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Review #1, by erised713 Halloween Night

12th May 2009:
Well, if you're going to be violent about it - fine! I will review! Ha haha! It's interesting you had Lily survive the same way I had her survive in my story "Raising A Hero". Voldemort disarmed James through the window, right? Also, I hadn't pegged Voldemort as the type of guy to disarm when he could kill - or at the very least, stun! Anyway, I've submitted chapter 4 of my story (the sequel to the one I mentioned above). Maybe you could check it out when it is validated.

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Review #2, by Ink_Well Halloween Night

15th April 2008:
i liked it...i was a bit short and im sure the following chapters will have more depth to them so it was a great start (and intresting idea too! 10/10!

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Review #3, by DR_CHICK909 Halloween Night

18th March 2008:
hey man hurry up and write more of the story!!!
i need to read more!!
its really good so far!
cant wait till next chapter!

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Review #4, by Saphira Halloween Night

26th December 2007:
A brilliant story. Keep working on it will you? I am eager to read another chapter so hurry up! Please!

Author's Response: im thinking of revising it right now. i'll change it a bit so it can follow the story line that popped into my head. please be patient with me.

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Review #5, by x Michelle x Halloween Night

12th December 2007:
hay would you please please make more chapters.^_^

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Review #6, by harrychick Halloween Night

8th December 2007:
please come out with the next ch. i cant wait for it.

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Review #7, by James and sirius 4 eva Halloween Night

1st December 2007:
Hey, goos job it looks like its going to be a good story.

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Review #8, by maurdersdaughter Halloween Night

14th October 2007:
i'm intregued(sp?) but this story copuld use a few more chapters.or a lot more chapters...i'm not the author, i can't tell. hah! you can though! update soon pleazz!!!

10/10!!! great!

Author's Response: yeah. i know it needs chapters but i might abandone it. i have NO time to work on it anymore. im thinking about letting someone take over for me...

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Review #9, by mal_ber_0303 Halloween Night

20th September 2007:
loved it write more soon check out my first f- fiction called "what happened" its sad :( with a happy twist :)

Author's Response: thank you! ill try...i started this a long time ago and i lost my whole plot. ill try to update though

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Review #10, by mrsmolly Halloween Night

14th August 2007:
good story so far, but sense is spelled s-e-n-s-e, not 'since' which is past tense. please update

Author's Response: thanx! ill try to fix that. thank you for revewing. you wont die!!!!!

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Review #11, by Qwerty1127 Halloween Night

8th August 2007:
Luv it cant wait for next chappie!

Author's Response: Thanks! im working on it. i recently changed my whole plot so it may be a while!

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Review #12, by David Fishwick Halloween Night

20th July 2007:
Interesting storyline please write more and good work on the story so far. One question is Voldemort really gone or not? please update thanks.

Author's Response: voldemort is gone until fourth year just like in the books...thanx for the review

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Review #13, by Ginny_is_BEAST Halloween Night

14th July 2007:
yay! i get the first review! this is really good and i can't wait for an update! keep writing! 10, 000, 000, 000/10

Author's Response: wow i didnt think this story would hit it off. yay you.first review...*hands you cookie* ill get the next chapter up soon

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