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Review #1, by jenrabbit The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

21st April 2008:
Oh, poor brainwahsed Draco, forced to follow family traditions and all that rot. Excelent oneshot though, interesting little glimpse into the mind of a future ferret, lol. Anywhoo, totaly a 10/10, and I'm off to search for a sequal!!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much, Jenni. :) Brainwashed? Lol. I think his parents might have influenced him, but he doesn't have to behave like he does. 10/10? Thanks, but there isn't a sequel. Maybe I should write one? That would be wicked. :) ***Has an idea***

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Review #2, by RachL The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

22nd October 2007:
i thought u fit draco perfectly in character, it seemed so like him:) great one shot...keep on writing, we need to talk again soon:)

Author's Response: Oh wow. Yeah, I agree! Not aout how wicked you though it was, Lol, I meant we have to speak again soon. x :)

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Review #3, by Aurora Katie The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

2nd October 2007:
Malfoy's definitely in character!!! BRILLIANT IDEAS! 10-10

Author's Response: Oh, fantastic. I'm so pleased. Thanks very much. Aw, thanks. **Hands over cupcake**

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Review #4, by sunshinedreamr The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

18th August 2007:
I loved it! I don't think I've ever read a fic with Draco so young. They usually all take place when he's a few years older, ya know? But I really liked this. Interesting to think that Draco might have been a Gryffindor ...

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad that you did. I really enjoyed writing this one shot, but got a little confused when the person who set the challenge didn't come and read it? Lol!! Really? I've written him once where he was three years old, but that was in one of my earlier stories; one that got half abandoned! I know! I kind of thought because of everything that happened in the sixth book . . . . there might have been a point where the Sorting Hat said about Gryffindor, but of course, in the books, it is such a quick amount of time before Draco is sorted into Slytherin!

Thanks so much for the review!

What a lovely surprise to wake up to!



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Review #5, by PadfootBlack16 The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

15th August 2007:
i liked it!! it was well written, and i found it fun to "get into" Dracos mind...

im sorry this is so short, but im trying to get a few reviews done tonight. I did like it, and your descriptions were good, though they could have been better.



Author's Response: Thanks! Cool, that was what I wanted.

Oh don't worry! You have loads to do, and I completely understand! Um, yeah, I tried with the descriptions, but I felt that this one didn't really need it. It was mostly about the relationship between the two, Draco and the Sorting Hat.

Anywhatsnot, thanks so much!


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Review #6, by justxreffingthemagicalworld The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

15th August 2007:
I loved this! Just wondering though - would Draco already be referring to them as the Golden Trio just from the train ride to Hogwarts?

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, you know what, come to think of it, that makes no sense, does it? How would he know that they were all friends. Wait a second! They weren't all friends at that point, anyway!! Am editing. Thanks so much for your help!

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Review #7, by LovelyMioneWeasley The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

9th August 2007:
Very, very nice job. I really enjoyed it. It was a new twist on such a cool character. You've done fablous on this and that's about it. You're a good writer, the end :).
Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Thanks!! It was a challenge, but a cool challenge. I love Draco Malfoy to bits, and I saw the challenge and thought, why not do a sorting fic on HIM? That would be so wicked- and I am really relieved you thought it worked out that way.

You're a stupendous writer!

The end.

Rachel xox

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Review #8, by NevunaRomione The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

3rd August 2007:

Author's Response: I was just online surfing on the site, and saw this review!! Thanks so much. Love the penname by the way! Anyway, thanks again!!


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Review #9, by Weasley Wonder The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

2nd August 2007:
Heya - I read this today and thought it was great!! The sorting hat was brill. I can actually hear his voice when I read wot he says. Draco is the same ol' snivelling twat that we all love and hate :) - you got him in character really well - again! Fab.

Author's Response: Oh cool!! I'm really happy!! **Hugs** You've read and reviewed loads of my fics, haven't you? I recognise the penname vividly. Anyway, I am so glad to hear that both the Sorting Hat and Draco were in character!! I always worry about that! Thanks so much!!


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Review #10, by Golden_Phoenix213 The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

1st August 2007:
why has this story not got more reviews its amazing
really gives a perspective on malfoy i love the way you have got right into his character keep up the brilliat work

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry I haven't replied for ages! I was away on a cookery course!! Lol! Um, anyway, thanks again for such a wanderful review. I'm glad I got his character right and so happy that you enjoyed it!!!!


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Review #11, by Dracana The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

27th July 2007:
Ah hun, I thought it was wonderful. The way you portrayed so many conflicting thoughts along with all his emotions . . . I'm really surprised the person who issued the challenge has not bothered to review this. Talk about rude!! If you issue a challenge, you read the fics - its a simple rule of polite courtesy. Its like the way I spent hours being a beta for someone's story when they asked me to, and they didn't even say thank you. Some people need to learn some manners.

Anyway, *grins* I'll stop ranting. My main point is that you did a superb job with this - very well done. Furthermore, thanks SO much for the review you just left me. It made me smile. :)

Keep up the good work, Rach - its brilliant. xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Helen!! I'm really pleased you like this. I enjoyed writing it, and was mature enough to look at all sides of his character. I know what I used to be like! Ah hem. (Cough) Am like.

I know. It was a bit rude, but I guess people weren't too bothered because of the book's release. Still, I loved writing it, and that's the main thing, right? :)

Thanks so much, once again!! I am so glad you liked it and you do not need to thank me at all for the review. It was no trouble. I love reviewing and you certainly deserve it.

I will. Fanfiction is amazing. So, book seven came and went. Well, I'm not going anywhere!

Thank you loads. **Hugs**



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Review #12, by melissa 17 The Sorting Of Draco Malfoy: Challenge by Mrs. Radcliffe

19th July 2007:
i could see such good skills in this writing and i loved they way you got the mind talking of the charater so brilliant

Author's Response: Thanks!! I really liked writing this one shot. It was sort of a preparation story for the last ever book. :( I love Draco so much! :)

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