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Review #1, by theblacksisters Part I - Time After Life

27th January 2014:
It's well written and quite an interesting take on the afterlife.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! =)

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Review #2, by AHS Epilogue - The Missing

28th December 2012:
This is perhaps the most intriguing, loveliest Cedric/Harry fic I've ever read. I *really* wish I'd written it :)

Author's Response: =) I take that as a high compliment! Thank you very much; I'm happy you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by nisalurve Part II - Reunion

4th June 2010:
-sigh- Let's get married. Seriously. Let's do it. Because this fic is so freaking awesome. I wish I had some criticism to give you, but seriously, there is none. I love how you keep them in character, and how you don't just throw them out into some passionate make out session or whatever. The fact that they were arguing over whether Harry killed him or not- that was so cute and sad at the same time, it seemed exactly like something Harry would do, and people usually find him the hardest character to write properly! Kudos to you for writing this, and I'll keep reading for sure.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Harry's one of my favourite characters to write, but since we see so much of him in the books, he's definitely a challenge to write. I'm glad to hear you think I've portrayed him well! I hope you like the rest. =)

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Review #4, by nisalurve Part I - Time After Life

6th April 2010:
First of all, I love you for even dreaming to write Harry/Cedric. They're one of my favorite pairings of all time. People think I'm nuts, but I love them. I watch youtube videos about them and seriously CRY. That's how dedicated I am to this pairing. As for your writing, brilliant. It has a somber tone to it but everything was so well written and I can't wait for the next chapter. This made my day! (: 10/10 obviously, need I say more?

Author's Response: Thanks so much! They're one of my favourite pairings, too; more people need to discover them. =) I hope you'll like the rest!

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Review #5, by RotaryPhones Epilogue - The Missing

14th September 2009:
Hello! I was reccing your lovely story over at crack_broom, and then realized what poor form it was that I've never left a comment. So this is me, saying that I've enjoyed this fic. :) You can read the review here: community (dot) livejournal (dot) com/crack_broom/1104141 (dot) html

Author's Response: ♥ ♥ ♥ THANK YOU. That is really the most flattering thing. Thank you so, so much. I'm so happy that you liked it enough to rec it. =)!

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Review #6, by b00kaddict Epilogue - The Missing

29th December 2008:
This story is so beautiful! I keep coming back to it. I love your narrative voice for Cedric, and the interplay with Harry. Thanks so much for posting.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I love this review, short and extra sweet. =)))

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Review #7, by of.serendip Epilogue - The Missing

29th October 2008:
(T.T) So good! , much better ending than The Night Means Nothing!
Here they both are happy!
I love you for this!

Author's Response: Well, if you couldn't be happy with the other story at least you liked this one. =) Thanks.

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Review #8, by threepstick Epilogue - The Missing

8th April 2008:
That was a really beautiful story. I really can't explain what it made me feel. While I was reading it I get this feeling of calm, yet almost bordering on sorrow and depression. Talking about death I suppose always do these to a person, regardless if death is seen as another shot at life. But this feeling of sorrow created that mood that made the story solemn and cathartic. There's also a nostalgic feel to it. I couldn't help but look back. While the story deals with the concept of death, I am continually drawn to reminisce the time of the characters' life. It's like I'm seeing their death in light of their lives, which induces that nostalgia and longing.

There's also that restlessness, coupled with that realistic ambience that makes you recognize that things will not always be fine, that there will always be trouble in paradise. The fact that this restlessness was internal-- emitting and is confronted within by Harry, gave it however that less hostile atmosphere, as opposed if the restlessness was caused by an external party, like an antagonist. There is no opposition in the story. Here is just a narrative about people coming to grip with their own guilt and misgivings. This made the story more of an inspirational and heartwarming story.

I like the world you painted here. You've left out a lot of details that made the audience use their imagination more. It's like you deliberately made all else fuzzy, focusing entirely on the two characters. It's a good thing. Because this is death, it shouldn't be too much like of how we do things in the real world. It's like a mist-covered world of imagination and wonder. It's up to you how you are going to create it. While some elements of reality intruded, like the styrofoam and restaurants, I still get that ambience of a dream-like existence. I get an image of a house in the seaside, covered in mist, full of shadows and unexplored things. Sometimes I get an image of a season in autumn, with golden leaves falling and a sombre yet light atmosphere. These are the imageries impressed on me when I think of your story. It actually made me think of an old movie: What dreams may come. It had the same elements, minus the big adventure.

All in all, it was a great read. While I felt more down and depressed than I was a moment ago before reading, it is a nice feeling, especially because I also feel fulfilled. This story will be something I'll be taking in my mind a few moments from now in bedtime, while I cuddle in my sheets and lay to sleep.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for this truly spectacular review. This story was extremely important to me when I was writing it (and it still is), and to know that it's affected you as well is really rewarding. You've definitely got the right thing out of the exclusions I made - I didn't want anything to be too concrete, I think stories like this are better when there are things up in the air for the reader to decide upon. I like the idea of the mist-covered world. =) Thanks again for this review, it was a pleasure to receive.

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Review #9, by Britt Epilogue - The Missing

10th February 2008:
Oh my god. That was absolutely beautiful... I don't even know what to say. I just love this entire story.


Author's Response: Thank you muchly. =)

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Review #10, by FairyPrincess87 Epilogue - The Missing

12th December 2007:
Oh this fic was lovely. I read this fic awhile back and I remembered I didn't review. Cedric/Harry is one of my otp's I hope you can write more h/c fics in the future.

Author's Response: Cedric/Harry is definitely one of my OTPs too, so I can assure you there will be more at some point. =) Keep an eye out. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Hermionesclass101 Epilogue - The Missing

28th November 2007:
Wow. The best slash fic I've ever read. I'm going to read more of your stories. This was awesome!


Author's Response: Aww, thank you. =) I'm so glad you liked it! Hope you enjoy my others.

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Review #12, by Hermionesclass101 Part I - Time After Life

28th November 2007:
Wow. What an abstract, though intriguing, thought. Immediately caught my interest, and now I'm hooked. I love slash stories, but I've never read a Cedric/Harry, even though there are a few. This story so far, is perfect. I am adding it to my favourites and you to my favourite authors. Really really brilliant, as good as, if not better than, Hazy Eyes, the story that got me hooked on your writing. Amazing! 100/10 at least.


Author's Response: Ahhh, the idea of not having read Cedric/Harry breaks my heart. ;) And thank you very, very much! I love your enthusiasm. =)

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Review #13, by Romina Stephanie Epilogue - The Missing

29th August 2007:
Beautiful. Is there another word for it, really? I'm not sure. I loved the scenery in this (and in the previous chapters as well), how you described the surroundings, the mood and the waters and how Cedric thought of Harry always returning to him when he watched them. I really like it how you seem to take your time with describing the environment, and frankly, in the end, I'm basically living it all. It's never overdone, always the perfect amount of descriptions and details. You paint the pictures beautifully inside my head and it's something I admire you for =)

When I read this the first time (I left off reviewing because I was more or less speechless when I finished this), I gasped when you mentioned the man nearing the house. Yet, even though I had a faint idea, I couldn't decide if it was him or not. And then you mentioned his grey eyes and I knew at once! I loved Cedric's reaction when Sirius turned up; I can imagine the happiness he felt, because he knew that it'd make Harry complete and that was what he wanted. Yes, their interaction was humorous (in lack of a better word) and heartwarming. And then, Harry was awoken by him and he ran out the bedroom to the kitchen and I felt his joy and it sent tears to my eyes.

There were no tides between them anymore. This was a wonderful line to end this with, seeing as it said a whole lot about the plot in itself; the fact that Harry at first was incomplete and sad because Sirius wasn't there and that he never might have seen him. Ever. And at last, he appeared and the many emotions Harry had felt because of Sirius's abscence, disappeared. And at last, both Cedric and Harry were truly happy. Yep, I liked it very much. As I mentioned in my previous review, the plot-line was very original and one I haven't come across before. I like your theories, or what to call them, of death and the afterlife and your descriptions of the peaceful surroudnings which they live in. I don't know, I feel somewhat calmed at reading your definitions of death.

As said, original and spellbounding plot; you never cease to amaze me with your descriptive language and splendid characterization. So yeah, no critism; I have only praise for you. Eager to see if you'll write some more Harry/Cedric in the future; if that'd be the case, I'll read it right away. Beautiful piece of work, Dorki.

- Stephanie

Author's Response: First of all, thank you so much for this wonderful review. I've been stumped on how I should respond to it, because it's left me feeling pretty speechless. I worked really hard on the descriptions in this story, and it's great to hear that you enjoyed them so much. I really don't know what else to say; this is such a lovely review. Thank you so much. I will definitely write more Cedric/Harry at some point, so watch out for it. =)

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Review #14, by taylorj828 Epilogue - The Missing

27th August 2007:
Wow, my dear!

I'm so sad it's ended, but that's a WONDERFUL ending! Purely delightful. I love your writing so much! *contented sigh*

Cedric didn’t like to watch the tide going out alone anymore. He only liked it when the water was coming back to the shore, back near him where it belonged. It reminded him how Harry always somehow came back to him. Utterly Sublime! I can't even word the extent of how wonderful these lines are.. He doesn't want to watch alone anymore (Awww!) Then he likes only when the water comes back, because the water represents Harry to him... and how Harry belongs with him. Loverly!

Excellent writing of Sirius! You don't need to tell us who it is because you tell us without telling us! Anyway, Sirius seems exactly canon, exactly as he should. (o:

Man, this story... I think what I like most, is you've given us this lovely little love story, but that's not all it is. You've written another line to follow, one that has even more depth than crushes and love and kisses. We've got this brokenness in Harry that needs to be healed, the missing piece of Sirius. It's like you've not exactly written about Harry, except you HAVE! His healing, his broken pieces, his incompleteness and insecurity.. and his becoming whole again. And still you've left subtle commentary on relationships, different kinds of love, also death, and enduring love and feelings.

And then, lastly, is the ongoing, oh-so-beautiful metaphor, or is it, erm, what do you call it when it's several metaphors all lined up together to form a systematic comparison? Allegory? Maybe an allegorical feel to it, I'd have to search through your text some more... but this ongoing comparison to Harry and the waves, the tides and his place in belonging, the tides and Cedric and and their relationship. It's wonderul, LaDorki. I'm so pleased you spent such time on that, because it adds a whole other layer to your story.

I love it. Definitely one of my favorites you've written! (o;

Author's Response: I'm sad it's ended too! I know I took a long time to write it, but it felt like it went by so quickly. I'm so, so happy you liked the ending. =))

I'm glad you liked Sirius! He didn't get a lot to say or do, but he's KIND OF important, haha.

It's funny, because when I started to write it, I didn't really have these two different stories in mind. I had an idea of it, but originally it was more romance than angst/death stuff... Kind of neat how that works out sometimes, because this version is definitely better than the one I originally had in mind.

Ah, yes, the metaphor thing. Another thing I didn't plan! =) I love that in writing. Glad you enjoyed it. =)

Thanks so much, my dear! I'm so glad it's one of your favourites, I had you in mind for so much of it!

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Review #15, by Green Sky Epilogue - The Missing

22nd August 2007:
Amazing story, congrats on finishing it.

I really liked the symbolism with the waves, it seemed very fitting.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm happy you liked it. =)

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Review #16, by Minisinoo Epilogue - The Missing

20th August 2007:
Awww. I think I liked this one best of all because it offers closure, and it settles Cedric & Harry in the larger context of all their relationships, which is how I like to see a love story told. :-) Not in isolation, but within the web of their lives.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #17, by Romina Stephanie Part IV - Crashing

20th August 2007:
Wow. This is most definitely one of the best slash fics I've ever read on the site. I've never come across Cedric/Harry before, and I'm glad my curiosity got the best of me. Their relationship is well-written and extremely realistic. I like very much your portrayal of Harry, the hopelessness and sorrow (if anything)... I also like how Cedric manage to console him and that he's always there to just listen. They play off each other well! I loved the awkwardness at the beginning of their relationship and the inexplicable feeling in Cedric of wanting to be near Harry. You wrote that in an amazing and a convincing way. The entire plot-line is original and enthralling. I love the way you describe the afterlife, how some get stuck along the way and how others pass on directly. Your theories are believable and heartshattering as well as heartwarming. I can't explain the feeling really...

The fact that Sirius seems stuck in the Veil makes me sad. I've always imagined Sirius to pass on directly after his death, reunited with James and Lily and happy once again. When he didn't appear in the first chapter, when Harry sat in mother's arms, I couldn't help but wonder where he was. Even though it's sad that Harry seems to not be able to talk to his parents, I do like it that he misses Sirius so much. Despite everything, Sirius was the closest to a parent Harry had ever known. And the final scene, with Cedric embracing Harry and then taking him home... It was heartfelt. I'm curious about how this will end (though I don't want it to end) and if, in time, Sirius will make it through. Overall, brillant story. Can't wait for you to update =)
- Stephanie

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so happy you read the fic! =) Cedric/Harry is a great pairing, and because Cedric's a minor character and not so defined, so there are a lot of different approaches to their relationship. =) So I think you should keep checking them out. Anyways... I really don't know what to say to the rest of this review, it made me so happy! Just thanks, so so much! And even though you only have one chapter left to read, it's okay - I'll definitely come back to this pairing, so that'll be something else to read about these two! ;)))

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Review #18, by Minisinoo Part IV - Crashing

10th August 2007:
I really liked this part, from the awkward conversations, to Cedric's worry and confusion, to Harry's need to "save" Sirius. The exchanges felt real, and the characters in character.

If I had any dubiousness it might be the hesitation about sex, that seems more a female thing than a male thing, unless Harry is secretly hiding secondary impotence due to depression (well, assuming that affects the dead in the afterlife ).

Author's Response: Thank you very much. =) I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this coming from you.

Harry's not hiding anything like that. ;) I just thought there might be a little uncertainty because the both of them had only been with girls, and a sexual relationship between boys obviously doesn't work the same way. It's a big switch for them, and it's not that they don't want to, more that they don't even know where to start, how to initiate that, etc. I see your point, though. =)

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Review #19, by taylorj828 Part IV - Crashing

9th August 2007:
I love this story!!! I love your Harry and I love your Cedric and this is utterly Brilliant! Truly, I think you've outdone yourself. (o;

Mm, doubted Harry felt it. I don't know why little details like that stand out to me. I think it's such a lovely way to get us into Cedric's mind and emotions without straight out telling us... It's lovely. I want to learn this from you!

Enamoured, like that word! LoL. It's not used often, but it's so lovely!

I like the bit about not knowing how to have a sexual relationship with a boy. I'm stuck trying to figure out if I want to include that idea in a slash story I'm working on... Hehe, but I snicker a little at the 'below the belt' and 'wand' language.. Just comical to me. Like, it's serious, but seems kinda tongue-in-cheek. Hehe.

Cute scene with Harry wanting to sleep, and putting his hand on Cedric's face, hehe. Made me a bit giddy!

Aw, a lover's tiff, lol. I love the line Harry says, "“I’m not unsure about this. I’m unsure about what to tell them.”" I think it perfectly conveys his mindset and meaning very concisely! I'm glad Harry seems to understand that...

Love the descriptiveness in the paragraph about the dandelions. You have such beautiful language, the way you paint pictures in the mind. I totally could see Harry with the dandelion... Really nice my dear!

Funny, I totally see the bit about Harry being able to talk on for ages without making a point, and Cedric weeding it out. It just seems to fit for them. Hey, I just noticed this though, did you mean to juxtapose the dandelions and 'weeding' out the meaning? Hehe, you're brilliant either way!

His stare was almost delicate on the golden weed This whole paragraph has beautiful langauge and imagery! And I love the idea of a delicate stare... mm, just... superb. (o: I'm running out of words!

Aw the dinner bit is so sad! You managed to pull at my heart too with your words! And I think the empty chair is for... Sirius? Hrm... Or just symbolic of all the missing people in his life??

Mmm the image of Cedric standing in the fog... That's such a grand picture in my mind. I see it so clearly, the way you describe it. And it's quite a picture in my mind. Would that I could draw it for you! LoL. Aw, Harry's been out. I still think he's been looking for Sirius! If I know Harry at all, and if I know you and the way you writer Harry, that's my best guess!

Cedric wanted to be enough for the younger boy. He only needed Harry, no one else. He wished desperately that it went both ways. I love this paragraph. A great look into Cedric's care for Harry. Wanting to be everything for him, but wanting the best for him, even if it's not Cedric. Love the line about the hands, teehee. And those last lines, aw, bliss.

Mm beautiful paragraph about the water eluding Cedric. Comparing it to life, and to Harry... Golly, this is a great piece of work you've got!
Amazing how the scenery/elements mimic Cedric's life and feelings. Eluding water. Concealing fog..

Nothing but time and being. Feeling and touching time. Ahhh sublime. *basks* I can't even properly express to you while I adore this kind of language. It's like straight out of my old philosophy classes and it I just want to delve into the ideas... It's so... heavy and dense with... meaning or interpretation or... ah... So great...

Mmm, eternity too long... That's such a heavy and yet unique thought. And that's such an amazing observation in getting into Harry's mind. I don't know were to begin but to continue to applaud your brilliance!

Aw why can't Sirius ever be there? *sigh*

Mmm beautiful ending paragraph, is that the end?? I sure hope not! But I asked you, and you said there's one more... *sigh again*

Stand still and the water comes back. Harry comes back... I've run out of word... Really, it's simply beyond me now to express how much I adore this piece of writing. Just... wow! (o:

Author's Response: *blushes* Oh, stop it, you. =) You're too nice to me. Thank you so very much.

You know, I didn't even realize that below the belt/wand humor. Oh, my god. I can't believe I wrote that I didn't see it. *blushes horribly* I just meant wizards like their own wands and it's always different to use someone else's, and Cedric had only ever been with girls and he felt weird with a boy! Hahaha, that's hilarious.

Thanks, about the dandelions. I spent a lot of time on that scene, even though it's not very long. I wanted it to be just right. =) Also, the dandelions/weeding out thing? That was an accident! I didn't even realize I'd done that. You always see things I didn't even do on purpose, haha!

Harry wasn't looking for Sirius in the literal way, no, because Sirius isn't there, it's impossible... But he was definitely doing some emotional searching. So, you got it pretty much right. =)))

Hehe, I'm glad you like that paragraph with the hands and such. I think Cedric's a devoted person (he is a Hufflepuff =P) so, yeah... I kind of liked that paragraph too. =)

Eternity being too long - Harry is far too impatient for forever. It's not so much my brilliance as just the character. ;)

One chapter to go! And it's a short one... =( But I'm so happy you've liked everything so far. Thank you for everything! *Hugs*

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Review #20, by Green Sky Part IV - Crashing

9th August 2007:
I really like how you describe the relationship here. A lot of pairings, even canon ones, can seem so unrealistic just because of how they're described. I think what's different here is that you're not pushing the idea too much. The boys are together, and exploring a bit, but you've put in the all important hesitance and caution that would seem natural to this type of dynamic.

So I absolutely love this story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Believability is definitely important to me, and I agree with you about the hesitation. I'm so glad you're enjoying it! =)

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Review #21, by Green Sky Part III - Harsh Bliss

4th August 2007:
My friends and I have often got into arguments about what would become of Harry after he defeated Voldemort. Would he just become like any ordinary wizard? Or would he have an identity crisis?

I like this story because it addresses that sense of 'well, what am I supposed to do now?' that would seem natural to a person who has been fighting for their life for so long. You didn't try to give Harry peace and paradise immediately because it just wouldn't make sense anyway. And that's what makes this a really good story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! To be honest, when I started writing this, I didn't think it would go in that direction, but it only seemed natural once I got going. I'm glad you liked it. =D

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Review #22, by Minisinoo Part III - Harsh Bliss

31st July 2007:
Oh, SQUEE! They finally kissed. This was adorable, how confused they were, but also realistic. I like that it's progressing slowly, afterlife or not. :-)

Author's Response: Squee indeed! =D Thanks so much! It picks up a lot of speed in the next chapter, there's only two left to go.

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Review #23, by taylorj828 Part III - Harsh Bliss

29th July 2007:
*feels so giddy about this chapter* I confess, I read it twice, hehe. (o:

I like in the beginning you mention that Harry's looking out instead of returning Cedric's gaz, as thought implying that either he was purposefully avoiding it or Cedric was specifically noticing the lack of eye contact and perhaps desiring it. (o:

Good point with Harry always saving people. I mean, I get tired sometimes of everyone's mention of the 'saving people thing' because I don't think he can be so easily labelled or quantified, but I like it here because it's a discussion over Harry's purpose, or lack there of, in death. He's spent all his years chasing after this enemy, rescuing people, and now he's probably feeling empty without it. I've always wondered about how Harry would feel after it ended. I imagine him with some dangerous job, auror or whatnot, because after so many years he couldn't leave well enough alone and just sit at hom with Ginny, yano?

Nudge of hands - AH! Yep, I noted it, and I liked it. I love the little things you do that make your reader's stomach flipflop, just like the characters, no doubt.

His impulse to touch Harry! I love the little touches, hands and fingers. It's all so perfect and lovely, so small and yet so big. You write them so well, and I love it! *takes notes*

Mmm, Harry thinking on the afterlife but cedric wanting to know his thoughts on their hands. AMAZING! I love that part so much because it communicates their states of minds so well. I can see it perfectly in my head, Harry turning over the ideas his mind, feeling but not even really aware of the hands and the touches. Cedric dying to know his thoughts, worried as heck, afraid even. That's a great moment!

Eep! Harry glanced away embarrassed! I love it! I love that you can convey thoughts and feelings without telling us. You haven't written out what Harry's thinking but I feel like I can feel it. Noticing his reactions just like Cedric and getting a grin over Harry's sudden eye-averting and embarrassment. Brilliant!

Mm, interesting with the difference between Lily and James and Cedric, and the sock bit. That was really interesting, Harry's thoughts... How Lily and James had moved past this part where Harry is stuck and he can't talk with them about it. I like the trust and dependence that's growing between Cedric and Harry. It's quite nice. (o:

Oi, Harry's wording caught me off guard too! Pleasantly so! I was spazzing out 'cos he actually say that. Like, "What? What, wait... wait a second! What did he just say? Just imply?!! AHH!" Hehe.

harsh bliss - Amazing wording. Amazing. Brilliant

OI!!! E! LoL. Wow, amazing. Holy Moley! The kiss was great and I love Cedric's mention of Harry's passion and the lack of it in death, but how he came alive again with Ced. I love the awkwardness, yep, always! And the conversation by the door, when Cedric interprets the real meaning of Harry asking if he can come by later. And the last line of that section - how to act in front of Lily when her son turned his brain to mush... That was all so perfect and beautiful!! Made my heart all fluttery and happy! Wow awesome! I can't go on enough about how much I liked that scene! The touches, brush of hair, hand on the waist, gazes, and kissing and passion... Ha! Brilliant!

Aw man, more, more, come on!!! (o: I love how you write Cedric and Harry!! Hehe.

Author's Response: I get tired of the saving people thing too. It IS an important part of his character, but it does get overdone. I'm glad you thought this was a little different - I tried not to make it too cliché.

Eee hee, I like the bit with Harry being all thoughtful while Cedric's thinking about their hands too. For some reason I always torture Cedric a bit in my H/C stuff... Not on purpose, I swear. =/

Hahah "the sock bit." For a second I was like, whaaaat is she talking about? But yes, I remember now. I'm glad you liked it. =)

I know, I almost didn't dare make Harry say that... But then I was like, they're gonna kiss in a second, might as well! =D Hahaha, I'm glad you liked it. There will be more soon, my dear. I'm sooo so excited to see what you think of the coming scenes... *squees* Thanks for everything.

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Review #24, by Minisinoo Part II - Reunion

25th July 2007:
Encouraging you for more! :-)

Author's Response: It's coming soon! =D Thanks for reading.

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Review #25, by taylorj828 Part II - Reunion

23rd July 2007:
My darling! Another installment! I'm so enjoying this! (o:

Ah, the sphinx window, huh. Curious. Does someone special live next door? I can't think you'd mention it for no reason. (o: That, or the reason is creativity and painting the view for us.

Hrm, death making one into a loner... This is interesting. And you're referring to it a bit, so I wonder if it'll show us something more about Cedric. Some reason why he's becoming a loner? But as I read to the end, it makes a bit more sense, why he'd be acting the loner. Not exactly a lot of friends there for him, and he tends to make strong deep friendships and keep those, I gather..

Haha, I love your awesome random quirks and those little detailed descriptions, just as the fidgeting and the hands in the pockets and out again. You're excellent at those tense, awkward, unsure moments. *takes notes for her H/D story, lol*

Mmm the veil, I'm intrigued! You'll tell us more, maybe? Really the whole idea of the veil in JKR interests me a lot. I admit I was hoping to hear more of it in Book 7. (o:

Oh, what's the backstory in your head? What was the veil used for according to your story and your mind for this story?

Ha, he snorted. They've switched a bit, haven't they? I think it's funny...

Good point, Harry had something to look forward to. I'm glad you brought up something I haven't really considered. Cedric's waiting for everyone, but Harry was being waited for. Granted, he still awaits Ron and Hermione but for Harry to be with his Mum and Dad is monumental fo him...

The straight answer -hehe - I like your characterisation with Cedric, still appearing older, more in control, and joking too. He feels right to me.

Quidditch - HAHA! Boys and their quidditch but I love how you wrote their conversations with Quidditch always saving them. Teehee!

Ah, relieved and disheartened, both together, which one more, he doesn't know! I like that your emotions are never clean cut, cos they never really are! You paint the layers and mixes and struggles between emotions and which one should be felt... Beautiful!

Ha! Yep, it's easier to question Harry's motives than his own! Excellent line to point out!

Beautiful descriptiveness with Cedric and Harry on the back porch watching the water! That was a great paragraph and I could see them so clearly sitting there, sprawling there, and I even felt a bit relaxed and peaceful myself. *sigh*

Mmm, the conversation was not about Cho, etc, but about dying. Excellent! And so true! And funnilly enough, I do this too! But that definitely seems like a Harry thing to do!

Man hugs, haha! I think I had a reference like that in one of my stories! Manly hugs with the patting on the back, etc! Man we think alike sometimes!

Hrm, so I've also been thinking and your scene with the 'not your fault' dialogue made me think of the movie, "Good Will Hunting." Have you ever seen it? 'Cos I think you'd like it. And I still have to reccommend C. S. Lewis' book The Great Divorce, because I still think you'd like it too! Anyway, I'm off! I promise more reviews are coming! (o:

Author's Response: No one in particular lives next door, no. I just threw that in there to remind Cedric of the maze, and also so that he wouldn't notice Harry coming up the steps, as he was transfixed, see?

Um... There's not really more about the veil, no. Its history wasn't that important to the story, so I left it as it is. I thought it was used for purposes like the death penalty to Muggles, because it's in the middle of a courtroom type of thing, in the Department of Mysteries, which is near where Harry had his trial and all. When wizards would be condemned to death, it was through the veil for them. It's too bad I didn't take the time to elaborate on that in the story. =/

I agree with you - emotions are never simple in real life, so why shouldn't we write them that way? Only makes sense to me. ;)

I liked the thing about Cho, because it solidifies the fact that Cedric doesn't look at Cho romantically anymore, and it also got us into that death conversation. I'm glad you liked it! And man hugs might be one of my favourite things ever, I think they're just hilarious, trying to be all masculine. I'll keep an eye out for it when I read more of your stuff!

I have not see Good Will Hunting, no. But if you think I'll like it, it's going on the list for me to rent. =) And I will be reading that book... sometime. Haha, you know how I am with reading. =X Anyways, thank you my dearest! I loved this review.

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