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Review #1, by adahpfan the one and only chapter

17th February 2008:
i like it a lot. 10/10

Author's Response: thank u

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Review #2, by basketballchic35 the one and only chapter

4th November 2007:
i was looking through all of my reviews the other day and i saw that you were the 1st one to review my story so i decided to read yours...i like this should write other ones..

Author's Response: thanks. im going to post another one soon.

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Review #3, by ladybobcat54 the one and only chapter

28th July 2007:
Yay! I loved it so much! Yay!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by LexiGirl the one and only chapter

17th July 2007:
Very good, I liked it. However, the whole part after the objection and Harry taking Draco's wand confused me. It seemed to move to quickly too understand. When her father was stupified (multiple times) she seemed frightened, but didn't do anything but cry slightly. If she really did detest her father so much she probably would have just gasped at the result (as no good person would want to see anyone hurt). But, if she really did care about him slightly, in her own weird way, then I would see her either running to him in worry just to check that he was alright, or her knees buckling and her facial expression showing that she was threatening to faint (you could even throw in a romantic bit there where James steadies her). But, don't get me wrong here, this story was very original and I quite enjoyed it. Oh, I have a question what was Marcus' reaction. I know that you said they were just friends and so, was he feeling the same way about the arranged marriage? Great job! 9/10

Author's Response: thank you, this review has been the most helpful and i will take these events into account and fix them as soon as the queue opens up again. thanks a lot for the nice constructive criticism. it realy helps.

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Review #5, by noyb the one and only chapter

17th July 2007:
actually its written from rachels pov not mine

Author's Response: thanks. i will get on it ASAP. did you like it?

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