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Review #1, by Tonks1247 Crossing the Bar

1st August 2015:

I really do adore Remus. And his scheming. And how he tries to stay out of the middle of the situation he started. I was giggling so much as he placed these little thoughts in Sirius and Tonks’ heads, because it worked just perfectly. Sirius of course would take the bait and I could definitely tell Tonks has a bit of the prankster, trouble causing air about her. It was quite lovely to see the war between the two of them unfold, with Remus being the one that started it all. Though he does seem more keen to help Tonks, not that it’s a surprising. I also do wonder if Sirius realized that Remus was in the middle of this prank war, just as Tonks had…

I also really liked the interaction between Sirius and Remus. They really do seem like an old married couple, with the way they’re back and forth all the time. Remus chewing him out only to turn and try to find a way to fix the problem and comfort him…well, it’s really telling of how close the two of them are. It really says a lot to their friendship because as much as they may get under each other’s skin, they’re going to support each other. That dynamic does make me anxious though, with what I’m sure is to come in future chapters…

This was another really good chapter though I did find a few things you may want to look at (mostly small things):

“I was only exited for the first ones because soon after that an uneasy anxiety set in with the risk we took each month.” –exited I think you meant to be excited

“I mean, his lives for those magazines.” -He, rather than his

“With my initial work done, I to my toast and kippers.” -I’m thinking maybe a words missing?

“I chanced a glance towards the staircase which downstairs.” –I’m not quite sure what this sentence is saying? I mean, I do, but at the same time I don’t…

“Sirius took his supposed loss in stride, saying could always buy more.” –maybe having a he between saying and could

Even with those few things, I really did enjoy this chapter! I love the insight into Remus’ mind and the prank war was pretty great! I like how it played out and I can’t wait to see what else there is to come with Remus, Tonks and Sirius (I may have become kind of attached to Sirius’ character as well….)

And, as I sign out here, my favourite quote from this chapter:

“What if my canyon was really just an abyss to fall down?”

Lovely Chapter!

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Review #2, by Tonks1247 A Draught of Sunshine

29th July 2015:

Imma do this chapter for BvB review battle as well, since I’m here and reading it! :D

I love Remus. Like, cannot put words to how much I love his character and how he sees the world. I mean, it’s a pretty scary world he lives in, determined no one can love him and he can’t love anyone else due to him being a werewolf, but for trying to avoid it, he’s quite the flirt. I absolutely love him and Tonks going back and forth and how it naturally comes. They’re just so perfect for each other and the more they both try to deny it (more so on Remus’ side, I think), the closer together they seem to be brought. It really is a realistic situation, as I’ve been in those moments of flirting and the possibility of being a perfect couple but them never coming and I honestly think you’ve got it well described. It really is amazing how much I can relate to these two…

And, while I say it’s terrible for Remus to feel like he can’t love or be loved, I totally understand it and get where he comes from. It’s so much embedded in his character and how he has lived his life…I do like that he’s starting to rethink it, just a little bit, with the whole Boggart thing. I think it’s something he definitely needs to open his eyes to and I can’t wait to see where you take it and how his character changes.

I also loved Sirius in this, the little moments he had, and how him and Tonks are so alike in their commentary and lewd minds. That part seriously made me laugh out loud. Mostly because I could definitely see Sirius trying to trip Remus up with things like that all the time, especially in situations where it’s not necessarily appropriate…

And…I really loved the clerk and the way he recognized who Tonks was. And Remus’ reaction. And his inability to stop smirking. That part made me laugh as well.

There was one small thing I found:

“Maybe I was incapable… perhaps for the last decade and change I had been hiding behind my condition as an excuse not to extend myself to others in an intimate way.” I think I know what this sentence is saying, but I think it needs to be changed a bit, with a word inserted, or just reworded in a way that makes sense.

I really, really enjoyed this chapter! I cannot wait to see what comes next and where you take these two…

Until next time,

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Review #3, by Tonks1247 A Poison Tree

29th July 2015:

Said I’d do both chapters, since it’s so much fun to read a chapter of Epitaph and then come in for this one, so here I am!

For some reason, with this chapter, I got a bit caught up in the story telling. Maybe it’s just because it’s late at night, but this chapter felt a lot more like it was Remus looking back on everything, rather than the events actually happening in real time. I know that’s the entire intention with this story, but I got a bit more caught up in it with this one here. I can’t quite tell if it was good or bad, it was just something I noticed and I’m not quite sure if I have much more to say other than it was more noticeable here and it made it a bit harder to read... (I honestly don’t know if there’s a way to lessen how strong it comes on, or if it’s fine as is and I really should sleep before reading new chapters?)

Nevertheless, I did quite enjoy this chapter. The development in Remus’ character, and his perspective as a werewolf was quite intriguing. I loved the way you described the wolfsbane potion and the effect it had; it didn’t take away the wolf, just made it a bit easier to control and focus on sanity. I could see where things could still get out of hand and I really think it’s more realistic that way. It’s also the first time I’ve really read anything that discussed wolfsbane a bit more than just mentioning it in passing (which you kinda did here, but I think you get the point…).

Also loved Sirius and his sulking around the house. It really does add a certain depth to his character, and his interaction and relationship with Remus. It’s really quite believable and I quite like how you have it presented.

I also adore Remus and Tonks’ conversation at the end there (and Sirius’ commentary when he was present). It was funny, having them plot out this whole fake meeting and relationship thing and with Dumbledore and Molly making commentary on the whole thing…like, they’re building this fake relationship when they actually have a thing going on and just…it led up to that kiss at the end quite well. It was expected and I really wanted to smack Remus because he was quite right that he deserved it. Not maybe how he figured he did, but still…

Past that, I did notice a few small things:

“Even with the wolf surging in my head, I could feel a swell of concern for her safety and well-being overpowering the animal that dominated most my thoughts.” –I would suggest an of after most in this sentence, just for the sake of sentence flow

“I was partly under the blankets with Tonks, so the cold air on my backside was a shock against my skin once time permitted me to be more aware of my surroundings.” –This sentence isn’t structurally wrong or anything, but it’s a bit awkward to read and took me a couple read throughs to get what it was saying. Maybe just a rewording it would help? (Or it could definitely be just me…)

“My eyes followed Sirius out of the room, waiting until he was out of site to return my gaze to our parchment.” –I think you wanted sight rather than site

Besides those few things, I really did enjoy this chapter! I’m happy I was able to come home and have a couple more chapters to read! I love the voice these characters have and cannot wait to see where it goes next!

And my favourite line/part from this chapter…

“I poked my head around the corner slightly worried that part of my home might blow up.”

Really very lovely!

Author's Response: So, I am in the same boat with you about this chapter. I did add dialogue to it this time around (compared to how I originally wrote it) but I'm torn about how much would really pull through in exact phrases as he's a werewolf for much of the chapter. There are a handful of chapters where I write about his time as a werewolf but they don't have the large narrative chunks like this did - I hope that helps with future ones (I'm not sure how to fix this one but I do keep kicking at it).

Ah! I'm very glad you still enjoyed this chapter. I do like some of the more poetic crap he says about transformation but it's a slow read to me. I thought it would make sense for him to have thoughts on the potion and some narrative about how it worked on him (without getting into boring details because... yawn).

eee! I'm glad you like what I'm doing with Sirius and his relationship with Remus. At this point, most of his behaviors are drawn from Harry's observations in OotP (with him being moody towards the end of the summer).

I usually don't like the fake-dating trope (as a reader) but I am glad that it works here. It might be a slight twist on the usual portrayal of that plot device because they do have real feelings for each other. It is almost comical with them planning a fake relationship while kind of falling into something real between them. haha, Remus is quite perceptive when it comes to doing/saying dumb things. I'm afraid to say this is the beginning of a long, difficult road of Remus being a pain in the butt when it comes to his feelings.

I have to say, I love the phrases you pointed out to fix and I did find a better way to express the coldness/blanket thing - just needed to move an idea to earlier and shuffle the sentence. It wasn't very easy to read.

haha, Remus really did have his doubts about her cooking - can't blame him. :P

Thank you so much for staying up late to R&R these two chapters.


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Review #4, by Tonks1247 Sorrows of the Moon

17th July 2015:

Okay. I’m really thinking Remus’ POV wins. Like, I love everything going on in Tonks’ mind and how she sees thing, but Remus…oh Remus. He’s just…he’s got such the interesting character build, where he wants to deny his feelings but he really can’t and I’m pretty sure he’s more into Tonks than he’s willing to admit, and maybe even more than Tonks is into him at the moment and just…it’s pretty great.

Especially when, you know, you bring Sirius into the whole situation. Sirius just seems to be around at the worst of times (at least for Remus sake), and he keeps suggested things that don’t help Remus at all. I mean, the whole shower issue that Sirius can’t help but poke fun at a little bit which is enough to totally throw Remus off when Tonks asks about how hard life is as a werewolf. Like, I honestly cannot help but giggle and smile like an idiot at how those two act. I also kind of like the Sirius/Remus stuff that’s going on here. Which is weird, because it’s not typically something I like or read or anything, but the way it’s included in this and how it’s a part of their history…it’s nice. I like the dynamic it adds to the two of them and just…I don’t know. It’s just really really good.

As for Remus and this whole work thing…I’m suddenly nervous about the whole Dawlish thing with Tonks and Tonks talking about a ‘boyfriend’ and having werewolf books…like it really doesn’t seem like a good situation to me. [Yes, I’m going to comment on both stories here and try not be confusing about it ;) ] I just see bad things coming of it…and, you know, I’m pretty sure Remus finding out about the situation (whatever it turns out to be, which I don’t know because of cliff hangers xD) isn’t going to go well. I just…I don’t know…The complexity of Tonks/Remus (at least the complexity Remus adds to is) is coming to show and I’m quite eager to see where you take it!

I did catch two small thing

“Why are you at home in bed then?” –I think this the ‘are’ is intended to be ‘aren’t’

“I couldn’t help but smirk, thinking walked like a bludger during a quidditch game.” –This sentence is missing a word or two. I know what you’re saying, but it needs a little something to say what you want it too!

Otherwise, the chapter read great! I quite enjoyed it! I am going to share one line, and it isn’t necessary a favourite line, but just…I like how the thought from Remus is structured and the dynamic it gives to Remus and Sirius:

“As much as he’d push my buttons when we were alone or in a small group, he was mature enough to not do so in public.”


Author's Response: Small confession - Remus is my favorite character to write. I figured him out while writing from Tonks' POV but love him a bit more than I love her. He's definitely more into Tonks than he's letting himself see - it's such a difficulty position to be in for him.

Sirius accentuates areas of awkwardness and catches that Remus is attracted to Tonks. :D I'm glad you liked the shower issue and how that came into play later on. :D I wrote that with the 12 year old boy part of my brain but it still makes me laugh. the Sirius/Remus stuff doesn't play a huge role in this but I had to include it a bit because I do ship them (just not past the first wizarding war).

Remus, Tonks, and the Ministry will turn dramatic at some point - you'll just have to wait for it. :D :P

I am so excited each time I read your review- thank you a million!!


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Review #5, by Tonks1247 Lines Depicting Simple Happiness

17th July 2015:

So, I’m finally working through my reading list and I’ve made it down to more Remus/Tonks stories! YAY! (I may have adjusted it just a bit with Epitaph and this both having ‘new’ chapters posted, but you’d never get me to admit it!)

OH MY GOSH! I was pretty determined Tonks’ POV of things was going to be my favourite and be the one to make me giggle the most but I stand corrected. Remus’ point of view on events is the greatest thing ever. I could not stop laughing and he has much more lively discussions with Sirius and his thought patterns…like, honestly, this is the greatest thing! I’m so excited to have this story and to know it exists and to have an opportunity to read it…

Starting with Remus here, part of me feels super bad for him. His viewpoint on his whole life and what it means to be a werewolf is so convoluted. I naturally blame society and their need to out someone who is a werewolf, because he is honestly such a great man. He’s so much more than just a werewolf and it kind of breaks my heart that he doesn’t know any better. It’s just not fair.

With that said, he spends a lot of time in denial but his interactions with Tonks are just so perfect. I like how he’s intrigued with her and how there is an attraction that he’s just denying. They flirt and go back and forth, and he gets teased and prodded at by Sirius…it really helps take the years off of him and it makes him seem just as human as everyone else with the same thoughts and feelings, despite the twisted interpretation of being a werewolf.

As for Sirius? Well, him and Remus are still those boys running around Hogwarts. Honestly, you can tell their friendship really hasn’t changed all that much and Sirius is just as obnoxious as he was back in school. It’s a lot of those parts that had me laughing and rolling my eyes because honestly? I think you have him pegged so well and so accurate as to what he acted like after Azkaban. I almost feel like it’s a special thing that never really was seen in the HP books but gets seen in this. Remus is much the same way as well!

Uhm…I think I’m going to go on and point out some of the little things I noticed while reading and then go on to favourite parts and more melodramatic descriptions as to why I absolutely love this story…

“Despite being a very romantically minded person but it didn’t seem practical for a werewolf to bother with love.” I think I know what you’re trying to say here, but it definitely isn’t clear within the text. I think it’s the ‘but’ that throws everything off.

“Sifting through my memories of her has made it painfully clear that, although I did not raise a hand her, my wolfishness killed her.” –In this sentence, at the end there, I think you’re missing a word. I think it’s intended ‘I did not raise a hand towards her’ or something of the sort.

“It took him the better part of 20 years but he learned how to read me but he had it down to an art.” –Instead of the second ‘but’ in this sentence, I would suggest maybe using an ‘and’ because it would make more sense.

“I felt slightly responsible for the mess as gaze focused on Tonks while she poured the drinks.” –Again, I think there’s just a couple of words missing here. Maybe ‘as my gaze was focused on Tonks’ or something of the sort?

“Much to my surprise, was chatting with her.” –Again, missing word. Should note that it is Moody chatting with her.

That’s all I have for those little things. Even despite them, I really, really, really enjoyed this chapter! I love Remus and Sirius and Tonks and the fact that they’re all in this story and Epitaph and that they’re just so funny…it’s really great!

And, I’ll stop rambling now and end with my 2 favourite lines! :D

“However, I’m not most men and my sweeping skills were quite rusty.”

“You make it sound like we stopped breaking rules at some point.”

Great job!

Author's Response: Heyyy!!

I can't tell you how much reading your reviews makes me grin and super happy to have someone excited about this story. *hug*

when I finished Epitaph in 2007 I doubted whether Remus' side of the story would be at all interesting either but his did turn out to be my favorite too. I do give new angles to the same stuff (or include conversations not int he other story) just to make it interesting to read through both. this story does have more of Remus and Sirius' relationship in it (as it's more important to remus).

Remus has gone through a tough life and has let society define who he is. I feel as if, in another era he could have been less limited by being a werewolf.

Sirius and Remus do still have much of the same friendship they had in Hogwarts. I think it's hte last time they can revert to beore they got complicated.

I've gone back and edited the things you pointed out - you are such a helpful reviewer!!! :D :D

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!


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Review #6, by Unicorn_Charm Always and Forever

9th June 2014:
Wow. So ok, I'm pretty much in tears. I can't even begin to describe to you how much I loved this, and Tonks' POV. Perfect. Just absolutely perfect! I can barely form a coherent thought to leave a proper review. I'm pretty sure this has all just merged into canon in my head. This was all just written so well. I mean the characters, the emotions, the places, the atmosphere, everything. Everything and everyone were just so dead on.

Once again, the moments with Sirius, Lupin and Tonks were my absolute favorites. I loved Sirius wanting to send the letter about Voldemort being back and The Ministry being idiots about it. I loved the underwear prank. I loved Sirius helping Lupin with Valentine's day. It was all just amazing!

Lupin's time spent with the other werewolves had my heart racing the whole time. Even though I knew he would be fine, I still was waiting for him to be found out. It was so interesting to see all that from his POV. He was so truly heart sick... The poor guy.

Reading his reactions to Sirius and Dumbledore's deaths were so... sad. There really isn't another word for it. My heart broke when he was speaking with Dumbledore after Sirius died.

My heart is still racing from the previous chapter! I thought they were both done for. That was so amazingly written. And again, that proposal was just brilliant!

I can't tell you enough how much I adored the two of these. I loved every last word! I honestly may go back and read them again. They're just perfect! A million out of 10 for all of it. Just fantastic! Well done!! :)

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: I've been procrastinating responding to this because it's really awesome and one of the best reviews I've ever had. One - I'm really quite impressed you buzzed through both stories so fast. Two - I'm so happy you liked both! Three - I'm perhaps happier that this has infiltrated your head-canon. :D

Writing Sirius, Tonks, and Remus being friends was my favorite part of either story. It makes me sad though that they didn't have a long friendship or get the opportunity to go through more life together. :(

Lupin with the werewolves was such a stumbling block for me. I mean, not a lot happens that touches the books and I was worried that it went by too fast. Remus really was heartbroken while he was there (and probably grew a depression mustache too).

Oh man, Remus grieving is just a lot of feels to go through. o.o Channeling that was difficult (emotionally and creatively).

Thank you so much for this lovely review and for going through both stories!! Only a handful of people have finished both. I can't begin to tell you how giddy your reviews have made me!


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Review #7, by Unicorn_Charm Sorrows of the Moon

29th May 2014:
Hiya! I'm back again. :)

I just have to say, how much I love, love, love the interactions between Sirius and Remus. They made me laugh so much. You really do write their conversations, and Remus's reactions, exactly as I would imagine they would be. I died when Sirius caught Remus in the shower. Too, too funny. :)

My heart is absolutely breaking for poor Remus. I hate how he thinks so poorly of himself. But, I suppose, that is a major part of his charm. I adore him with Tonks. It's just perfect. I can't say that enough.

I think I am completely addicted to this story already. It's becoming one of my top favorites! XD I can't wait to read on and to see what else you have in store for them! I'm also excited to begin the companion piece you've recommended I read, too! Excellent, excellent story! I will probably tell you that dozens of times haha.

xoxo - Meg

Author's Response: Meg!!!

Oh I'm so happy you're reading on. :D :D

Sirius and Remus have quite the close relationship here. Um, as seen in the shower/walking in on scene. I'm always thrilled when people say Remus is in character in this story. I've spent a lot of time trying to get into his head.

Remus has a lot of self-loathing floating about in this story. quite a lot. Like a truckload. Or 10. I loved writing Remus and Tonks. SO MUCH!

I'm almost literally dancing with excitement about having someone new interested in this story!! I sent you a graphic thing that lines up the two stories so you can see where they keep pace with each other. I've been meaning to do that for a while but you gave me the excuse to sit down and do it.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!!


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Review #8, by Unicorn_Charm Lines Depicting Simple Happiness

29th May 2014:
So I immediately started to read after I responded to your review swap. I'm so glad I did! I have yet to read a Lupin/Tonks story yet, so I thought I would give this one a shot.

This is absolutely perfect! It's astounding how well you've captured the characters. Truly, I'm jealous. Post-Azkaban Sirius was done so, so well. Snarky, sarcastic, still a little immature and bitter. Tonks with her hopeless clumsiness and endearing awkwardness. Remus was just done beautifully. I don't think I have read a story yet where the author has written him so dead on. Well done on that! XD

The kiss!! *Squeals* I loved, loved, loved it!

I was planning on just reading the first chapter and then going to sleep, but I'm afraid I'll be reading on. You're such a fantastic writer! I'm going to have to read your other stories, as well. :)

xoxo - Meg

Author's Response: I'm so excited you picked this!!! :-o you haven't read a Ronks yet?! Ooh, it's exciting that this is your first.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out Remus' head to write this. You have a great handle on him too!

Ah, the kiss that launched a really bumpy relationship. :D I'm so glad you liked it!

So, if you read on, try to catch Epitaph of a Good Man first. It's the parallel to this but it makes sense to go for that first. I'm so thrilled you want to read more of my stuff.

Thank you so much for a swap and for the awesome review!

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Review #9, by maraudertimes Not the Décor

15th March 2014:
Hiya Rose! CR2!

Goodness me, this chapter was just full of awesome! First, I absolutely loved the little revenge that Tonks and Sirius exacted on Remus. It just seems like something a member of the Black family would do! Also, I utterly loved the undergarment bit. Although, I would have liked to read about what Tonks's reaction would have been to Remus in blue lace. :P

The friend date was so cute! Ice cream is definitely a Tonks thing! Lily and Remus? Well I have to say, that's not something I've ever really thought of, but I guess anything is better than Farah (*slightly evil but innocent grin*).

Ooh! Dawlish is a creep! I'm so glad Tonks punched him! Three points to her! :)

The ending was so sweet and so cute and I can't believe Remus had that planned out for weeks! :P He's just such a darling!

The literally ending was so lovely and romantic, and I kind of, sort of loved it. :)

This was a great chapter Rose and I'm so excited to read the rest!

P.S. My CRs will end *exactly* on the last chapter! How cool is that? (sorry, but I like when things work out like that :P)

Author's Response: hehe, I'm glad you liked Tonks and Sirius' revenge on Remus. Alas, Tonks didn't think this was worth mentioning in her narrative - otherwise it would have been too redundant (okay, I only thought of it while writing this story and didn't go back to add it to Epitaph). Tonks would have been quite enthralled to see Remus in lacy bits. :D

Lily/Remus is hinted at in the movies (the reaction of "ooh, I knew your mother" was a total allusion to him at least liking her). I'm so glad you like the friend-date!

Dawlish definitely earned that punch (and quite a few more). Whoo! 3 points!

ah! i'm so happy you liked the ending!! I couldn't help but make him plan it ahead a bit. I mean, he's such a careful guy.

Thank you for another wonderful review! eee! That's exciting that your CRs will end at the end! :D


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Review #10, by maraudertimes Crossing the Bar

15th March 2014:
Rose! I have come for the Challenge Reviews! They'll be called CRs, alright? So, CR1.

Oh my goodness, can I just say that I quite literally laughed out loud when I saw toomanycurls? Goodness gracious Rose! I'm quite glad I took a break from reviewing your stories (please don't be mad), since I've forgotten quite a bit of it and it's so much fun to return and h ave things that are utterly new awaiting for me. :D

Okay, to the rest of the chapter, it was so sad that Sirius was put on house arrest, although I understand why. But his reaction was just so heartbreaking. :(

But I guess he did find something else to preoccupy himself with. I'm going to say it's a blessing that Tonks took those magazines because honestly, he really should not be that dedicated to them. *shudder*

Ooh, a Tonks and Remus moment, a Tonks and Remus moment! They are so cute together!

I don't know whether I should be happy about Remus's ability to pull pranks via other people, or slightly concerned, given that it shows a definite marauder side to him, but also seems quite childish in that he's pulling pranks. Nah, I've decided I love it. :)

Ergh, the ending was hilarious, although I hope Remus bridges the canyon soon!


Author's Response: Lo!!!

Ack, I'm sorry it's been so long and I'm just not responding. (please still like me)

:D I had some fun with that little bit of self-insertion. I could see how this would get long to read as the plot is rather identical. :) This story does take a few different turns than Epitaph though. You'll be surprised (maybe)

This chapter is all about distracting Sirius from his various hobbies. Poor Tonks had to experience it first hand but then took his source material away, lol.

The pranks are bot childish and marauder-ish. I like to think he let his hair down a bit (so to speak) when doing that.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!!


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Review #11, by 1917farmgirl Infinitesimal Words

8th March 2014:
All right, so the moment I read that Remus thought accompanying the kids to Kings Cross would be the opportunity he needed to profess his undying love to Tonks, I just had to shake my head. Obviously, Remus doesn't know teenagers very well, does he? Not only is the thought that he could find time to do that insane, but who in their right mind would get all lovey-dovey with 6 adolescents watching? Especially when two of those teens are FRED AND GEORGE? Cause the twins would NEVER think of taking the mickey out of you for something like that. Forever. And eternity.

Okay, at least he had the sense to wait for the return trip.

Remus, Remus, Remus. WHERE did you get those sappy lines? You have a secret stash of Chick Flicks, don't you.

And of course, pouring your heart out on a bus that moves like a space ship in battle is a great plan...

I do give you brownie points, Rose, for Most Original and Funny PDA in a fic so far. :)

Poor Sirius. I didn't like him in the books very well, and the reason is right here in your fic as well. He always came across to me as selfish and moody. But I do understand a bit more WHY he was that way now, being older and looking at things from different sides. Being stuck for AGES in that house would get to anyone, even a saint. I feel for him, much more than I ever used to. And I think it's such a credit to your writing that I can both still dislike him the way I did in the books, but also understand him better, after reading this story.

And we're back to the doubting the relationship thing again. REMUS! Stop that!!! At least Tonks is thinking straight, and stubborn.

The Pen-Friend is still around? Oh dear, LOL.

Valentine's is such a difficult holiday. And I'm not sure I'd let Sirius touch my valentines plans with a 30 foot pole.

Great stuff again. I know things have to work out eventually, given the books, but it sure is kind of agonizing (I mean that in a good way!) trying to get there with two of the world's most stubborn characters.

Author's Response: Well... they were all so well behaved in his class. ...okay, poor planning on his part. :D His need for privacy outweighed the urgency - thank goodness beacuse Fred and George would have definitely takien the mickey out of them.

Remus also watches chick flicks and reads romantic novels. erm... yes. that's it.

The Knight Bus might be the worst place for delcare your undying love.

Whoo!! Brownie points! :D

I wasn't a fan of Sirius (or Harry) in this book. I tried to give him a bit of reason to be all grouchy and yeah. Aw, I'm glad I made it possible for you to like him a little and still dislike him. :D

Good thing Tonks is stubborn like that.

*cough* everyone needs a pen-friend.

hehe, Sirius might just make a good partner on V-Day. Though I don't go into detail on it in this story.

They are stubborn! And really, if JKR had given me more liberty to let them be happy, I would! I do blame her for this plot.

Thank you so much for another wonderful review!


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Review #12, by 1917farmgirl After a Hiatus

8th March 2014:
Okay, first of all, I think the title of this chapter is a particularly good one for this review, don't you think? Just saying...

Secondly, I should never leave stories for so long because now I'm WAY far behind, LOL. Stop writing so dang fast, would you please?

And, thirdly, your first paragraph pretty much just killed me. "Slowed down fast track" "accelerated slow path" which lead to snogging by Friday. So, since I'm dead, I can't really finish this review, can I? If you want long reviews, you really must stop killing off your readers with the opening words. Seriously. Take it as a professional tip.

Okay, so I'm not QUITE dead, and I will go on now, but I'm still laughing, and still blaming you.

The walk paragraph ALSO almost killed me. Stop making me laugh. It hurts my black eye. Oh, and the image of Remus in a corset has forever darkened my mind thanks to you. I think I'm scarred for life...

FINALLY some sense from Remus in agreeing to go to her folks' for Christmas. And again, I really love how you are tying this into the actual events in the books, putting in the details we all know happened, but from another POV.

Oh, and I'm not sure I like the fact wizards can just walk right into your house and then your bedroom. Kinsley, not cool.

And you tattled to Sirius? Double uncool, Kingsley. We need to talk about boundaries.

Okay, the Elton John record for Ted makes me sad, actually, knowing that Tonks is going to lose her father very soon. He's not a main character, so his death is so very often overlooked and overshadowed by the others, but to me it's still just as sad. And poor Andromeda - lost her husband, her daughter, and her son-in-law.

I like that the name Dora came from her dad. And I think I would quite like to see little Dora in bows and ruffles. :)

It is still amusing to me that Tonks and Remus are bonding over knitting. That has to be a unique take! hehehe

Oh, and I'm blushing more than Remus over the gift...LOL.

So um.Kingsley can scatter rose petals, huh. Interesting. And then...well...yeah. Things happened.

So sorry it's taken me so long to get back to these reviews. I will try to make up for it by leaving really good ones.

Thanks for the review swap. Was fun!

Author's Response: Well timed chapter title indeed... especially as I'm so late responding too!

I did kind of finish the story while you were busy. Sorry and yay! The good thing is that it's done. :D

I should really stop killing my readers with Remus' impossible attitudes. :-/ I'll work on that.

Sorry i was hurting your black eye! :( Though, I am glad it was funny enough to make you laugh out loud. :D Remus in a corset has made me giggle so many times. I think I saw a drawing of it once. I blame the fan art community.

Remus felt the various threats on his person at this point in the story and decided to shape up for a bit. I'm so glad you like the connections i've made to canon - that was one of the funnest parts of writing this (not the bit where Arthor got bit but the overall canon tie-ins).

Rethinking that reoccuring action as an adult, I don't like it either! And Kingsley is a bit of a gossip (though he sees himself as a concerned friend, lol). You should sit him down and talk to him about personal boundaries and keeping secrets.

Knitting has brought a lot of couples together! This is of course because my husband knits so this all seems legit to me. :D

ah, avert your eyes! Things did happen *cough*

Thank you so much for a lovely review! I always love reading yours.


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Review #13, by maraudertimes A Draught of Sunshine

8th February 2014:
Hiya again!

Ergh, I'm conflicted! This chapter was wonderful, but at the end I think he's talking about Farah and now I don't like this because goodness gracious, will he get over her because Remus deserves so much better. In fact, he deserves Tonks. And even though he thinks she doesn't deserve him, and that she's out of his league, she fancies him and he has to realize that before I go insane over frustration!

Ergh! But anyways, this was a really cute chapter and I really liked seeing what Remus thought about Tonks choices for pleasure reading. Obviously he thinks she's being stupid though, because he can't realize that they should just be a couple already!!!

But I do mean it, when I say this was a good chapter. I loved how Remus tried to analyze Tonks's note that didn't have any underlying meaning. It shows how much he cares about her, even if he won't admit it to himself.

This was a really good chapter Rose! Great job!

Author's Response: Yay for conflicted!!! Farah does pop up from time to time and provides a nice layer of angst for Remus. He does deserve Tonks!! He's on the verge of realizing they're bound to be together. I promise!

I thought you'd like seeing the other side of this scene. Remus is quite happy that Tonks has taken an active interest in him but is just stupid (as you said) about how to handle his feelings.

ahaha, his over analysis may have some conenction with my own tendencies to do that at times.

Thank you so much for another fab review!

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Review #14, by maraudertimes A Poison Tree

8th February 2014:
Hello! Tis I, back from... wherever I've been!

Okay, so I like Remus's POV, but nothing can compare to Tonks's, I'm sorry but it's true. :) Tonks just has this charm that you wrote so wonderfully and Remus is so filled with self-loathing and I want to slap him because it's clear that Tonks fancies him, and he fancies her back, and why can't they just full on snog and stuff already?!?!?!?!?!??!

Anyways... I really liked the start, where we see the transformation through Remus's eyes. I think that was really cool and slightly heart-breaking, but I loved it nonetheless. Also, the Sirius being jealous was also a little sad, but I felt it right given the situation.

The fact that everyone seemed to have been counting on the two of them actually dating, and adoring the fact that they're now pseudo-dating for appearances, is just too funny. It's crazy how invested the people you surround yourself with will get into your personal life.

And the Sirius barging in thing was hilarious at the start, but I completely understood why Remus wouldn't be so pleased with the situation. They should be too mature for that, although I suppose Sirius is still the boy they locked up all those years ago, so perhaps he isn't. More heartbreak!

Great job Rose! Really liked this chapter!

Author's Response: Please say you've been in outer space! That's what I've been humming for a while.

Remus' POV is much less - quirky and free? than Tonks' boyant account of their relationship. *giggles* you might go mad by the end of this... they'll realize their love sooner or later!

Writing about Remus' transformation was a difficult! Just from a literary perspective, I didn't know how to convey that much pain and misery. Sirius is quite lonely and a bit possessive of Remus (go wolfstar).

I like to think that other people realized they'd be a good pair quite fast. Neither Remus nor Tonks are self-aware enough to note their obvious affection for one another. I like to think of the Order as an over-bearing family that you happen to fight Volemort with. :D

I'm glad you liked my bit of college humor there - I think Sirius is still caught in his early 20's mentality. He didn't get a chance to mature around other people through this 20's and 30's so he's a bit stuck emotionally.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!! I love getting reviews from you!

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Review #15, by marauderfan Always and Forever

26th January 2014:
Aaa! I was so sure they were both dead somehow... the titles made me think so. But omg! I love this so much!!! They're so happy! Wedding! :D This is such a great ending, it's got that happily ever after feel. They really deserved a happily ever after, with all they went through! I was shocked when they died in DH and didn't even get a proper mention really. But this... I know this is a short and gushy review and so probably low quality but all I can say is AWWW!! ♥ ♥

I loved this story so much! Remus/Tonks are such a great couple and you wrote both characters just wonderfully. Thanks for writing this and I'm so glad I got to read it. I'm just sad it's over!

Now I hear there is a Charlie/Savage story floating around your AP, I might just have to read that next.

Amazing story/stories, Rose!! ♥

Author's Response: I wanted people to think they were both dead!! When I started this (pre DH) I thought it would be fun to take them through a difficult romance to set them off on a nice long life of happiness together. Though, after they died and I thought this ending would be a bit ironic - but I like irony.

Oh I was abosolutely livid when their death was glossed over in DH (might have thrown my book across the room). After everything I had put them through I was mad that JK had to off them.

You're only the 2nd person to have finished both stories!! :D I'm so glad you stuck with it through all the ups and downs they had!

!!I think you'll like the Charlie/Savage story!!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing these stories! It's meant so much to me!!!


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Review #16, by marauderfan The 40 Day Dream

26th January 2014:
Well... unfortunate that Dawlish punched Remus so much it made him sick, but good that he vomited ON Dawlish. That's karma for you.

I loved reading the proposal again eee it was so cute. And all the fluff and happiness, which I knew was the calm before the storm but I just loved it! The life they should have had.

The other werewolves chasing Remus, that was intense. I'm glad he managed to escape and that Moody found him and apprehended Smith - thats good at least.

The ending... hvhsjf2dchfjjdjsi I can't

Ok well I really don't want the story to end yet but I HAVE to find out.

Author's Response: I feel bad that after all the crud Dawlish didn't get more done to him than just being thrown up on. It's my main regret in this story.

They should have had a life with romantic dinners and moonlight dancing and agh!! *shakes fist at JKR*

Ooh, I'm glad the chase was intense. Moody coming nd finding him was a relief. I thought after all Moody's involvement *cough* in their relationship, having him so instrumental at the end would be nice.

You'll *love* the ending!!

*still hides in bunker*

Thank you for a wonderful review!


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Review #17, by marauderfan The Art of Losing

25th January 2014:
I hear that reviews are also good cures for migraines so here I am with the best medicine ever, apart from fluff, or cowbells.

:( I had a bad feeling it would eiher be Whitmore or McMann. So sad :( I think at this point though, anyono who was on the fence before certainly knows which side they're on. Fenrir's display there isnt about wizard prejudices anymore, its just violent.

I hate that Remus had to make a comment like that about Tonks. I mean I know that's obviously not how he feels about her, but he had to say that to avoid suspicions from Greyback. Again, Greyback is the creepiest.

I really enjoy Remus' meetings with Kingsley and how Remus uses them about 50 per cent as wolfsbane/information exchange and 50 per cent a discussion about Tonks. I think this one was good because no one is really right or wrong. Yes it was stupid for Remus to tell people about his relationship, but its good that there are werewolves who care as people and arent allying with Fenrir, they're trustworthy. And of course Tonks wouldnt follow instructions she doesnt like haha

Sad that Remus felt he had to isolate himself from Whitmore. I realy want to make more John Thomas jokes but at this point in the story i guess it'd be inappropriate.

Agh, the part about Bill... its so sad that Remus feels the need to specify that it wasn't him and that it was Greyback.

"This was what losing felt like" -- I really like that line. Not because they're losing obviously, but because his POV really shows just how dark that part of the war was, which wasnt the same in Harry's eyes. Especially as to Remus, Dumbledore probably represents acceptance of his condition.

Eek I cant handle this cliff hanger ending. And the end of the story is rapidly approaching and that makes me sad. I've gotten very attached to this story. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Yes! Reviews really do help with migraines! :D ...I'm not sure cowbells help...

I couldn't have it be Remus. I felt bad offing McMann. :( Fenrir definitely went over the edge with the violence. Just a bit. He's just touting violence for violence sake now.

He hated it too. I mean, it's opposite of how he feels but it's how he's staying alive. Greyback is the mayor of creepsville.

:D It felt a little self-indulgant to give Remus that information source but I couldn't help it. I really like having Kingsley be the man in the middle. It does line up with Dumbledore knowing that Remus is okay in Epitaph. I liked having Kingsley as the protective friend here. Remus did use good judgement with the people he trusted but his world is a little sideways right now.

Bill's attack was especially hard for Remus to watch and experience. :(

ah! I am a bit proud of that line! :D I'm glad you liked it. it really is a low moment for him (quite low considering some of the lows he hit in this story).

I'm sorry for the cliff hanger!! I couldn't cram everything in one chapter. :-/ Wait, you're just not attached to the story? :P :P

Thank you so much for an awesome review! My head is feeling a bit better! I think the thai food helped. :D


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Review #18, by marauderfan Heart Skipped a Beat

24th January 2014:
Firstly, apologies for this potentially typo-ridden tablet review, I dont have a real keyboard with me while I travel. Ok now for the review.

I'm glad Remus is able to talk to John Thomas (lol) and that he understands. Por guy having his family leave him :( that's so sad.

That part where Remus was being so poetic made me laugh. He was basically just saying that he's too old and poor and dangerous, only it sounded a lot prettier with the nearby torment of the silvery orb in the sky or whatever he said haha

Oh no, they spotted him as a traitor despite his, uh, incredible acting. Unless Whitmore or McMann is a traitor too and those are the ones Fenrir found out? Ahh!

Awesome chapter!,

Author's Response: Happy travelling!! I can't type worth a dark on my tablet/phone/anything but a keyboard. :D

haha, Remus does get good advice from (his) John Thomas. :D I should stop but I just can't. I liked the idea of werewolves having tragic family situations. I mean, if they had loving and supportive families, they wouldn't end up with Fenrir.

Poetic Remus is just the same as normal Remus :P It's supposed to sound prettier when he's reading Spanish poetry. :P ...maybe I was in a sentimental mood when I wrote that part. :D

haha, don't knock Remus' acting abilities. I'll let the drama of who the suspected traitor is sit with you... the next chapter is gruesome (fyi).

Thank you for an awesome review from the road!


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Review #19, by marauderfan More Adventurous

22nd January 2014:
Ooh, Fenrir Grayback is SO creepy. You wrote him very well though. He is just as creepy and repulsive as in the books, but more so, because I don't think Harry ever spent more than 3 seconds in Greyback's presence. Ha, I could see Greyback gaining supporters by behaving like a crooked politician, thats funny.

I'm glad Kingsley caught that word slip there, Remus belongs with the good guys! At the same time I can see how Greyback's arguments are the slightest bit convincing. There is a lot of discrimination, which makes it easy for him to rally others to his cause.

I like the point you made about 'transforming' vs being bitten, it sounds a lot more neutral the first way and I think it makes sense they prefer that.

John Thomas returns haha. At least he seems like a decent person, so does McCann. Theres hope, Remus! Aw, I love that even though Tonks is far away she's still helping Remus with his transformations as he thinks about her.

george visited Remus! That was a little unexpected, I guess he likes Tonks more than I thought he did. Ah well, another person to jointhe 'Remus you are foolish' team.

awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Hello!!

I was going for creepy political person. :D I didn't think the werewolves going there would buy the "let's be evil" sales pitch. Writing Fenrir here made me like him a bit more than I did before. Fundamentally, he does think he's helping out his fellows.

Kingsley is sharp and couldn't miss a slip up like that. I was a bit sad having Remus struggle with his sense of belonging like he did. When I wrote this chapter, it was right after coming up with A Boy Bitten and the Remus chapter of A Moment of Fear (well, they were inspired by me struggling through this chapter). Remus put up with a lot of discrimination even from his friends.

Fenrir does see lycanthropy as a gift... *eyeroll*

John Thomas is a good guy - so is McMann. :D Remus gets to be friends with them which makes his stay there a bit better. I didn't like having a chapter so light on Tonks so I made her presense in Remmus' mind. It's yet another sign that he still loves her deeply.

I don't think George was madly in love with her but he does seem the type to not idly flirt (well, maybe but he means it when it happens). At this point, he's fine with Tonks not wanting a thing with him and has emotionally moved past it but can't stand how Remus is treating her. And yes, he's the 4905th person to jump on the "Remus is a fool" bandwagon.

Thank you so much for such an awesome review!


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Review #20, by marauderfan A Lack of Color

21st January 2014:
Well, this was a sad chapter too. :( Not so much for the aftermath of Sirius' death, but because Remus is so OBVIOUSLY still in love with Tonks.

I love that Molly sent him a Howler with a nice invitation to dinner at the end, that's perfect :D

Ugh. Remus can clearly see that he's made the wrong choice, since he feels awful and he's made Tonks cry, shouldn't that be an indicator? Also the meddling friends telling him to send her cards, etc? Sigh...

Oh no, what is going on with that mysterious man?! Who is he? Ahhh

"You'll always be the love of my life?!?!?!" Awww but seriously how can Remus just say "Cool thanks for the marshmallows!" to that?! (ok. I know that's not what he said, but that's the time when he's supposed to reconsider his whole running-away thing and stay with her!

well, Remus does have a really tough and dangerous Order mission ahead of him. Yes it's probably best to not have a girlfriend around for that but it isn't any good to just leave heartbreak behind him. *headdesk repeatedly*

Remus is frustrating. But this is a great chapter!

Author's Response: I'm going to sound like a jerk, but I get the giggles each time I read this reivew. :P Mainly because I wanted to have them both be heartbroken and both want to be back together but neither moves on it. This was supposed to be the other side to all those chapters in Epitaph where it's impossible to read without wanting to strangle Remus.

Okay, and I'm laughing at the "cool story bro"-ish retelling of their goodbye at Remus' house.

Remus isn't stupid or hard-hearted but he is quite stubborn. At least he shed his denial in this chapter though I think that made it slightly worse.

The mystery man was just a plot device to get Kingsley and Remus together for the awkward covno they had.

It might be a good idea to invest in some PPE before you read the next few chapters - a helmet at least. ^_^

Um, um, next chapter there's less heart break! I think :-/

Thanks for the awesome review. Remus will become less frustrating eventually!


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Review #21, by marauderfan Silver and Cold

20th January 2014:
:( :( :( :(
You did really well at writing Remus' grief in this one, it was very powerful. Especially because Remus practically lived with Sirius for most of the year, staying at his house all the time, and losing someone that important to you just gahhh. I liked the lines about both canines of the Marauders - yeah, James and Sirius were best friends at school but Sirius and Remus had the bond of both being canines, as he said - and with James gone those two really are best friends. The line about "Sirius was everywhere and nowhere" is really powerful too, how he's gone but Remus is dwelling on all his memories. His grief felt very realistic.

It was sad when he broke it off with Tonks after that - I can understand if he needed a little time by himself to grieve, but he's using this as the way out which he's been looking for almost since he started dating her. Aghh and then Farah! I guess it makes a little more sense from his POV (from Tonks' POV I was just like WHAT NO THIS IS FAKE) but I can understand him a little here. A little. I am still furious with him though.

this was really sad and emotional, but a great chapter nonetheless!

Author's Response: *hugs*
*look, it's sunny*

Writing Remus' grief was hard for me emotionally. I reached into my reserve of emotions that I don't always tap into when I write. Sirius and Remus did have quite a bit in common but their cannine form was perhaps the easiest to touch on. I don't remember the inspiration for everywhere and nowhere. It is true though, sometimes it's impossible to not find someone who has died in everything. :(

I am glad that his side of the breakup then Farah felt a bit more... explained. I mean, he's still being Cleopatra about the whole thing but at least we can see that in his head it all made sense.

Maybe after the next chapter you won't stay mad at him forever. :D Hopefully

thank you so much for all the reviews yesterday!!


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Review #22, by marauderfan The First Drop

20th January 2014:
I was so sure that letter was going to be sent to a certain toomanycurls. :P But writing to the Ministry - I wish he had, just leaving out all the details and letting them know how stupid they are.

Dear Ministry of Denial,
You are all idiots.
Anonymous (and Cleopatra, who would know all about de-Nile so obviously listen to us.)

Honestly, no way to trace that. They should have sent it!

asdhkfjads no no no we're only 12 chapters in and we're coming up on that day already? Now I'm all sad and nothing has even happened yet.

Ooh, intense. I love that Remus threw ice water on Snape and then used Levicorpus on him even though he's supposedly so much more mature than he was as a teenager. Bahaha. But I can't blame him, what with Snape making such low comments about his werewolfness and relationship with Tonks.

Remus is considering marriage!! omg it just killed me that Sirius wants Remus to wait the wedding until his name is cleared ahhh :( I mean, I guess he did, but not how it should have been :(

Ack. Well, I love the idea the the Order was all gathered at Grimmauld Place to just hang out with each other, but that's the worst interruption. Omg I'm nervous to click the next chapter.

Author's Response: alas, Sirius put aside his fascination with toomanycurls for a desire to do something useful. :P Oh, hey, the Ministry sent a reply:

Dear Anonymous and Cleopatra,
We only deny the denial of your denial.

Yeah, they were just being cautious.

HIKML goes at a much faster pace that Epitaph. There's 4 or 5 fewer chapters total.

I definitely blame the moon for how Remus acts with Snape. I mean, that and Snape's low blows. I do like showing Snape's cruel side here.

:D He is considering marriage!! and, I am sorry - I had to be extra mean and put in that Sirius wanted to be at the wedding. :( It broke my heart too!

You can get through the next chapter! *sends chocolate*

Thank you for such an amazing review!!


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Review #23, by marauderfan We Are Nowhere and It's Now

20th January 2014:
Review tag!

Ah, I wish you'd written out that part where they were singing/guitaring. I know I did already read it in the other fic but I wouldn't have minded that again. I'll just have to imagine it. Now excuse me while I wipe the drool off my desk, not sure how that got there.

Anyway, where was I? Remus and Tonks' date was cute. This time I really do understand Remus feeling so guilty, when his best friend is unable to have any of the things in life that Remus can, and the fact that Remus is always around and probably feels like he shouldn't show how happy he is so as to make Sirius not feel worse. :(

Eek, Death Eater activity! I like the way you incorporated it - it's not like there was a huge battle or anything, just the constant reminder that danger is just outside the door, and the war is all around them even if not out in the open.

Poor Tonks, feeling snubbed at the Order meeting. I can understand why Remus did it, but at the same time no one is really going to care if they're sitting next to one another at the meeting. I mean, come on - it's not like they're going to be unfocused on the meeting.

BLAHHDSAHF DAWLISH what a creep I hate him and his blatant prejudice for werewolves. So sad that even if Remus did something in self defense it would be looked on as a werewolf being aggressive. :( I agree with Sirius at the end though, if it had been me in that situation Dawlish would be covered in hex marks. Or a fist mark.

Excellent chapter!!

Author's Response: This was my first chapter back after 7 years. i might go back and elaborate on the singing but I was just trying to get into the swing of the story again. :D *hands hankie* that's for the drool...

SEE! Cleo has her reasons! I wanted to make sure people saw he wasn't just a flippant jerk.

The part I didn't put into the death eater part was that they were around because Kreacher was able to give them an approximation of Grimmauld Place.

Remus (while understandable) is a bit stupid still. *huff* It's not like I'd have them snog at the meeting or anything. He's understandable but still insufferable.

You can punch Dawlish if you want!! Remus probably could have gotten away with self-defence but, still, it would have been risky. Dawlish is easy to hate. Um, we haven't seen the last of him and Remus either. *cough* *hides*

Thank you so much for an incredible review!!!


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Review #24, by marauderfan Infinitesimal Words

18th January 2014:
Hello :) Sorry for the shortness of this review, I'm about to walk out the door but since I read this I wanted to leave a review before I go!

Aw, as adorable as the Knight Bus scene was in Epitaph, I loved it just as much here! :D :D I love how they're able to make a romantic moment out of a disaster like that. At least it's memorable for sure :p

Sirius really is starting to lose it, what with the constant reminders of how lonely he is, and the addition of Snape teaching Harry Occlumency when Sirius is stuck in Grimmauld Place, and to add icing on the cake the Azkaban breakout gets blamed on him. Not the best of weeks. :(

I felt like my love for her wouldn't die but our courtship was as vulnerable as a lit candle on a stormy night. -- I love this. It's so poetic. I hate that Remus is thinking something like this because he's having second thoughts for like the eighty-second time, but it's beautiful imagery.

Hehe... Remus suspects something with Moody? Pffft, what would make him think that :P

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hello!!! I'm just excited that you read this chapter!!

Remus and Tonks - romance in the midst of falling luggage. It just seems to suit them that romantic moments will have odd things happen. :D At least it felt right to me so I kept making it happen to them.

:( Sirius is on the verge (or just gone past) losing it. He's a bit manic sometimes then depressed other times. It is especially hard for him with all the stuff going on in the outside.

it's a trade off - beautiful imagry for Cleopatra making an appearance. :-/ not sure it's worth it in the end but I blame JKR.

haha, he's just connecting a few dots, that's all. :P

Thank you for a fantabulous review!!


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Review #25, by marauderfan After a Hiatus

17th January 2014:
Remus's descriptions really crack me up. Sometimes he's really eloquent, other times I'm just like "what?" For example, this: So I decided to take an accelerated slow path, or a slowed down fast track. -- Wouldn't that be called a normal path? Only he wants to keep telling himself that he's taking it slow. Lol. Also the favourite sweater/new broom comment had me laughing. Oh Remus... what on earth.

Gahh why is Remus still insisting they're not together? I don't think he knows what relationship means. Anyway, I love how Kingsley is so interfering haha - but sweet that he decided to help them out! As for Moody..heh, I love that he sort of intimidated Remus there. Nice that he's still looking out for Tonks. Poor guy.:p

John Thomas returns! hahaha. But I liked the tie into canon of including this part from OotP.

I enjoyed the anecdote of Tonks as a kid, too. And I think she reacted to hearing it again in a very Tonks-like manner, as in not embarrassed at all to hear stories of herself as a toddler running around with her skirt over her head haha.

I really like the way you've written their relationship. The characters are so true to their canon personalities and I love the way you've shown the perspectives on each side of the relationship. It's really interesting to compare, actually! :p I think it would have been fun to read these simultaneously.

Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Sometimes my brain makes sense and sometimes it just kind of flubs. :P The slowed down fast track might have been one of my flubs. I'll blame Remus though as he was driving when I wrote that. He has to think he's going slow to assuage his relationship guilt.

Remus has neglected to look up the word relationship in the dictionary. -_- Kingsley does insert himself quite a bit in their relationship. I mean, not in Moody-like ways :P but in the older brother-like ways. Moody does keep looking out for Tonks *sigh* it's a bit sad. someone should go hug him.

It's John Thomas!! He returns a few times in this story. ^_^

Between her clumsiness and out-there personailty, I don't think she gets embarassed very easily. :D

:D I'm really glad they're close to their canon depiction!! When I set out to write the stories, I did worry that it'd just be tedious for someone to read both. I'm glad that's not the case! Rumpel read through these simultaneously. It was fun for me to read her reviews throughout but she didn't get to go through the same suspense and aha! moments that you do.

Thank you for another brilliant review!


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