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Review #1, by Ms. Alchemist The End

1st January 2014:
The story's good, but the end could have been a bit
more cheery, its too depressing.

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Review #2, by Ms. Alchemist The End

1st January 2014:
The story's good, but the end could have been a bit
more cheery, its too depressing.

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Review #3, by Potterlove1997 The End

27th May 2012:
So sad! It is making me all teary about everything that was at the end of that bit! :( so sad! But I loved the story! 10/10

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Review #4, by Lfg The End

26th August 2009:
The End Almost Made Me Cry.

Its So Sad To Think They All Die In The End.

Peter Is And Evil Little Shit. I Cant Believe He Grassed On Lily And James.

Long Live The Marauders!!

Author's Response: I couldn't agree more. thank you for your review!

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Review #5, by Lfg A seer in their midst...

26th August 2009:
Its A Brill FanFic So Far.
But Isnt James Seeker For Gryffindor?

Author's Response: I believe that was fixed or JK released that he wasn't, can't remember at the moment!

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Review #6, by Stefania :) The End

21st May 2009:
Yes, just so good.
Well done xx

Author's Response: thank you so much, i really appreciate the response!

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Review #7, by VelvetChinaDoll The End

12th January 2009:
this was such a cute story! And I LOVED the way it ended, how James and Lily became a couple, and especially the very ending which explained what happened to all of them. It was depressing...but, I don't know, reminiscent? Kind of gives you that nostalgic feeling...
I am making no sense here, but as a final note, I'll just say that it was a reallly really sweet little story, and I loved it!

Author's Response: no you made perfect sense, thank you for such a nice comment!

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Review #8, by singapore The End

6th October 2008:
Loved how u ended it very nice sad but true ending good work u touched my heart

Author's Response: oh thank you so much, your comment makes me smile

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Review #9, by always_jamesandlily Seven is Lucky

19th April 2008:
dude! wat the heck ahppened in the broom closet?! how extremely unfair of u! gr...but anyway...beautiful! i love lily/james fics coz they're just so darned cute! i know this is weird n all, but are u irritated by the whole 'lily loved snape and not james' thing? coz it irritates me! she so obviously loved james it's not funni! snape was evil at first! it wasn't until she died until he went all good on us! wtf is that! she loved james! he's so cute! anyway, sorry, i'm rambling. my point is, i like ur story coz it was very cute and the characters were rather well done. bit rushed, maybe, but good. bye bye!

Author's Response: well, the broom closet part can go to your imagination... (evil laugh!) actually, the lily loved snape really does annoy me, that's why I don't really like to read lily/snape fics! thank you for such a long and fun review! i do think my story is a bit rushed, but it was my first and I didn't really know what I wanted to write because I totally went off my plan. Actually, I had about 30 or so extremely short chapters written for this story, and that wasn't even to the end, but i didn't like how that one was goings, so i completely changed it! but, if i ever get bored, i might come back to this story and try to fix it up a bit!

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Review #10, by cnewk Seven is Lucky

16th April 2008:
I like what you did it was a perfect Marauders plan. But is that really it like the reviews suggest? Other than the epilogue.

Author's Response: yup, a short and sweet lily and james fan fic! sorry if you're disappointed, but i was done there.

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Review #11, by cnewk It can't be true

16th April 2008:
Didn't Lily try out for Chaser so why is she playing seeker?

Author's Response: yup, i already know i made this mistake, thank you though!

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Review #12, by hanoverpretz01 Seven is Lucky

15th April 2008:
really cute
update soon

Author's Response: thank you for the review! im glad you liked it but the next update won't be for a little while.

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Review #13, by hugsandkisses15 Seven is Lucky

14th April 2008:
aw. totally cute
i wish there was a
bit more lily/james
togetherness, buut
it was still really good.
thanks for writing it (:

Author's Response: there might be a bit more of lily/james in the epilogue. sorry it didn't have enough! im glad you liked it though.

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Review #14, by kiwigirl Seven is Lucky

14th April 2008:
Oh Sav, this is so cute! A wonderful story. I really like it!

Can't wait for the epilogue!


Author's Response: thanks for the review soph!! epilogue will be out eventually, but i don't know when ill have time to write it.

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Review #15, by Claire It can't be true

27th March 2008:
In answer to your question: Small chapters. Its SO cute the way the kiss is accidental and everything. But I thought james was a seeker like harry. Because in OP he played with the snitch. And I thought you made lily the chaser earlier in the story. I wuold love to see how everybody reacts to the kiss because the whole school probably sees it. I do absolutly lurve it though! Its sooo awsome!

Author's Response: i think you're right about the whole quidditch thing! i knew i had messed it up but i didn't check with the las chapter, when i edit that story, ill make sure that i change that!!! thank you so much for helping me with that!

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Review #16, by Ryans Charming Girl It can't be true

23rd February 2008:
The second choice. Great chapter. Happy (late) V' Day!

p.s. Check out my story, How Dancing Helped...

Author's Response: thanks for reading the chapter! ill definitely check out your story! it might take me awhile, im very busy, but i will read and review it!

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Review #17, by hugsandkisses15 It can't be true

21st February 2008:
aw. cutee. the ending
was a bit cliche'ish, buut
its okayy :) ha

&& i prefer longer updates
with longer chapters.

Author's Response: hey i like clinche!! lol! im glad you liked it! next chapter is already finished and should be out soon!

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Review #18, by rachel_evans_potter It can't be true

19th February 2008:
NO!!! update i want more action!!! anyway i love the story:)

Author's Response: this was a fun chapter to write. the cliffy at the end was so fun!! don't worry, they'll be more action in the next chapter!

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Review #19, by kiwigirl It can't be true

19th February 2008:
Buon Giorno Savage Seductive Sav.

Brilliant chappie. Rather inspired. You rounded it off quite nicely. Now, onto constructive feedback.

The Ending-

Since you're going to add another few chapters, don't worry about it being lacking. It'll be wonderful no matter what.


I personally have no preference, but I prefer to read longer chapters, personally. Otherwise it ends to quickly! But then again, that's just me, and you know how I am around books!

Overall Chapter-

I liked it alot, but I think the Quidditch match was a bit lacking. For the space you fit it in, it was pretty good, but maybe later on come back and expand on it. I know I'd like that.

Also, maybe have Lily talk more about it with Sirius, you know sort of throw everything at him and leave Sirius totally bewildered and not a little afraid for Lily's sanity. I don't know, it might be funny.

Following Chapter(s)-

If you come up with more ideas, maybe have L&J break up, get back together, etc. Except, of course, with Slytherin trouble, and what about this- A Sybill/Sirius relationship? Hmm... No, never mind. I can't see him with the old bat. Yes, she isn't old an battish yet, but just you wait... Heh heh. It could be interesting, anyway.

Next chapter, maybe gloss over some problems in the relationship, and maybe have them go to detention together. I'm really not that sure!

Epilogue (?)-

Possibly add an epilogue about the wedding, or Harry, or their last moments. Or a bit of everything!

All in all-

Wonderful story, update soon, put up your banner, post Cinderella?, etc.



Author's Response: Goodness Soph, how long did that actually take you? Now, to answer all of the very long and wonderful review.

I think i'll make the chapters longer, i just get guilty when i haven't updated in awhile. so, we'll see how that goes.

It will certainly have a couple more chapters, maybe about... say four? but it could just be three. it will not be very much longer because i've been writing this story for almost a year and it's starting to get a little tedious, but i still like it!

For the Quidditch match part, i actually find the matches kind of boring to read. in most stories i tend to skim them. i might add a little more goal scoring, i was just slightly hesitant about who was on the team, so it'll take me awhile to figure that out.

For the part with Sirius, i felt like she sure put a lot of him, but you know, that could actually be funny if i put lots more in. so maybe i will eventually, but im not so sure.

For sbyill, i don't really know. like i told you earlier today, she will be included in the epilogue, but i don't know if im going to put her and sirius together. but we'll have to see.... i don't think lily and james will break up. i feel like they've already gone through so much that they don't need a break up on top of that. besides, lots of other stories have that and i really am trying to be as original as possible.

there will definitely be an epilogue, but i most likely will not include their deaths. i find that extremely depressing and after writing about them for so long, i feel like it would be awful to just kill them. but the endings for everyone's stories will be in the epilogue, if just briefly.

Cinderella?'s chapter is in validation, a temporary banner is up, and updates will be as soon as i can get it up.

Goodness, i did a response almost as long as yours!! that was actually quite fun! see you tonight!



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Review #20, by hanoverpretz01 It can't be true

19th February 2008:
how bout she kisses him passionately?
update soon!

Author's Response: they actually didn't mean to kiss, but who knows what will happen in the heat of the moment....! :P updates will be in a little while, i have two other stories to update!

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Review #21, by kiwigirl Working together

26th January 2008:
Hey Sav darling!

Very good! A few little things-

I found it sort of hard to believe that Lily wouldn't throw a tantrum, or something, probably not a tantrum, if she had to go out with James. Even though Remus said that, I think Lily would just say no.

Also, when you were writing about the part where Frank and Alice 'get together', I was a bit confused by your word choice-

'The Marauders were going to the Quidditch pitch, since Frank didn't like it there. While Sibyll and Lily were going to Hagrid's to see if they could help carve pumpkins for that nights feast.

While the four boys were playing two-on-two Quidditch and the two girls were having a fight using pumpkin innards, Alice and Frank were coming down from their separate dorms.'

The way you use while in these, espcially the first, is a bit confusing. You use while alot, and I don't think it's necesary to break into two paragraphs.

Apart from that, it was pretty good! I can see where you were going to split the chapters, though. Maybe make the transition a bit smoother? And also maybe have less '~*~' in the story. Very good though!


Your most incredibly amazing amiga


Author's Response: I thought that part worked, but I'll go back to it and check it out. About the splitting part, it was soooo short without adding more, so i had to add it. i just didn't want people to wonder about how time switches, that's why i put in the ~*~!

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Review #22, by Ryans Charming Girl Working together

24th January 2008:
I like the other banner.

Author's Response: oh, i love this one! but i have a few other ideas lined up, so maybe this one will change, but it might not. did you like the story? because it would be nice to put that in as well.

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Review #23, by hanoverpretz01 Working together

24th January 2008:
update really soon i luv it

Author's Response: thanks! the update will be after the next Bravest update, but look for it soon!

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Review #24, by dramaqueen6 Getting High on Sugar, Among other things

23rd December 2007:
Good chapter. Could use a bit more detail of character's thoughts and actions. Other than that it was good!


Author's Response: yeah, i have some trouble with that! i either put in too much detail and not enough verbal time or i put in too much verbal and not enough detail! sorry im really trying to work on that!

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Review #25, by dramaqueen6 A seer in their midst...

23rd December 2007:
Hmmm...Good chapter! I would have thought that Sybll would have been in a different house than gryffindor, maybe hufflepuff. And it seems like everyone's in gryffindor! I think Amos would be better in hufflepuff because that's the house that cedric was in. But other than that, great chapter! I love this story!!!


Author's Response: i think amos's wife will be in hufflepuff. but sibyll deserves to be in gryffindor. she will become very important to the story! and i've never seen anyone write about her, so i can't wait to see how it will turn out!

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