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Reading Reviews for Phoenix Tears Revisited
17 Reviews Found

Review #1, by comet855 Grandpapa

23rd November 2010:
Aw that was cute :)
You should do something similar with Axcel and Godric.

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Review #2, by Caty Grandpapa

29th September 2007:
Tuching story:D

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Review #3, by Caty The Last of the Chocolate

29th September 2007:

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Review #4, by Regina Noctis Grandpapa

2nd August 2007:
Awww! How cute! So Salazar the First had to hide under the bedsheets with baby Silas! And they almost got roasted together. . . yech. Well, thanks so much for the updates. . . I want to hear more about Tristian now. . . maybe with his girl, nudge nudge wink wink??

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Review #5, by Lady Spellweaver Grandpapa

29th July 2007:
Aww, how cute!! don't you just wanna pinch his cheeks?! saving a grumbling portrait too, this was just too sweet, e! love it! will try and wait patiently for the next installment.

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Review #6, by horntail07 Grandpapa

26th July 2007:
aww!! this is sooo sweet!!! Little Silas is adorable!!! I adore your writing and hope to have more to read from you soon! :)

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Review #7, by Alize Grandpapa

26th July 2007:
aw so cute hehe

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Review #8, by windnymph Grandpapa

25th July 2007:
Good Chapter, nice backround.

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Review #9, by mrsmolly Grandpapa

25th July 2007:
that was awesome!

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Review #10, by mrsmolly The Last of the Chocolate

9th July 2007:
i loved it,
please update soon

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Review #11, by Faithless_xx_06 The Last of the Chocolate

8th July 2007:
Amazing! I loved the original, can't wait for more :)

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Review #12, by Regina Noctis The Last of the Chocolate

6th July 2007:
AMAZING!! I've been soo hoping for a sequel! And this was lovely! I'm a Latin stud myself, and I'm so tired of Harry being portrayed in fanfics as an ignorant bumblehead who can't learn Latin (trust me, I've read quite a few of those XP). I can't wait for the updates. . .


PS. Are we going to have Tristian's wife come back? How about the whole future Ron/Hermione/Snape etc. cast??

PPS. Axcel and Silas were just perfect. . . and Salazar was out of this world!! (Especially the whole stepping-out-of-the-portrait deal! ^.^)

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Review #13, by Lady Spellweaver The Last of the Chocolate

5th July 2007:
Hehe, obsessed with chocolate are we boys! i can't say much, i am too!! lol, nice start Kyleigh, i liked it did you make Corrs to be like snape or worse on purpose? cause what he said was low, i would really love to now if Godric beat the living snot out of him!

Author's Response: I might write that one shot for you. :) It'll be short you know... hehehe! Snape people love cause even though in cannon he 'hates' Harry - he is quick witted and somewhat funny in places... I wanted to take Corrs a step further so that there would be absolutely no sympathy, empathy or outrage....

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Review #14, by horntail07 The Last of the Chocolate

4th July 2007:
thanks for this...it made me smile! As always, your writing is absolutely fabulous, and it has me hooked...
I hope that you update These Broken Wings soon, but if you have anymore oneshots, I hope that you put those up too!!

Author's Response: Thank you. Another one shot should be up soon as I write it...

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Review #15, by Onabi Black The Last of the Chocolate

2nd July 2007:
More please please please love this story line !!

Author's Response: Onabi, these will be individualised stories - one shot fanfictions of my own fanfic so to speak. Another of the collection will be out shortly.

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Review #16, by Alize The Last of the Chocolate

2nd July 2007:
LOLZ are u gona introduce them to lemon drops soon???

Author's Response: Probably not... but for you I might squeeze them in somewhere.

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Review #17, by windnymph The Last of the Chocolate

1st July 2007:
Great mini story story keep them comming, i just love the charaters.

Author's Response: Thank you another soon.

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