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Review #1, by darklordjunior Big Surprise

20th April 2008:
cool, not as good as the 1st chapter though still cool

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Review #2, by darklordjunior Prologue

20th April 2008:
yay you killed ron!! cool so far!!

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Review #3, by Fanfair Big Surprise

24th March 2008:
I really like your story you know I'm having a feeling when one of those moments he's going to run into her room crying about the nightmares and then she goes soft on him a bit it's just a feeling no need to yell or glare it's just a feeling please do continue

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Review #4, by kraney0 Big Surprise

30th August 2007:
and the rest is where?

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Review #5, by scaryfairy Big Surprise

28th August 2007:
You're doing great!
Good descriptions and everything, great grammar.
I wish I could make plots, all I can do is take a plot that someone else gives me and write along that plot, I can never make up my own. Anyway, write the next chapter soon!
The stories in my favourites!
Love Kristina

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Review #6, by tinkerbellfairy13 Big Surprise

22nd August 2007:
Very good! But I have a question: I noticed that one of the pairings on the summary thing-a-ma-bob that Viktor Krum and Hermione Granger is one of them. when does he come in?

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Review #7, by mui Big Surprise

10th August 2007:
Interesting story so far... keep on going! Just a couple of things that bugged me - how can the room be like the room of requirement? I mean isn't this a muggle house? er, wouldn't owls deliver Hogwarts letters instead of Kingsley? Maybe the chapters can be a little longer too? Well, great job so far and update soon! =) 8/10

Author's Response: thank you for all the constructive critisism. I think that hermione has put some magic in her house, becuase she's just that amazing. and i dont know exactly why kingsley delivered their letters...i'll come up with something in the next chapter =] i'll try to update soon, i just have a lot of personal things going on right now =/ but thank you for reviewing and i hope you keep reading

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Review #8, by bill Big Surprise

8th August 2007:
cool story. love the room and the whole draco-was-imperiusized-by-dad thing you have going and draco seems like a nice guy beneeth it all.
love it
keep up the great work,

Author's Response: awww =] thanks a lot. I hope I continue to please ya =] and please keep reviewing and reading! I'm gonna try to update soon, I just have a lot of personal stuff going on right now =/

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Review #9, by Fwakes47 Big Surprise

5th August 2007:
Cool idea. Please update soon

Author's Response: thanks! im working on it right now. hopefully it will be validated soon!

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Review #10, by Alonia187 Big Surprise

5th August 2007:
Hey hon, I read the chapters and I found an error on spelling Lucius's Name. Lucius, not Luscious. Other than that, it's good. Hope you like the banner ;)

Author's Response: thank you. i will correct that in later chapters. im working on it right now, so hopefully it will be validated soon!!...and if you read this do i put the banner up? just send me a message, or and thanks for reviewing, i hope you like it!

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