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Review #1, by ClearAsCrystalrEyes Chapter one

4th January 2009:
That is very sad, but very good. I love it!!

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Review #2, by Weasleys Forever Chapter one

23rd April 2008:
Great piece. I read it trying to figure out who the unknown admirer is, and kept thinking, "Is it... or ... or...?"

A lovely picture of Hermione in love and happy, and the other in love and not happy.

Very well written, but then all your works are. Keep writing.

Author's Response: I was thinking one day that maybe at least once in their lives each woman probably has someone who fancies them with out them having the slightest clue about it, and this was the result.

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Review #3, by Billion Chapter one

28th October 2007:
...that was heartbreaking. Well written and very sad. Michael really should work somewhere else before he goes crazy. Good job on showing the emotions.

Author's Response: Yeah poor guy, but who can blame him.

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Review #4, by Carrot Stix Chapter one

29th June 2007:
I felt like reviewing again. Lady Serendipity put me on to this story.. I forgot to mention that. And uhh her banners are pro ^^ So get one. Uhh... Again, love the story... I dunno why it doesnt have many reviews... Probably cause it dosnt have a banner to attract attention... But anyways... Good job.. again =o)

Carrot Stix

Author's Response: Hi again, I am never to sure if the short one shots are worth having a banner for seems they drift down the list of stories at an alarming rate and are soon made a little part of the site history (if you know what I mean) again thank you for your time.

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Review #5, by Carrot Stix (Not Logged In) Chapter one

29th June 2007:
Awww.. That was so incredibly cute.. Im like... YOU BEING JEALOUS OF THEM! YES... Sorry. I love Ron/Hermione =o) Anyways... REALLY well written... Missing a few full stops and things.. But otherwhys dandy. =o) Uhh.. Love it! Your awesome. I love... sends a shiver down to my-, ;) ehehehe... Anyways. Good work...

Carrot Stix

Author's Response: Hi, it always pleases me when I get a good review. I know my grammer is not all that good but I do what I can to make the stories readable. (I can never seem to find a beta)
Thank you for reviewing and I hope you will enjoy my other work.

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Review #6, by Lady Serendipity Chapter one

29th June 2007:
How cute. It is extremely sad, and you could just imagine it. I love Ron/Hermione it is my fav ship and I would always go for them but reading this story you felt so sorry for Michael. And who knows maybe she has many people who are in love with her and she doesnt even know about it. Makes me think, maybe there are people who are so in love with you and yet you don't even know they exist.

I really like this story, it deserves many reviews and I love how you set it out like a poem. As if his love for her was a poem. You probably didn't mean to set it out that way but it fits perfectly. I do love it, truly. I am even willing to make you a banner, would you want one? And if you do please send an email to

Lady Serendipity

Author's Response: Hi thanks for the great review. I must admit I thought this one had missed the mark as it took a while before I got a review, so happy I was wrong about that. It was a inspired by an over heard conversation at an engagement party.
Again thanks for the review.

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