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Review #1, by LoopyLemon Sweet Silence

8th December 2011:
I really like this piece. You have beautiful imagery and build up a picture that is very realistic. Your descriptions are amazing and the piece is enticing to read as you can sympathise with the main character perfectly. This piece doesn't have anything to do with normal fan fiction and I like that. I like the way you can feel the heartbreak surrounding the main character and the disconnection they feel from it all. It is very poignant. I wouldn't mind knowing who the main character is but I guess it could be anyone and in some ways that makes the piece even more captivating and interesting. I love the way the piece develops from silence to life. It is very well done and extremely believable. This is really good.

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Review #2, by pookha Sweet Silence

1st August 2010:
I really liked the way that this story could have been from the POV of any of the characters who had participated in the battle of Hogwarts. It has the PTSD-type horror and emptiness that follows in the aftermath of battles like that.

You show that very well with your descriptions and your word choices. I like the way you chose silence to focus on, rather than noise or blood or any of the other foci that would have been around.

The silence builds the tension in a way that any of the other foci wouldn't have. It makes the reader concentrate on the description and the emotions that the author is putting out there, rather than just a visceral reaction to the aftermath of the battle.

Other reviewers have mentioned the few typos and grammatical oddities, so I won't go into depth. They didn't detract from the story, though, so they're really not important.

Beautifully written and very evocative imagery.

Author's Response: Wow I certainly didn't think I'd be getting a review at all on this fic.

I'm really glad you liked it. When I started writing it I didn't really think about focusing on all the other stuff. I really just wanted to concentrate on what it would be like if there wasn't any noise at all, and how silence would affect the character.

This is by far one of my favourite fics for the imagery in it and I'm so glad you enjoyed it as well.

Thanks for the wonderful review (and thank you for the recommendation on my original stuff on gluttony as well).

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Review #3, by marinahill Sweet Silence

11th January 2009:
Hello :)

This has really made me think. I've been staring at the screen for a few minutes, just completely gobsmacked. Mostly because your description and imagery was stunning, but also because what you've done with the piece is brilliant. I loved the concept, the idea behind the words. What really grabs me, though, is that I don't know who the protagonist is! You meant it that way, I'm sure, unless I'm being stupid and missed the point completely (in which case I'm so sorry! I enjoyed it anyway). But the fact that you didn't make an issue of who was narrating was refreshing and original.

I admire you descriptions, really. It was all so clear, yet muddled by the way your MC thought and was unsure themselves. But the ending was so clear, so final, that it wrapped up neatly. Excellent job :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I appreciate it. I'm really glad you liked it - at least, I think you did.

I never wanted anyone to know who the main character is. Because honestly, it could have been anyone who participated in the final battle.

Thank you very much for the review again.

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Review #4, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Sweet Silence

18th December 2008:

That was totally and utterely amazing. I loved it. It was beautifully written, and so bittersweet. It totally summed up what must've been after the battle. I loved it. This person, whoever it is, has such a unique view of the world in this, and it's breathtaking to see it. I loved this. Sweet Silence perfectly sums it up, and oh, I can't even begin to describe how I feel about this story. It was so wonderfully written. Wow. This is why I have a review thread. To get the chance to read stories like this. Wow. Amazing job. 10/10.


Author's Response: *blush*

Why, thank you very very much. I'm so glad you enjoyed my little one shot. It's my little jewel amongst the other umm...stuff I've written. Lol.

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Review #5, by lia_2390 Sweet Silence

24th October 2008:
Duuude, wow!

You have made this so relatable to people who've witnessed destruction first-hand. I could really picture this; the inner ramblings of a person in shock. I really like your use of metaphors and imagery in here. I especially loved your last lines -

It has exhaled, and with good reason.

I survived.

I usually leave longer reviews but this one just left me at a lost for words. You've written this very, very well.


Author's Response: thank so much Lia. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this. This is one of my favourite one-shots and probably the only one I may never delete. I appreciate the review no matter the length.

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Review #6, by Ydnas Odell Sweet Silence

4th September 2007:
Wonderful story and you no what, it is not really a Harry Potter story. This is a sstory that could apply to any battle anywhere. Well done!

Author's Response: Well, yes it could, but it does mention specifically that Voldemort lost. Thus, it is Harry Potter.

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Review #7, by serahn Sweet Silence

21st August 2007:
Hi...I am brand new to HPFF...and this was the first thing I read. I am going to rate you high because of what I felt reading it. I felt your dedication and your emotion pouring in. I really enjoyed your though processes, and think your ideas brought in what someone might be feeling/living as the smoke cleared. It was a very interesting prspective.

I am not sure you want us to know who it is, and am curious if you even do. I does reak a bit of Neville or perhaps Luna, then again that could just be me trying to associate with a character I know.

All in all, not so much my thing as one-shots and short-stories don't give me enough detail, backstory, char developement etc. However, you write very well...and I will be exploring some of your other works.

I give it a 8. And that's just because I don't like shorts. You really did a nice job with this...

Author's Response: I always like seeing a review like this. It's nice to know what the first you read was something I wrote. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a lovely detailed review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #8, by onceuponatime2 Sweet Silence

10th August 2007:
It was an interesting story, I just want to know who the character was. I would suppose Harry, but I could be wrong.
one of my english professors from the last semester would have definitely hated the nameless, "faceless" character though.

Author's Response: Normally I hate the nameless faceless character thing, but when I wrote it, I couldn't get a clear image of who this character was. Because honestly, when it comes to the aftermath of a war, I imagine it could be anyone.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review. I appreciate it.

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Review #9, by Novadestin Sweet Silence

29th July 2007:
Simply wonderful. An excellent excursion into the subconscious of someone who has just "fought the good fight:. "I simply walked along with a conviction I've never quite felt before." I love that its not "I've never felt before"...adding quite makes it such a more powerful sentence. Definitely going on my favorites list :)

Author's Response: Novadestin, I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I know you always read my work and I don't always respond to the reviews, but I always look forward to getting a review from you.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot and that you always come back to read something of mine when I complete it.

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Review #10, by marauder_lover Sweet Silence

17th July 2007:
Wow. Awesome story! It really captures the emotion and all the feelings, it feels so real. I love how the character is struggling and flipping between silence and not. It's a really cool interpretation of the final battle aftermath and I think the way you wrote it is so clever and sophisticated. Well done, awesome story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed what I wrote.

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Review #11, by starry_night89 Sweet Silence

7th July 2007:
Ok, there is nothing wrong with piece itself but one thing I didn't like was in the end, it felt rushed and had a very abrupt ending..

"I'm feel alone. In a tent, with people all around me"

It's "I'm feeling alone.."

This is kind of minor but I think it'd flow better if you didn't stop the sentence after alone.. "I'm feeling alone in a tent even with people around me" But that's minor

On the whole, it felt very confusing for me..but, I think it's just a matter of opinion. The bottom line is, it didn't work for's really for me to tell you why..ok now, I'm rambling...sorry if I didnt make any sense..

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some critisim on this one-shot. I'm sorry it didn't work for you, but I do appreciate the comments all the same. So thank you.

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Review #12, by caryjanecarter Sweet Silence

7th July 2007:
Okay, some things I noticed, being the grammar-freak I am -

Knees buckling should be knee-buckling.
The "I feel... ... empty" only needs the first set of ...'s. Empty should be capitalized.
Earth should not be capitalized.

Okay, that ending didn't make much sense to me. Why would people fight over the character? What does the sentence "I'm feel alone" mean? It was just... confusing. It did feel detached, like the character is, but not in a good way. Like the writer is an observer in the observer's mind. Did that even make sense?

~ Caroline (Ellarose)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I'm sorry you found it confusing. I've looked over the story so many times and I don't think there is anything I'd change about it. But thank you all the same for critisim, I just don't think I'll be able to adjust it to fix what you find confusing.

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Review #13, by Wingless Sweet Silence

5th July 2007:
Dear me, this was beautiful! The emotion was heartfelt and really tore through to me. Your descriptions were very clear and alluring, eerie and creepy at the same time. You really ensnared me there, and I was getting very curious near the end, and then BOOM. You end it! I was a little sad -- I'm very eager to read more! And I was curious as to who the survivor is supposed to be, so I went back and checked. OC, eh? I thought it was Draco at first, then even Harry. :P Wonderfully written. This is just so.. real. It has this.. raw emotion to it! And I sort of felt like I was holding my breath, and then in the end, whoom! Exhale.. That was just.. beautiful! Just.. everything was beautiful! I really love the last line, in conjunction with the last paragraph. Simply brilliant. All the narration about him/her smiling and getting a second chance to live, and then the Earth exhaling.. GOODNESS. It was so BEAUTIFUL. So.. I dunno. I guess that's all I can say.

Your grammar and spelling were near flawless, but there were two things that leaped out at me. ..out to my prossible death.. and I'm feel alone.. Possible and I feel alone, right? I didn't want to be an evil reviewer and not mention any typos at all ('cause I hate it when that happens to me! :D)

Well, I'll end this review. This was quite lovely to read. I even turned on some tragic music right before I read. Y'know, just to set the mood. ^__^ Fantastic job!

Author's Response: *blushes* OMG I wasn't really expecting that for a review. I had been really worried about this fic to be honest with you. I wasn't sure how people would react to it. I am so glad you really liked it.

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Review #14, by nana_banana_xx3 Sweet Silence

5th July 2007:
I really loved this one-shot. You've done a beautiful job with it.

I know that you have no clue who this story is about and that people keep trying to guess for themselves. I kept invisioning the main character as Neville.

The part where he said how this battle was to be his test. It made me think of his gran and his parents and how he so desperately wanted to live up to their legacy. So, he fought as hard as he could, just like his mum and dad.

That's just my own opinion though...

I like this because it will mean something different for everyone. That's a great thing to have in a story.

Very lovely job. I give you a 10.

Author's Response: *blushes* I'm glad you really enjoyed this one-shot. I enjoyed writing it. It was hard at times because I didn't know who the character what, so to add more in without know was the most difficult part of the whole thing. But it's a learning process and it worked in the end.

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Review #15, by LovelyDays Sweet Silence

4th July 2007:
I thought this was a pretty good one-shot! I especially like the last paragraph. "I smile because I've been given a second chance at living. And the air feels lighter. No longer does it feel as though the Earth is holding it's breath. It has exhaled, and with good reason." - I really enjoyed that line. :]

I don't have much critique, but I did notice a few grammar and spelling mistakes such as; "I'm feel alone." I'm guessing you meant "I feel alone." Well, I'm not going to go and pick out every little mistake so I will leave it at this: Great job! =)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Would you believe I had four different betas go over this? lol.

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Review #16, by Laiquendi Sweet Silence

4th July 2007:
Ooh I really liked this ! The opening paragraph is really good & there are some wonderful descriptions & use of imagery ! I think you portrayed Harry's numbness in the aftermath of the battle very well !
Nicely done,

Author's Response: Haha, I don't even know who the character is. It could be anyone.

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