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Review #1, by ginny_weasley_54 ch 1

9th January 2008:
aww. i love. i absolutly love sirius/oc fics and i saw this one and thought it looked good and i was right. one of my favorite stories. i love the song you used. i think it fits good.

Author's Response: thank you so much
i have alot of sirius/oc fics so please check em out soon!

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Review #2, by Cadyn Black ch 1

25th July 2007:
CUTE!! SWEET!! PERFECT!! it is so awesome i love your style of writing! i am so checking out your other stories!! 1,000/10 ~Cady

Author's Response: Ahhhhhh thank uuuuuu

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Review #3, by summerlove x3 ch 1

16th July 2007:
cute but i still dont understand why she would be going to meet lucius.. because he threatened to beat her? anyways, good job.

Author's Response: thats left to interpretation whatever you want it to mean

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Review #4, by dracoslover1 ch 1

15th July 2007:
Way to go Sirius.

I like how you show him in a different light. Mostly people put him in a way where he thinks about snogging all the time, but here you have him thinking about the girl.

Good work. Keep it up.

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #5, by subtle_plan ch 1

15th July 2007:
Okay, so here's the review like I promised :D

First off: I love that song to death :D It's so beautiful, it almost makes me wanna cry.

I would have written that I thought that the story was a tad unoriginal, the whole Sirius falls in love with the shy, quiet girl thing just seems so unlikely and so overused, but I thought that you did a great job with the ending and the whole Lucius thing :D That was original!

I don't think that Lucius, Molly and the Longbottoms were at Hogwarts at the same time as the Marauders, but I understand the importance to the plot with the whole Lucius thing.

So all in all I thought it was a good story, and I thought you did it well as a songfic (I think they're really hard to write myself!).

It was sweet :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing it really makes my day. Yay I got points for originality. I know that the plot is a tad overused and if I ever write a siriushaley novel she is going to be more based off myself thank you again for the review! Gina

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Review #6, by pigwidgeon385 ch 1

13th July 2007:
Aw, that was very sweet. :) I decided to read this so I know the 'mood' for your banner. The only thing that bugged me was, "Alice Berns, Lily Evans, and Molly Prewitt." - Molly is a lot older then Alice and Lily. According to hp-lexicon, she's almost nine years older. But other than that, this is very nice. Good job! However, I might change the story summary if I were you. It's far from eye catching. If you're bad at summaries [like me! lol.] the forums are a great place to get help. Lovely story!

Author's Response: ah thank you!
ill change the molly thing
im pretty lazy about those kinds of things lol thanks.

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Review #7, by TheFalk ch 1

11th July 2007:
that was adorable.
except for the fact that Malfoy tried to hit her.
But it was really amazing!!

Author's Response: oh wow thank you!

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Review #8, by toxicnikstar ch 1

11th July 2007:
awww i luv this it's sooo good i love how its sirius secretly falling for a shy girl seems though in most he's just the player of hogwarts 10/10

Author's Response: AHHHH 10/10
wow this is my day HP5 with my friends in IMAX and a 10/10 the day of validation
god must love me today even if he woke me up at like 330 in the morning

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