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Reading Reviews for Real Uses of The Marauders Map
6 Reviews Found

Review #1, by sally_black Tuesday’s for Peter Pettigrew

5th November 2007:
humm, well lupin culd be realy off character and pull some pranks on da teachers/ slytherines etc. or he could use it to get into da restricted section of the library, soz you probably already know what your doing, soz again! still da story is ace!

Author's Response: yeah lupin is going darn cant tell u yet its a secret illl try to update soon

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Review #2, by the_real_diamond Tuesday’s for Peter Pettigrew

3rd August 2007:
this chapter was better thatn the first! it was really good!i never knew Peter had it in him.

Author's Response: Yes unfortunately Peter will probably never have it in him to do again, but then again he was a marauder for a reason eh?

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Review #3, by the_real_diamond Midnight snacks

3rd August 2007:
i like this new story. can't wait to read the next chappie!

Author's Response: thankies then go ahead and read it!

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Review #4, by midnight_pheonix13 Midnight snacks

14th July 2007:
This is really cute! I love it its adorable! If you ever need a small something or maybe an idea (I sometimes like to get like an idea from someone and turn that into a chapter.) i'd be willing to help. message me or email me at: rain.love.magic@gmail.com
I love this idea, concept whichever. So yeah.

Author's Response: I might take you up on that but not right now currently I'm free of writers block! WOOT! Thank you for reviewing and the offer if I ever get stuck with this one I'll be sure to message. coolio! who says that anymore? ME!
I thank you for your kind words:)

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Review #5, by Boots Midnight snacks

14th July 2007:
This is funny! I like the idea of a bunch of stories about what they do with the Marauder's map. Maybe you could work Lilly in there somewhere, for a different element? You have a lot of mistakes (mispellings and I instead of a and so forth) that could have used revision. It was still rather good, 9/10 (room for improvement), keep it up!

Author's Response: Oh I intend on not only adding lily but Flinch excuse me filch and a teacher or two in as well. I know lots of mistakes my bad! I have an issue with that...writing at one am does have a down side.

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Review #6, by gryffinclaw1024 Midnight snacks

14th July 2007:
that was hillarious

Author's Response: thank you! so much!!!!! First review for this one woot!

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