing. I love this! Good job :D Keep up the amazing work (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! =D

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Review #7, by Historyrepeats James & Lily's First Date

28th July 2009:
*Sqeaks loudly and repeatly*
I love it! Infact evrything of yours I have read so far I've loved!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I aim to please. ^_^

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Review #8, by Little Rebel James & Lily's First Date

29th March 2009:
this story was SO funny! I loved it! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Why thank you!

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Review #9, by girly1393 James & Lily's First Date

16th March 2009:
End of story, you are amazing. That's just it. You're great. This is funny. I'm sensing a pattern of oddness from anyone named James and that's perfectly incredible.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! Yeah, I do have a thing with writing incredibly weird characters called James - it's actually my brother's name, lol, but he's much more boring than either of the James Potters.

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Review #10, by XxPotters_GirlxX James & Lily's First Date

24th January 2009:
This was great! Adorable and hilarious!!!

I loved this: "What are you doing, you putz?"

Haha not many people I know know what a putz is. It was refreshing to see that, very funny.

Author's Response: Thanks! Egads, how can anyone not know what a putz is? Putz is one of the best words ever! =P

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Review #11, by mrs_padfoot James & Lily's First Date

17th January 2009:
omg... its 2am... im SO tired... but im giving you a review... loved it... there, happy? *snores*

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! =)

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Review #12, by quills James & Lily's First Date

4th November 2008:
I really liked it
love the geeky James
'Dont get me wrong, Im not a crazy control freak, or anything' -uhuh lol
also loved his JD from scrubs moments where he fazed off the best being the one about the children which was funny and tragic

Author's Response: Thanks! I think the bit about the Potter children that never were is my favorite part of this story - sometimes things can be both silly and terribly sad. ;)

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Review #13, by RoseLolly James & Lily's First Date

19th October 2008:
I just love your ability to crawl into the heads of teenage boys. I just know I'd stuff it up royally if I tried. =)

I think I might love everything you write. It's beginning to seem that anyway, isn't it? Probably because every word you write seems so... fitting, but nicely surprising too. However your head works, I wish mine could work it out, try it on for size etc. The ability to just scrawl out hilarity I mean. Yeah.

I got to Livia, and pretty much just forced myself to keep...awkwardly reading on. I wasn't sure I wanted to think about possible kids of a possible James...Too sad to think about it really. But funny too. I almost feel urges to write all those kids their own story in my head, you know? You sort of gave them life in their little vague-crazy-James-Potter-imagination-paragraphs.

No favourite quotes, because I doubt there's room for them all in here =)


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Ah, to be fair, I always end up writing effeminate guy narrators, so it's not much of a stretch. xD

Aww, you're so sweet! I just love writing and it humbles me whenever someone likes reading what I've written. =) And there are downsides to living with my brain, like being horrible at math.

I think the most powerful humor stems from sadness, which is why I included the bit about the family that Harry could have had. You can't have a story about Lily & James without the undercurrent of tragedy, at least. ;)

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Review #14, by shadowkitty22 James & Lily's First Date

9th October 2008:
I thought that I would just share with you some of my favorite moments and lines from this story since I couldn't really think of anything to tell you to work on. So I figured I'd at least give you the things I liked about it instead of just saying I liked it.

I cant believe it, Replacement Mummy! Padfoot hugged her. This really was too much.

Oh snap, this is the sickest wedding Ive ever been to!

and I realized how awesome it is to be in love. Give it a try sometime.

Oh James! Mum reprimanded as she kissed me on the forehead and walked off.


I will suspect Milo to be Moony and Lilys love child, because he will be so conscientious and unlike me, but his terrible eyesight means hes my kid

You have yet to feel the wrath of Team Potter, China, I murmured.

Well, at least thisll be a good topic for your fruity diary, Devil Padfoot shook his head. The dodgy one with the unicorn on it.

Actually, thats my imagination journal, I said aloud. Doh!

Wait! Memo to self: Girls dormitory steps surfing! Steal some trays from the kitchen with Padfoot and wait until the entire house goes to dinner, then run up the steps to the girls dormitory until they turn into a slide, then jump on the trays and slide down to the bottom! Best idea EVER.

Prongs. Stop imagining Lilys body naked. It will do you no good, as itll be ten years after the wedding before you see anything.

So yes, those were some of my favorite spots from the story because they just made me smile and laugh.


Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked this quick fic, and I love reading your favorite quotes. =D

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Review #15, by QueenBeth James & Lily's First Date

7th October 2008:
Wow! I love this fic! It's really, really, really good!
I love all the memos: Especially the murdering ones :D
And his thoughts are so funny! And especially his planning of future children! It's so sad that they never got the chance!
But I have to say this is the best quote of all:
"You have yet to feel the wrath of Team Potter, China, I murmured.
It's so funny. I love this fic! A hundred million out of 10 :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Yeah, the future fictional children bit is little morose...le sigh. But I'm glad you enjoyed the story! =)

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Review #16, by The Captain James & Lily's First Date

1st June 2008:
How can I even begin?
10/10! I simply love this story. The way you've written James is hilarious. Cocky, yet still lovable. And you can tell he honestly loves and utterly adores Lily.
There are so many other parts I want to comment on, but then this would be longer than the story itself.
If you ever write a sequel, let me know. I'll probably review every single chapter with long rants like this.
Now I'm off to read more of your stories.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sort of skeptical that James I was quite like this, but he's sure entertaining!

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Review #17, by Beautiifulbookworm James & Lily's First Date

26th March 2008:
i love how james is so like james from we gryffies. it makes my day

Author's Response: Admittedly, they're the same character...I didn't have any good plot ideas for the Marauder era, but then the DH epilogue happened...

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Review #18, by hannahjane James & Lily's First Date

19th March 2008:
aaw. this is the cutest one shot EVER. its got the perfect amount of fluff and humour. great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! It was my first time experimenting with such an outrageous character.

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Review #19, by Pidney James & Lily's First Date

9th March 2008:
"The fruity diary... The dodgy one with the unicorn on it.”
Imagination journal, you compete my life.
I absolutely adore your writing style. Keep it up, you've gained a fan!

Author's Response: Aw, your lovely review completes MY life. Thank you very much!

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Review #20, by antlers James & Lily's First Date

13th February 2008:
“Don’t apologize!” I said too loudly and nervously. “All that matters is that you got here safely!” Oh God, I’m such a dork. The glasses have become a self-fulfilling prophecy; I have become a dork because of them.

hahaha OMG that was so funny

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #21, by Indira James & Lily's First Date

24th January 2008:
Oh you.
Always with the perfect stories.

Author's Response: Aw, my stories aren't perfect. They're simply exceptional in every sense of the word.

Kidding! I swear I'm not that arrogant! And thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Izzieluv James & Lily's First Date

14th January 2008:
lol that was good. I liked the kids. ugh, a full Quidditch team of kids... james would do that. lol

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! The notion of Team Potter is cute but bittersweet, don't you think? All the Potters that never were.

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Review #23, by xlilyx James & Lily's First Date

1st January 2008:
haha that was so random i loved it :D i liked that last part where she kissed him too :P *faves*



Author's Response: Why thank you! This was the first absolutely random story that I wrote, and it's wonderful that it's been received well.

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Review #24, by la vita è bella James & Lily's First Date

23rd December 2007:
Hey!! Really great!!! Toodles!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by its Joana James & Lily's First Date

22nd December 2007:
hahaha. wow, this is so funny and sweet at the same time. i had such a good feeling about this story, i added it to my faves before even reading it:]

Author's Response: Thanks! This one-shot was so much fun to write, and I'm glad you liked reading it =).

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