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Review #1, by Eliza Crap

13th January 2013:
I legit searched up "Crap Harry Potter Fanfics" in Google just so I could read them and have a laugh. This is by far the best - have you ever heard of the infamous My Immortal fic by Tara Gilesbie? It's the most notorious badfic in the world, with over 10,000 flamers and 20k reviews. It's sadly not on Fanfiction anymore after they took it down - but other authors have reposted it, just search "My Immortal" in the Harry Potter fandom. This story is reminiscent of MI, and it is unbelievably funny.

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Review #2, by Tazzi Crap

3rd January 2013:
I demand more of this!
I can't stop laughing and I'm not even sure how I came across this, but I think another chapter would be great. "McGonigal" is one thing that really cracked me up for some reason and I was calling her "McGoogle" in my head.
I'm not sure why...
Oh my God, please write more to entertain me.

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Review #3, by whacked Crap

9th July 2010:
Who on earth let you post this? The title is most apt, and I don't even now why you have reviews.

By the way, I was being sarcastic. I know it doesn't come across as well online, but I couldn't help myself. I love how this parody makes it all sounds so serious at times.

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Review #4, by alyosha Crap

27th May 2010:
OmG THiS Is TeH BEST 15/10!11

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Review #5, by Aether Crap

27th July 2009:
You sitnk. latrina is so cliche. I mean, everyone wants to name there oc after a toilet. we just refrain because it's stupid. god. everone knows that hermeone looks better as a red haid. you're gramar and speling is so bad. u sholud find a beta.

i hope ur mother's sister's unkle's freind's room mate's cusin dies because of this.



that was hilarious!

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Review #6, by EmberRiddle Crap

29th May 2009:
Can't spell What? Wow. I'm amazed. And maybe check over your chapters and fix 'em up a little.

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Review #7, by JAEJAE Crap

25th May 2009:
You need to check your spelling. There are lots of errors there. And I feel that the story is going a bit fast

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Review #8, by unicorn_magik Crap

17th May 2009:
Right. First, I like the storyline, and I like the characters.
Maybe try using a spellchecker of some sort for the spellings, or finding a Beta. Beta's can be anyone, mine is friend, but it can also be a mum, a sibling. Your pick.
The plot's fine. Latrina's "power" is a bit cliche, but I'd like to see how this story develops.
Update soon!

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Review #9, by inkismyworld Crap

29th May 2008:
This had me at : "Latrina Shaniqua Tiara Princess Rastafa Jones " xD brillant. *favorites*

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Review #10, by Bella_Portia Crap

29th December 2007:
OMG, I totaly loved the part about Draco. I think yo made him seem really hot like i alway pictured him. And I think the name Latrina is a really cool name, where'd you thyink it up? I think your plot abou thow Latrina has a special power to put love in Voldie's heart, taht's so great. I think its really original. Can't wait to read more.
And that Latrina is an American but also sort of English, thats really neat. Plus I alwas thought Hermione should be more of a babe and you did it good for you

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Review #11, by wicKeDwitch1316 Crap

30th November 2007:

Sorry it took me ridiculously long to check this out, but it is HILARIOUS! The name is absolutely fabulous and the spelling made me want to throw up. This is absolute genius in its horribleness. Are you gonna continue it?

P.S. The cliches are so poorly written.great job!

Author's Response: Perhaps, eventually, one day, it will get another chapter. I'm just now getting back into writing after a months-long hiatus, but eventually there will be a continuation.

Thank you so much for enjoying this

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Review #12, by Zacharias_Smith Crap

13th August 2007:
This is absolutely hilarious. :P Your OC is just SOOO COOL I want to be just like her.ahem lol. It's great though, you should update it.

Author's Response: Thanks.But it takes a very certain state of mind to write it. There may be another chapter this weekend, we'll see! Thank you for your review!

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Review #13, by Rebekka Crap

4th August 2007:
I senses bitterness. ROTFLMAO!! ^_^ This was utterly hilarious. I can't believe you did this. You really need a cool name for the story and a banner... maybe with Lindsey Lohan. ^_^

God, now I want to write crack. ^_^ 10/10 for making me laugh out loud.

Author's Response: i totally do need a banner with lindsey lohan because she is like OMG so awesum! I totally need 2 update it 2. I think i will 2nite.

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Review #14, by searching17 Crap

30th July 2007:
XD. okay, im cracking up. this is hilarious! i was browsing through your stories after i read the vicious cabarat - sp? and i found this. its hilarious! i especially love this part:

"Well-its a long story. See, my mom's a witch, and she died when I was litte, so I was sent to a foster home in the states. And then my foster parents died. And then my foser uncle who was raising me molested me. And then I found out that I actually had a twin sister-" She pointed to Hermione "who was adopted by folks out here and I wrote them and they let me stay with them for the summer and go to hogwarts." Harry nodded sympathetically. She had gone through so much. He wanted to hold her and protect her from the world.

LOL! and the whole hermione with blonde hair thing - oh god - *sigh*

*remembers a funny part*


update soon!


Author's Response: I would, but i have to be in a rather...certain..mood to write this. (And by certain mood I mean horribly sleep deprived living off of caffiene pills and red bull) otherwise its sheer torture.

I will update eventually, and I'm quite glad you're enjoying it.

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Review #15, by AndrinaBlack Crap

11th July 2007:
"she was gorjeous." You sur it's not spelt gorcheus?

Anyway... ROTFLOL I also want a top that fits my curves in all the right places!!! That sounds sooo cool! And Latrina has a beautiful name :)


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Review #16, by luckygreek Crap

10th July 2007:
honey, I'm sorry, but this ain't one of the best fics I've ever seen. Better luck next time, eh, sweetie? check out my page!!! read my bio. it rocks!!

Author's Response: Honey, I'm sorry, but the only thing I can say is that ain't one of the best bio's I've ever seen. Better luck next time, eh sweetie?

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Review #17, by timeturner Crap

9th July 2007:
I forgot to add...you need a cool banner, update soon!

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Review #18, by ladyemma Crap

9th July 2007:
I really hate to do this, especially since you said no cc, but I really can't help it.

First off, Latrina is a HUGE Mary-Sue. SHe is the 'Princess' of them, you could say. Even her name is a Mary-Sue!

And this plot is very cliched. I mean, a Mary-Sue helping Harry to defeat Voldemort, having a special power, Hermione getting a makeover, and being Head Girl with Draco? Just because it's in some fics doesn't mean it has to be in every one. And BLONDE hair, Hermione? Yeah right.

Third, you need to get a beta. BAD! You had a mistake in practically every sentence. You can get them at the forums you know, and it will make this fic all the more appealing.

This fic isn't crap, it just needs work, so don't say it is or people will think it is!

1/10 (and 0 if you can't guess who I am. ^_^)

Author's Response: So THAT'S your penname here? I spent all morning trying to find your fic.

I'll try and make it better, really I swear. Honest. But I just a widdle baby audder. I don' write too gud yet.

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Review #19, by Pheobs61 Crap

9th July 2007:
Lol never label anything DO NOT READ THIS...because then I HAVE to take a look..lol This story is very reminicent of the pre-teen years. :)

"OMG Hermione you have to wear this!" Latrina Shaniqua Tiara Princess Rastafa Jones ...
--That's a great name. ;)

Author's Response: That was part of the point, I believe.

I have to credit multiple people for the name. The only bits I came up with were "Latrina Jones". LovelyRita, Timeturner, wickedwitch and sophiekitty came up with the rest of the bits.

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Review #20, by stargazer Crap

9th July 2007:
So I saw this and decided to check it out... Ahahaha this was great. You had me laughing the entire time. I wasn't expecting any of that. This is hilarious. This is the best of the worst cliche I have ever seen. I absolutly adore your name for your OC. Latrina Shaniqua Tiara Princess Rastafa Jones. That's just priceless. But oh the horror of Hermione having a makeover and now has blond hair! And she's sharing a room with Malfoy! This is too good. You must let me know when you've continued it. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's quite a lot of fun to write. somewhat painful, but it's a great way to let out excess frustration at the world.

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Review #21, by coolchick Crap

9th July 2007:
this really its not that bad!
update soon!

Author's Response: The problem with this fic is figuring out where the serious responses end and the sarcastic ones begin.

Thank you.

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Review #22, by timeturner Crap

9th July 2007:
ROTFL! I signed on to clean out my pm box before going to bed and got your message. I'm am rolling on the floor...violet eyes? Never seen that color before. His sexy scar and those gorgeous flowing locks of blonde hair. Priceless, my dear. It's been one heck of a long week (and the month just started) and this is exactly the laughter I needed to see me through. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: But wait, theres more! Thank you so much for your loving review.

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