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Review #1, by Dedalus Diggle Cabbagehead Number One

17th August 2007:
Hohohoho... you just know what I want dontcha Frank? Auxxel hugging Marius *screams*

i like auxxel's character, you wrote it so solidly vivid, i mean i can imagine auxxel since most of the character she got is from me. you're copying me, franky! *screams* are you bluntly inspired by my character? i shoudlve make meira something like me... *wonders* but then again, im trying to grasp ones subtle personality.

but the thing is, i read several posts on pottersworld, and its not frank likely, what happen, franky? auxxel is still fun but the lack of writing!! *growls*

the last part was a little unauxxel, she's so deep. she shouldve punch tats and kick him in the shins and walk away. *dies*

just kidding... sorry, there, Tatsuha's Puppet master! *all hails on you*


random question : did you get yourself a girlfriend yet? or you simply cant replace me *dies* i heard you're making a new band... BAD FRANKY. we didnt even say that were breaking up our old band!! *is sobbing*

Author's Response: You asked for Auxxel to hug Marius, so I did, it even happened in PW as well. HAHA.

It's too bad that you can't play Meira again, you write her so good. Why the hell should I take her account? I can't even handle Auxxel.. -sobs-

It IS Auxxel, her retardation decreases as her age increase, maybe with all the conflict of girlfriend and boyfriend so... haha.

random answer: a girlfriend? -dies- NADYA, I can't replace you! -sniggers- I did make a band, sorry Nadya, no more FOB wannabes... -sobs- come here to Jakarta then, I'd definitely make you rock my new guitar, the boys here sucks, they're still learning.

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Review #2, by xxMugglePrincess Cabbagehead Number One

17th August 2007:
Aww..poor Auxxel, she hardly even knew her own brother..

Author's Response: i know -sobs-
thanks for the review! glad you're reading through chapter 3!

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Review #3, by xxMugglePrincess The Pestilential One

16th August 2007:
Auxxel has quite the personality..haha.

Author's Response: hey! thanks!!!! I'll try to keep it up, just in case I got writer's block! Hehe..

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Review #4, by hlewis98 The Pestilential One

5th August 2007:
Oh! I love it! Its freaky how close you got to everyone's personality... Wait, my bad, its me, Anna. Actually its Haley in real life. I have to give you major kudos on this one. I would love this fic even if Anna wasn't in it. So good and auxxel's so fun. I've been enjoying reading her posts. (Yes, its true. I, like most others that have reviewed, am a post stalker.)
And, as Anna is Marius' number one fan girl, I totally see why she would be running her hand through his hair in the first chappie *laughs* Anywho, loving the story, loving auxxel, loved Forrest... keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hey, Anna needs to be in here, she's part of H.O.G.S!! -flags- And the stuff you said about me getting close to everyone's personality...


thank you.

all this time I tried reading the posts and well, trying to know the personalities even more... i hope i did good.... enough.

I didn't expect Anna Sophia Puppet Master reading this fic, I'm totally embarassed -dies- hehehe!

Thanks for the review!!!!! chapter three coming up...

PS: D'you know there's a new fic coming up called Marius Chasing Love? hihihi... guess who am I pairing him with -dies-

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Review #5, by tggrplasm The White Tomb

4th August 2007:
Wow. I mean. WOW! I'm loving this look into Auxxel's life... especially after Forrest... you know... It's truly amazing. I remember reading somewhere that he had a sister (yeah, yeah, I'm a thread stalker... leave me alone) and I was always wondering if she'd come to Hogwarts. And she has! WHOOT!!

I really can't wait to see where you take this. It's going to be amazing!!


PS: I'm the handler of Keiley McDanford and Ian McDanford on PW ;)


Just playing with you, trust me, I'm a stalker myself, just waiting for the people that I stalk go offline and I'll simply slip in to their threads -smirks evilly-

oh and well, i think you surely know I'm a former handler of Forrest..

PS : Your name, Jordan was the former country I was in... I miss that country so damn much -sobs-

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Review #6, by CarpeNoctumx3 The Pestilential One

4th August 2007:
Squee, yet another brilliant chapter.

Forrest and Auxxel's grandmother is absolutely hilarious. Baguette! I should try that sometime with my brother, yeah, that could work, but he'd probably break it in half and throw it at me or we'll start a baguette fight (well, almost a sword fight, yes?).

Any who, the Leaky Cauldron made me laugh. I love the girl who said Auxxel looked constipated, and then on the train. Whee, yes. Tis tre amazing.

Can I say that I officially love you? Wait, that sounds kind of weird...

Author's Response: Grandmother of Forrest's and Auxxel was already born since... ehmm... Tatsuha gave Forrest a kiss -glomps- And the bread was seriously random, but I need to admit I usually do spread breadcrumbs around people's head just for fun.

Ehm... I'm a grandmother in disguise in this story -dies-

Can I say I officially LOVE you? YEAY!!

We so need to make Isabella and Auxxel meet, I'll make Auxxel piss Isabella off -dies-

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Review #7, by CarpeNoctumx3 The White Tomb

4th August 2007:

Any who, I've followed the Forrest Simon posts as if life depended on it, and I'm sad to say that I've never gotten a chance to RP with you! How is that possible?! *dies*

I think there was one... H.O.G.S. when Forrest rolled in the big board thingy majig, ah yes, that was it. Any who, the name is Isabella Gray on PW, and Linda everywhere else, even if my PW life is so much more entertaining.

When Auxxel entered Hogwarts, I was overjoyed, like a fangirl, I swear. I've been like stalking your posts for a chance to jump in. Haha, it's horrible, yes, but I think I've already fallen in love with Auxxel.

And this story, it's amazing. Absolutely amazing. Auxxel makes me laugh like nobody's business. I love how she strokes Marius' hair (I would too, the way Ida made him!). I'm throughly amused. Uhm, what else can I say that doesn't make me sound like a repetitive idiot?

Usually, I don't reply to each chapter, and this is a first.

Author's Response: AHH!! ISABELLA GRAY!! I

love that character, believe me, if you see someone reading anonymously when you're online.. it's me -glomps- I do sometimes stalk posts but lately I haven't got the chance.

Forrest's ghost was touched when isabella said stuff about him liking daisies because he got dried daisies on the bulletin board -dies-


Well, in PottersWorld, Auxxel wouldn't be THAT active like she used to be... trust me, I'm having a bit of dificulty about internet connection..

And hah... I HOPE I can continue make the readers laugh, seriously, I sometimes go emo all of a sudden then turn things up wildly dark.

Trust me, all of us are idiots -dies-

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Review #8, by Dedalus Diggle The Pestilential One

3rd August 2007:
Okay before commenting on this chapter, I'd like to tell you how amused was I when I randomly read your posts in PottersWorld (ehem ehem, Meira Devri somehow coming back...) and well... I found this paragraph that made me fall from my chair. Frank, your stupid jokes are never going to get old.

Entering Florish and Blotts, Auxxel couldn’t help but to feel breathless. It was still early morning, yet the shop was already crowded. Waiting for the shop assistant to approach her, she watched several books flying across the room, zooming in and out of the bookshelves. Not Auxxel’s ordinary bookshop.

Another book caught Auxxel’s eyes, it was written, ‘Curses and Counter-Curses’

She was about to open the book as the sub-title said, ‘Bewitch your Friends and Befuddle your Enemies with the Latest Revenges.’

Somehow she wants to purchase that instead as she thought with such enthusiasm of Tatsuha Nishimura.

Someone dragged her away from the pile of wicked books and said, “Now… Now… First year? You wouldn’t want to get your hands on that, hmm?”

“I got some enemies,” Auxxel said crossly at the shop assistant, already annoyed with his presence.

So I somehow understand Auxxel's randomness and her hatred to Tatsuha Nishimura but damn... I never thought of writing things like that. Original jokes, every work of it. Bravo. Honestly, but I noticed several of Auxxel's random retarded moments are similar to the author's random moments that's writing this fiction *glances at Frank*

I'm enjoying every line of it, Frank. Love loo girl and love the description of the candle (did I mention this, I actually tried to look everywhere for candle posts in pottersworld, I can't find yours)

Maybe it's hidden, just like you said *scowls*

I like the part of Dafydd wanting to leave the place immediately when he heard Auxxel screaming her lungs out, I can imagine him looking so concerned about his hair.

Also my high compliments to you about the characters.

Even though I know most of them are not yours, your RP mates in PW made some real characters that felt so real, just the originality of each and every character are so... well... er... REAL! There are a lot of characters mentioned in this very fiction, but you managed to put a barrier between each and everyone and make them sound different than one another.

Current lists on my fave characters


I LOVE LOO GIRL (liking the little crushes of hers to Marius)

I LOVE MARIUS VALENTINE (loving him from the start when Auxxel stroked his hair)

I LOVE TATSUHA NISHIMURA (so I did read posts in PW of Auxxel having a row with him in Leaky Cauldron, would love to read Auxxel going soft seeing that between Tatsuha calling her an idiot, he's also concerned about her. Aww... Sweet.)

I LOVE THE GAGA GRANDMA OF AUXXEL'S (wanting her famous breadcrumbs, please.)

I WOULD say I love Forrest Simon but he's not playing any role but to be reminisced by all of his friends. Write that fiction you promised to write, I really want to know more about Forrest. Pwease

"RATED R! RATED R! RATED R!" (how original, Frank)

_Nadya (Meira Devri)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm really getting scared with stalkers all around me -dies- just kidding :D

All of your fave characters are all my fave characters as well -glomps-

I do should agree with you about Forrest, I love him a lot... and now I'm playing a girl character -dies- AND IM A SODDING GUY! -dies-



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Review #9, by sleepwalker1201 The White Tomb

2nd August 2007:
Here I am, a reader that's not familliar with PottersWorld (I wanted to join but always missed the registration) wanting to give a review. It's rare reading original characters that's appealing, I'm quite impressed reading this fanfiction though. It's like reading an new generation of Hogwarts written by JK Rowling's magic... perhaps mixed with randomness but I do need to give a flattering remark that you managed to create another world of Hogwarts without presence of Harry, Hermione or Ron. It's quite hard to imagine Hogwarts without them, but you managed to escape from the impossibilty. Thumbs up, can't wait to read more, seriously going to follow this fanfiction. The description of the settings perfect, I can imagine the big chamber of Forrest's room also trying to paint a picture of how Auxxel's grandmother looks like with her bread. Hahaha... Update soon, please.

Author's Response: Your flatters made me speechless, I thought the only ones reading this are the people that are addicted to PW -glomps-

I thank you, made my day, your review. It's really really flattering reading iyour reviaew -can't type- -dies-

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Review #10, by Shadowedchakuu The Pestilential One

29th July 2007:
Frank. . . Frank, Frank, Frank. I don't know where to begin. From almost the first sentence you had me laughing and Forrest's grandmother? Classic. Very well written. On top of that Loo Girl? That had me rolling on the floor seeing as my new girl has met the so called Loo Girl. Fit her perfectly.

Honestly Frank, love your work. Keep on writing man you make art out of the English language. I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

Oh, and I saw that you put Ricks name in there :D I swear I stared at it for about a minute or two just looking. Made my day.


Author's Response: Ehm, Helen! I think everyone's loving your lovely bint loo girl!! yoo hoo!! -dies-

I love that part when you said, "you make art out of the English language" -dies- I'm really loaded with flatters. Thank you.

Oh c'mon... Ricky is going to mention in this fic, he IS part of H.O.G.S right? hahaha!

Thank for the review! Chapter 3... Ehm, coming soon...

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Review #11, by Ida The Pestilential One

28th July 2007:
First off, I fell into fits of wild giggles when I saw the 'coming soon' banner :D I can't believe you're actually making that fic, seriously... I thought it was a joke designed to make me jump and spill coffee over my laptop (which in any case happened either way.)

Well, you know I love the fic and this chapter anyway (especially the parts about loo girl and Auxxel shouting 'Rated R' all over the place), but let me tell you that Auxxel Simon is the best character ever!! (with the possible exception of Forrest himself, of course)

I think you're doing a brilliant job making her emo/retarded ^^ She's so awesome!! *Auxxel Simon fangirl squee*

*is hungry for updates*

Author's Response: Woohoo, well formerly the coming soon banner is that fic that I haven't been writing since ages : Humanitarian Organization, Generally Sane... But, well there are more 'research' that I needed to do so... -dies- But then I figured something light reading so Marius Chasing Love is born -dies again-

Yes, I AM making a fic of Marius. Bahaha..


The rated R and loo girl -dies- Random stuff always slips in my head, oh... torture... -dies-

Will soon update, just I'd be really busy, especially with fics coming in my head and I got to handle Auxxel in PW -dies- PLUS the RW life of Frankie's

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Review #12, by Ida The White Tomb

28th July 2007:
Eh, so just because I lack an account on HPFF (or maybe I do have one, but is too afraid that my under-developed writing skills and plotting will not measure up to those of the great Frank?) I'm writing this as a not-logged-in-thing :D Oh, and I am writing it because I need to pay respects to the best fic ever made *all hail*

Seriously, I think even people who don't play PW are bound to fall in love with the story. And I'm the new, avid auxxel simon (no capitalizations) stalker ^^ I can't believe you finally made her, I really need to get going with a new charrie soon.

Eh, I'm rambling away from the point. But you already know that I worship the fic and Auxxel so what's the point?

Hurry, hurry, hurry with the next chapter (or with Marius Chasing Love, perhaps?) Haha ^^

Author's Response: Pfft... C'mon, great Frank? -dies-
Haha, well, I'm flattered with the compliments, my sister did laugh a little with the stroking hair of Marius's -dies-
YEAH!!! A WORSHIPPER! -dies- (is that even a word?)
I wrote Marius Chasing Love by the way, just wait for my other fic to be validated -winks winks-
Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Animagus1412 The Pestilential One

28th July 2007:
Should I kill you for making a great second chapter? Serious, I'm not trying to over compliment you!!! BUT DUDE!
Okay, anyho

I love the idea of Forrest's room was formerly a library, since you did mention he's a little bit of a book addict. But not Hermione much. The idea of the candle is brilliant. Like the scene in the train and loo girl. Aspasia!! Put that name all over the place, yeah? I want to see more. Aspasia and Marius.. can't imagine.

And should I say the ones in the compartment are all Marius lover? Hahahaha!!

Author's Response: No, please, I don't want to be killed, need to continue the chapter for the other readers -glomps-

Yeah, I don't like Forrest copying Hermione's character, just about him being a book addict.

No worries, Aspasia would be there.

And for the last comment you gve me -sniggers-


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Review #14, by Animagus1412 The White Tomb

28th July 2007:
This is cool.

Okay, this is very funny

“Oh my God, you got a very nice hair,” Auxxel said excitedly, she stood up and went to Marius’s direction, “How’d you do that?”

She went through Marius’s hair by her fingers, stroking it in awe and giggled silently while still admiring it. Then she eyed on everyone in the room, wondering who would be her next victim. The sudden physical contact made Marius uncomfortable, Tatsuha noticed this when Marius started to bite his lip. He couldn’t help but to give a faint grin, rather enjoying the scene and find Auxxel one of the most curious girl he’d ever met. Forrest did mention she's annoying.

I love the new characters you made, Auxxel and especially her grandma, you're REALLY good. great job!!

Auxxel is an original character in her own way, you go dude!

And of course, very good description of words and a very excellent job with your first chapter.


Author's Response: HEY YOU!!!

Okay, so I have to admit that line wouldn't be there if Marius isn't. So thank Marius's Puppet Master to make Marius like that -dies-

I hope Auxxel would rock the place out -dies-

Thanks for the compliments.

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Review #15, by Dracana The Pestilential One

27th July 2007:
*sniggers* LOO GIRL?! I suppose you mean that's my poor blonde bint Aspasia? Ah, fantastic. I was laughing the whole way Frank, this is brillaint. And I love the fact that you put the grandma in, as well as the breadcrumbs . . . *dreamy sigh* Ah, it sucks without you being around on PottersWorld anymore. I know you occasionally ghost the forums but its just like "FORREST IS DEAD!" *sob*

Anyway, I was wondering about your internet connection. I really can't wait to start with Aspasia and I want to get her registered before someone steals my char face. (That would be so annoying, 'cause I've already made her a couple of sets and all . . . ) But I don't want to start playing without you, but then I also can't wait to start and . . . *sigh* Stupid Internet connection!!

Anyway, hope University is going really well, and I can't wait for another chapter. This story is brilliant.

I'll keep Tatsuha mourning after Forrest, don't worry.

Helen :)

Author's Response: Sadly loo girl would be her nickname when Auxxel calls her. HAHA. Don't worry, Aspasia would be in good hands. -dies-

Thanks for mourning Forrest, Forrest would do a jig for Tatsuha -dies-

And well, look at PW to know the answer for your question -hint hint-

Cheers for the review!!

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Review #16, by Dedalus Diggle The White Tomb

27th July 2007:
HAHA.. Okay, firs things first. You dedicated this fic to Meira Devri! -dies-
Anyways.Ehem. Critiques and Compliments

Compliments :

Very well written.


The fact I noticed all of the people in PottersWorld are really dark deep and not crazy, if you do register Auxxel Simon as a character, what nice thing to do to boom hogwarts out with that. Haha... She's a retard of her own kind. That character reminds me of someone.. hmm... -looks at Frank-

Critiques :

I read the second chapter already, EVEN though you didn't send it yet to HPFF. (xanga!!!) But I must NEED to tell you, you mentioned about Forrest quite a bit too often? Haha. Okay, needless to say that, perhaps almost everyone noticed Forrest is everywhere on every paragraph. Obsessed much with Forrest Simon, eh?

I guess that's all from me. Miss you loads FRANK! GET ON TO PW AGAIN! YOU'RE AN AWESOME POSTER! I stopped posting posts because of you. Meira Devri's dead and she's not coming back until you declare that Forrest Simon comes as a ghost in Hogwarts.


Author's Response: For the compliments, thanks. I somehow did try to mix Auxxel's character with your retarded-ness and mines -looks at Nadya- ARGH, why are you looking at me? We both make good characters! Yeay.

Critiques, I know, I'm being such a narcist, or whatever it's called. But hey, Auxxel Simon is trying to erase the part she knows Forrest is dead right? So yes, I need to repeat Forrest is dead everywhere. and I DO love Forrest's character, got a problem with that? HAHA...

Miss you too, Nads, I don't think it's possible for me to get on like I used to, Uni is depressing. I'll see... soon.

Meira is not back? Too bad, I love that character you made, so out of your character, just so not you. Contrast. I want to put her in Auxxel HPFF. Hehe. So it's said, Forrest will come back as a ghost in Hogwarts, but not in PW. HAHA. just in your own little world, okay?


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Review #17, by xxMugglePrincess The White Tomb

24th July 2007:
It was interesting..i enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Hey, you! THANKS! Hope you'd continue to read them when second chapter starts.

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Review #18, by magicallyfatal The White Tomb

24th July 2007:
The first chapter was so good! It's amazingly written, and the thought to make it after the plot on Pottersworld is brilliant! Hope to see more!

(just a side note, I play Ramona :) )

Author's Response: Oh hullo!! Thanks, well yeah, it's sorta weird back then when I become really obsessed with PW and realised... hey... why don't I make a fanfiction based on PW background plot!?

But anyways, thanks, I'm glad you like it. I just sent another new chapter, hopefully won't be too long. :)

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Review #19, by Shadowedchakuu The White Tomb

23rd July 2007:
Frank, this happens to be the handler of Ricky/Dante. All I can say is WOW! Lovely job you did. Keep writing, and hurry back.

Author's Response: PATRICK! Thanks means a lot, next chapter soon validated. I did have several things happening and never had the chance to continue, but it'll come out soon. :)

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Review #20, by Dracana The White Tomb

15th July 2007:
Frank, I love it!! Can't wait for more, seriously. Keep writting. :)

Author's Response: ARGH! Thanks a lot for the review, Helen!! I submitted the next chapter already. HEHE. Hopefully validated soon. Enjoyed the last book of Harry Potter? -dies-

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