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Review #1, by Girldetective85 Anna-Ramona Keller

3rd October 2007:
Hey!! This sounds like a pretty interesting beginning, that paragraph makes me really curious as to what's out in those woods! I used to be horse-crazy and ride horses when I was younger, so this sounds like a story for me. :) Good job so far, hope you update soon

Author's Response: Thak you..I really didn't know weather I should even update...maybe I will...hmmmm

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Review #2, by Puzzel_Gryf Anna-Ramona Keller

9th August 2007:
Really good check for more spelling mistakes loved it!

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Review #3, by emilybheartdanielrad. Anna-Ramona Keller

24th July 2007:
love it...but you have a lot of grammatical mistakes...sorry to big of a'd just fix the speeling you must have been real tired when you wrote this you spelled a whole lots of stuff wrong and messed up on a lot of words.

Hey you going to be a CIT at camp this year? R U even going???

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