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Review #1, by Tayla Entricot First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

18th December 2011:
Please please please keep writing!! i haven't laughed so much at a story ever!!!

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Review #2, by floometotherain First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

28th March 2011:
Are you every going to finish?

Author's Response: I don't know, I really don't like the story that much, but I'll see what I can do.

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Review #3, by Timechild Chapter 1

24th November 2009:
An interesting start to the story. Draco's new attitude is quite surprising, but I can see it happening. The trio shunning Hermione is a little harder to believe, but it's workable.

You need to correct quite a few spelling errors in this chapter.

I hope that you continue this story, because I am enjoying it.

Good job

Author's Response: I'll try to as soon as possible, thanks for telling me what you think.

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Review #4, by BeBeEAGLES First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

30th June 2009:
OMG i LOVE this story :)

Author's Response: Thanks its good to know someone does.

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Review #5, by Timechild First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

22nd May 2009:
Not bad. Needs a little more detail, but not bad.

Harry and Ron as girls was a great idea. Now, the only thing that would have been better is if Ginny had been turned into a boy. ;-)

Waiting for the next chapter. Nicely written

Author's Response: Ginny isn't in their class sorry, but its an interesting idea.

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Review #6, by Timechild Chapter 8

22nd May 2009:
The words coming from Hermione sound like just what she would say if she actually saw this happening before her eyes. I honestly would have thought that Draco would have had more to say after seeing this, but then again maybe not.

I would have like to read more detail into this chapter, such as Hermione's emotions in reaction to seeing them together; as well as maybe Draco's too.

Nicely written though

Author's Response: Okay, I'll try and add more emotion into my chapters.

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Review #7, by Timechild chapter 7

22nd May 2009:
Inuyasha fax I take it. Cute

This chapter was a little short in content methinks. It could have used some more detail.

The cliffhanger was interesting. I can see Molly falling for someone, just didn't think it would be Snape.

Nicely written nonetheless

Author's Response: Thank you thank you. And I'm sorry but it is just a little hard to write a lot in a short period of time.

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Review #8, by Timechild Chapter 6

22nd May 2009:
Cliffhanger!! What fun those are.I can just imagine the look on Draco's face when she asked that question.

This is a very enjoyable fic, keep up the good work

Nicely written

Author's Response: I know, I love doing that.

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Review #9, by Timechild Chapter 5

22nd May 2009:
Well, that's one way of making it so Hermione gets the "point" ;-)
Draco's reaction to his father arriving was priceless. This is turning out to be a nice fic. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Okay, I'm writing a new chapter as we speak.

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Review #10, by ShadowDog34 First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

22nd April 2009:
This is entertaining. I cant wait to read more

Author's Response: I'll try to update soon.

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Review #11, by Diana First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

1st March 2009:
the first part of chapter 9 was pure hularity. I couldn't stop laughing when Ron said something about hisself being fat

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I couldn't stop laughing at that part it took me forever to write it.

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Review #12, by slitherinlove Chapter 1

10th February 2009:
i lke your sory :) ill make a banner! send me an email to ganbouba @ tds. net (ignore the spaces) I can have it ready tommaow

Author's Response: OK I will do that

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Review #13, by Tigermusic First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

4th February 2009:
hehe i can see it infont off me how they looked hahaha an absolutle great chap it just gets better and better so keep it coming:)

Author's Response: Thanks. The inspiration just came to me, and I just wanted Ron and Harry to suffer. And I'll try to update soon.

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Review #14, by cassie Marshall First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

28th January 2009:
haha that's really good!

Author's Response: Gratzi, I try. Thank you for reading.

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Review #15, by london_lover First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

27th January 2009:
please update soon! cant wait to see the makings of the draco/hermione relationship.

Author's Response: I will try too.

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Review #16, by malfoychild First Day of classes. Part 1. Or for those keeping count Chapter 9.

27th January 2009:
Wow! I'm the first to read this new chapter. I'm so awesome!

Author's Response: Yes I am! Oh I love myself!

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Review #17, by Bellatrix the Strange Chapter 8

27th December 2008:
Now, THAT is a little disturbing. Which is also why I love it. What happened to Mr. Weasley, though? Did he and Molly divorce? Or have I completely missed something?

Author's Response: They divorced. When I said she left them in the earlyer chapters I mean she divorced Mr. Weasley and just left with no intention of coming back.

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Review #18, by Gryfindor_Queen Chapter 8

22nd November 2008:
This is an interesting story.
I do hope you update soon.
I'm adding it to my favorites!

Author's Response: gracias. I'll try and update this week.

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Review #19, by Tigermusic Chapter 8

21st November 2008:
keep it coming :)

Author's Response: I will try. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #20, by Ella Snape Chapter 8

14th November 2008:
I love how went for the Inuyasha look in this chapter at the end. That was awesome. Oh and Molly And Sev. who would have guessed.

Author's Response: thanks. I try and pull a lot out of the books and shows I read and watch

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Review #21, by cassy Chapter 8

13th November 2008:
finally a new chapter we should throw a party welcome back

Author's Response: I know. I'm sorry I've been gone so long

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Review #22, by GiovannaV chapter 3

13th November 2008:
OMG i love that serious i ve read all of the stephanie plum n her other books like plum lovin n all of the books shes written!!! i just got done with fearless fourteen!!

Great story by the way!

Author's Response: I know the books are amazing! Thanks for reading.

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Review #23, by Jacinta chapter 7

1st November 2008:
What tha...??? That was a surprising twist!! Can't wait to read the explanation to that! 10/10!

Author's Response: Eh, I don't know whats going to happen, I just make this up as I go along.

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Review #24, by demongirl14 chapter 7

3rd June 2008:
great story!!! hope you update soon!!!

Author's Response: I'll get to it eventually, but I'm mostly working on Snape's Lost Child right now.

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Review #25, by UnicornTale chapter 7

9th May 2008:
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! molly and snape! Oh boy, i did not see that one coming!

Author's Response: I nobody else did either.

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