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Review #1, by Soraga the escape...

24th December 2007:

No offense, but running things through spellcheck never actually killed anybody. I've noticed a couple spelling errors...okay, a good number of spelling errors, and they're driving me nuts.

The concept is fairly good, though you have a couple of flow issues. Slow down a bit. The story is moving along way too fast.

6/10, I'm afraid.

Author's Response: Hi, i'm really sorry about the spelling thing! You see i am dyslexic and ADHD and ADD and loads of other problems, this means my brain hasn't grown proply for my age. (still young). plus i only learnt how to read 4 months ago and at fourteen and not being able to read is very imbarrasing. i am tought myself how to read in the summer so i am teaching myself how to spell. i m working REALLY HARD to get my spelling up to scratch and i will try and do better in the next chapter. i do run things through spellcheck but my spelling is so strange that the laptop dosn't know what to do so... thankyou very much for the reviwe and take as constructive crittesism.

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Review #2, by lottie66 Confruntations

19th November 2007:
so you obviously hate Ginny lol
Ginnys my fav charecter though, you know what I think about Harry/Hermione but the Neville/Luna parts were sweet... put more of them in!
cya tomorrow and don't leave us!! =[ you know what I mean !

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Review #3, by auror_snape Confruntations

4th October 2007:
Good job with the Ginny-bashing. Update soon, please.

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Review #4, by Mione_Jane_Malfoy Confruntations

3rd October 2007:
i soo cannot wait to see wuts up next neville n luna r so cute togetha n harry n hermione also luk cute togetha! =)

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Review #5, by lottie66 No place like home

19th September 2007:
Awww neville and Luna! SO CUTE!
good chapter Elenor but I still can't stand Harry/Hermione- sorry!
If you want to have a look through my stories feel free :D
see you at school!

Author's Response: You will come around lotti, you will but you gotta keep readin and you'll see they were ment to be. see you at school

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Review #6, by lottie66 You're Time

19th September 2007:
this is charlotte from school, I just read your story and it is really good so far! you know I don't like Harry/Hermione pairs but i just thought I'd give this a read :)

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Review #7, by the_real_mrs_potter No place like home

2nd September 2007:
haha, there were some funny parts in this chapter. humer is good to lighten up the mood of the story. there were a FEW spelling errors...most commenly 'tow' is spelled 'two'. but i still like the plotline!

Author's Response: hi thank you for your comments! sorry about the spelling. you see I only just learnt how to read properly and so the spelling should get better, hopefully. I also have the added problem that I am dyslexic aswell so i'm making extra effort to spell things as well as I can. hope my spelling is better for the next chapter. thanx for the comments again! bye!!

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Review #8, by the_real_mrs_potter You're Time

1st September 2007:
nice likey! kinda has to be a wee bit longer...i know, im a hippocrite...but it would really grab readers attention if ur first chapter introduced who everybody was and if they were OC or not.

i liked ur description, something i lacked when i began writing. but it kinda needs to flllow. urs is just a tiny bit choppy.

anyways.i think u have a great story on ur hands!

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Review #9, by fishergirl You're Time

9th August 2007:
hey, good story line, but well, theres no nice way to say this really, ummm... you might want to check your spelling

Author's Response: Hi, thank's for reading the chapter. I'm sorry about the spelling. I'm dyslexic so i can't read or write propely and my brain cannot remember spelling pattens and stuff. but i'm working on the spelling for chapter 3. thank you again. buy, xxx

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Review #10, by DangerDog You're Time

28th July 2007:
Nice chapter. A little on the short side. It is spelled 'Avada Kedavra'. Keep it going!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I will take the spelling correction in to account. Thank you again and I will try and get the next chapter out asap

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