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Review #1, by baillierulz An Offer of Redemption

25th August 2007:
oooh! hello, im baillie the author of Life's a Musical-especially when you're a wizard. ok, lol, thats such a long title! but i wanted to say thanks for always reviewing my story, so i read yours and my verdict: REALLY GREAT!
i love the element of mystery in this, had i not known this would be a dramione, i wouldnt have known it was draco (well, not really). i also love how you portrayed voldemort, you're able to create such a sense of evil when you write about him, and thats such an important thing i think when you're writing, so 'Kudos' to you!
you're a very good author!
i really enjoyed your summary too! it made me very excited for things to come with draco/hermione in this story, so i hope you keep it up!
omg! i read your little bio on your page and OMG im from australia too! lol, a lot of stories have british culture (or american) & i have like practically no understanding of school holidays in england/america or terms or when their new school year starts apart from books i've read. and thats a shame too, coz i want to write a story where draco/hermione go to a muggle school!!! but anyway, your being aussie makes me feel not so *alone* in the hpff wrld, coz i hardly ever come across a fellow aussie writer.. so thanks! keep writing (please) :D

Author's Response: Hey! I'm having a little trouble with this one, so I apologise in advance if it's ages between updates, but I will do my best to finish it, just for you!
It was kind of the idea that you wouldn't be able to guess who it was before Hermione revealed it, but the only thing I have to say about it is I'm really sorry that its so corny, the surprise and everything...but i couldn't think of a way to do it in a more original fashion!!!
lol isn't it a small world? I've found only one other person that I definitely know is Ausiie, and thats cos he's a friend of mine anyway. But I understand perfectly what you're talking about trying to understand British culture. The other idea is, instead of sending them to a British muggle schol, why not bring them to Australia for a bit??? It could work...might be difficult thinking up a plausible excuse, but it could work....
Thank you so much for reviewing!!! I promise I will continue to keep an eye on your story too... :) *hugs* thank you so much!

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