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Review #1, by misery Bumping into Randomnes...

15th May 2009:
I loved it! This little stories are my favorite, I love it when their funny :P Good job!

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Review #2, by Miss Teddy Lupin Bumping into Randomnes...

2nd October 2007:
ROFL!!! I laughed so hard I cried. Becca is hilarious! I love random fics to so this was great! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it!


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Review #3, by Cat Green Bumping into Randomnes...

28th June 2007:
OMG I loved it *rates 10*

too bad I wasn't there :( I feel so left out...and i thought I was your very awesome Slytherin sister...I is gonna tell Nancy on you...j/k j/k I luv ya. Oh and I think I is now seeing Jessie's whole point to Ressie lol.

Author's Response: haha whole point?? lol. i see this much *puts fingers together to show centameter(sp?) well anywho, i luv u too kitty cat , don't worry i shall put you in somewhere in the sequel!

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Review #4, by Pigs_and_Penguins Bumping into Randomnes...

27th June 2007:
I HEART YOU BECCA!*hugglescuggleswugglessmoochieseverythingelsehuggle-y**deep breath* LMFAO You are my hero becca! this was pure hilariousnesss. XD i feel bad for everyone else who reads this and doesn't understand a word of it's maddness XD PEPPERS! oh my goshness, the joys of peppers... Watch out, their spicy ;) OMG! and GEEP! geep, geep, geep. =D and the crucio-ing... oh the crucios. mwahahhahaha. *huggles becca some more* 10/10 and not just because it was ressie XD


Author's Response: *hugglessnuggles* woooo long review! i sooo

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