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Review #1, by kellyhp The Convict

20th April 2009:
hope theres a new chapter soon i want sirius out of that place

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Review #2, by Oliver_animagus_girl The Convict

12th January 2008:
Aww, it makes me want to cry that Harry doesn't remember any of this. At least Harry is trusting Em, though he doesn't seem to trust Sirius much. All well, hurry and post the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yes well, He hasnt had the best experience with adults has he, Squish, Besides you already know what happens.

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Review #3, by Oliver_animagus_girl Diagon Alley

12th January 2008:
Eeeeww, suspense... Yay!... I'm a lil hyper heehee.

Author's Response: Ur always hyper Squish.

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Review #4, by Oliver_animagus_girl Prologue

12th January 2008:
Uh-oh! Now the Dursleys have to take care of three kids, and two of them being what they fear! This could get interesting.

Author's Response: Oh yes goodness only knows what happens

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Review #5, by lozzi_babe_heart The Convict

22nd December 2007:
This story is interesting. i like it. cool idea and emilly is a really good... addition to the story. but (i dont wana sound mean. SORRY!) i think your rushing in some of it... probly only cause this is just setting up the story for when they get to hogwarts. but i just thought i should mention it.

Author's Response: I really do appreciate your coment thank you for giving your comment on this story. I think my next chapters get a little slower but if not, just tell me and I will try to do what ever I can to fix it.

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Review #6, by random101 The Convict

7th November 2007:
this is great i cant wait to read the rest. please put it up soon

Author's Response: Im glad That I got you interested in it. Ill update as soon as I find time to.

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Review #7, by Harrysgirl35 The Convict

5th November 2007:
Wow nice chapter!Please update soon, I wanna know what happens next!100/10

Author's Response: Why thank you. Ill try to update as soon as possible.

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Review #8, by LilyNell Diagon Alley

2nd November 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #9, by CamillaBlack123 Prologue

18th July 2007:
Thats A Really Great Start!

Keep Up The Good Work

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading it i wont have the next chapter up till some time in august. But i will have it up as soon as i can

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Review #10, by wazlibsgrl Prologue

17th July 2007:
This is pretty good so far. This chapter's kind've short, but that's understandable since it's the prologue. I can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Thanks! I pomise i will get the next chapter up as soon as i can!

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