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Review #1, by ginnypotter1234567 In The End

24th February 2012:
I don't know what to say. It was so good. I can not believe this. It was great.

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Review #2, by Jakumo1 In The End

23rd December 2011:
Bravo! Have you considered writing stories to get published? :3

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Review #3, by sabrina New Hotel Resident

20th November 2011:
I just finished reading this chapter its good just i think that making it 11 years later sort of ruins it you should have made it like 2 years later

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Review #4, by AKA In The End

18th October 2011:
I love this story :) great job :D

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Review #5, by dramione love In The End

19th January 2011:
sosososooo god!

you should write an epilogue or a one short or w.e just like a brief thing about their married life.

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Review #6, by ND In The End

17th October 2010:
I am disappointed that it was JUST 14 chapters but I enjoyed reading it. Hell! You are brilliant. Keep up the good work. :)

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Review #7, by MusicLife2288 In The End

17th October 2010:
It was a perfect ending :D

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Review #8, by MusicLife2288 Revelations

17th October 2010:
how was Hermione pure?

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Review #9, by MusicLife2288 New Hotel Resident

17th October 2010:
Its so good its hard to stop readung and write a review so far I like the sequal better. Its great!

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Review #10, by pooh Emerging with Grace

28th September 2010:
wow!!!that was a nice chapter...your story is really amazing...where do you get your ideas?

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Review #11, by pooh Wild Goose Hunt

28th September 2010:
that was a nice of chapter...but i find it really weird that draco looks his age but hermione still look 17...

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Review #12, by pooh Waking Up In Hell

28th September 2010:
wow your story is really good...i haven't read your first story but i'll look for it after i'm done with this...

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Review #13, by Dracolovergirl5000 Willow Manor Hotel

24th August 2010:
I did like this although it did seem like you could have used more detail.

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Review #14, by *_Sparkles_* To Kill the Everlasting

17th July 2010:
Why haven't you updated!! I read Secret Lusts and couldn't step away from my computer and then when I started reading Vampire's Lament, I was so totally into it!! Please start updating again. :D

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Review #15, by haze lazaro To Kill the Everlasting

10th July 2010:
wow! i like it. but when are you going to post the last chapter? i hope it's soon thanks and more power

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Review #16, by Anika Willow Manor Hotel

25th April 2010:
OMG u have sam and dean!!! they are like the winchester brothers from supernatural!!! :D i love that show
i loved ur other story by the way and i hope this story is just as good :)

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Review #17, by Sabriel Ivoni Willow Manor Hotel

23rd April 2010:
Sam and Dean Winchester? Really? From Supernatural? That's a bit far fetched don't you think?

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Review #18, by emmie To Kill the Everlasting

9th February 2010:
can't wait to read the rest, please post more soon

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Review #19, by 0sweety10 To Kill the Everlasting

29th December 2009:
cant wait for the next chapter.

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Review #20, by 0sweety10 Illusions

25th December 2009:
even though it was short it made the story more intersting aka better.
I'm really enjoying this story, and now it's one of my favorites.(:10/10

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Review #21, by Serpentinia Malfoy To Kill the Everlasting

23rd December 2009:
Loved it, added it to my favories, can't wait for the last chapter!
xx-Serpentinia Malfoy

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Review #22, by quadgirl2288 To Kill the Everlasting

21st December 2009:
wow. . .very interesting ending to the chapter. . .please update soon!

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Review #23, by ladybugzmom Illusions

14th December 2009:
Great job! Your stories are so addicting, I've been sick this weekend and have done nothing but sit in bed and read ALL your stories they are great. I can't wait for the next chapters to this story and your others.

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Review #24, by quadgirl2288 Illusions

8th December 2009:
YAY!!! much better than the last chapter lol can't wait for the rest of it!

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Review #25, by mad_4_hp_123 Illusions

6th December 2009:
Three Cheers To The Wonderful Author

I Nearly Sent A Bad Review Because I Thought He Had Died

Buut I Love this All The same


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