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Review #1, by marisalovesharry Room of Requirement

5th June 2009:
Hillarious how ever did you come up with this?
Right where it hurts the walll. Oh God you crack me up.
Death consumers through my door hahaha

Author's Response: Yay! You found me FUNNY! I have to say, that's a rare occurrence! :) I bow down to you! Thanks so much!

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Review #2, by MoonlightDeceptions Room of Requirement

11th April 2008:
hahahah that was super cute i loved it :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #3, by blue_rose Room of Requirement

8th April 2008:
my darling! my love! hi. ummm please credit me for ur banner?

Author's Response: I didn't? I'm so sorry, I'm sure I did!

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Review #4, by IloveNeville Room of Requirement

4th March 2008:
It's the most pointless story I have read in my life. Haha joke! That was really good. The room of requirements has quite an attitude. Haha Death Consumers. I find that quite amusing :D
Anyway that was really really good.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it and appreciated it's utter pointlessness! :)

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Review #5, by norapotter Room of Requirement

11th September 2007:
ha! lol! that's hilarious! I love how the room is totally oblivious to the outside world!

Author's Response: Lol...thanks!!!! Glad you liked it, I love your reviews!

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Review #6, by xX mOoNdAnCe Xx Room of Requirement

1st September 2007:
Who would ever think to write a story about the Room of Requirement LOL!? But, I really enjoyed it, well done!
Love xX mOoNdAnCe Xx

Author's Response: Lol...well, what can I say? I thought of it, and personally, I'm rather attatched to it lol...glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by C D johnson Room of Requirement

8th August 2007:
Dear Cedric' Gurl

Fantastic short story, WELL DONE!!! for such a gripping story. By the way, Thank you for reviewing my story!!! I have put Chapter 4 in the validation queue so it should be up andy time soon i hope you will read it? Thanks once again for the lovley review I really apreciate it and I hope we will continue to reveiw each others stories


Author's Response: Thank you for an ace review!!! Your story is good too, and I will definitely continue to review yours when I can!


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Review #8, by fred_sob_lover Room of Requirement

5th August 2007:
That's.interesting. And weird.


Author's Response: Thank you! I love it too...I know it's weird...and not very well written, but I think its different!


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Review #9, by Maximus Room of Requirement

31st July 2007:
That was great! it's on eof those short funny, pointless things that i wish could be a little bit longer. 10

Author's Response: Thank you! i love pointlessness!!! I wish it were a little longer too...maybe it will get longer some day, but at the moment, it's shortness adds to its pointlessness!


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Review #10, by hedwidgeon Room of Requirement

23rd July 2007:
If you don't mind me saying, it's the most pointless story I have read in my life!! And I love it! From the summary, I was already grinning, and this is just plain hilarious. You know, you never do think of the Room of Requirement of having feelings, and this was just plain awesome. I loved it. It was a bit short - I'd try making it a bit longer. But other than that, this was hilarious. I loved it, great job :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I didn't know whether it was funny enough to go under "humour" or not...but i'll change that now lol...I know the story was pointless...but pointlessness rocks! I will definitely make it longer! Thank you!


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Review #11, by Xxbooth_brennan_4evaxX Room of Requirement

18th July 2007:
OK, that was totally pointless, but Hey I liked it!
Really. Really! Stop mentally arguing with me! I liked It!
Although now I am confused.
But I liked it. I dont know what to say. Ignore me.
No seriously, it's really good. Keep writing it!

Author's Response: thank you! I know it's pointless, but i was in a pointless mood when i wrote it! thanx

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Review #12, by xXLuna_LovegoodXx Room of Requirement

4th July 2007:
Lawl [: Is this the stroy you sent to me ages ago? Lol it is so good, I love it!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah I sent it to you months ago, but I've finished it now!!!!


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Review #13, by HI! Room of Requirement

3rd July 2007:
It was okay, But it could go on. I quite liked it and think you should have described the room and its feelings a little more .

Author's Response: Thank you!!!! I know this was not exactly "brilliant" and neither was it "good", and there was a definite lack of description, but I can update!!!! Thank you!


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Review #14, by harrylilyjames Room of Requirement

28th June 2007:
ok, i dont see the whole point of this story... but it was different and odd. very odd. which is good. keep writing ~hlj~

Author's Response: Thank you lol...there is no point in the story...i like odd!!!!


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