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Review #1, by jessajay92 Dear Lucius...

30th November 2010:
I absolutely adore this story. I have a thing for crackships and this is the first James/Narcissa I've ever read but it has me hooked. I would really love it if you would continue this story because I'd love to see more. The cliffhanger is intense and makes me wonder what happens next.

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Review #2, by Lassie Dear Lucius...

29th December 2007:
This is a great story and all but James's eyes were hazel. Not blue. yeah.

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Review #3, by strangegirl6125 Dear Lucius...

16th December 2007:
Harry and Draco are brothers! That blows all the Harry/Draco fics outta the water. And that's why Narcissa is so protective of Draco. Because it's James's son!!!

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Review #4, by hermyemma Dear Lucius...

23rd September 2007:
Firstly, a wonderful idea and secondly, update!

Author's Response: thankyou! but this is a oneshot!

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Review #5, by Katielynn Dear Lucius...

3rd August 2007:
Ee, I love James/whoever. thiswas good.

Author's Response: Narcissa! *points to summary* thanks, i'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #6, by summerlove x3 Dear Lucius...

8th July 2007:
Wow, that was really good! Such an original idea.. I liked it a lot! I never would've thought Narcissa/James like this, after Hogwarts. It all somehow fit together in the end, i loved it!

Author's Response: oh thank you so much! i'm so glad you liked it so much! *hugs* and thank you so much for this review!

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Review #7, by brighteyesx3 Dear Lucius...

6th July 2007:
i liked this alottt.
i should be getting ready, but i had to finish it.
its going in the favorites=]

Author's Response: wahoo fav's! *happy dance* thanks so much *hugs*

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Review #8, by Precious Rin Dear Lucius...

3rd July 2007:
Interesting. I would never have paired Narcissa and James together. But I really liked it. It was a great one-shot exploring an impossible ship. I, too, have a Narcissa fic, and I love reading her. You have a very unique characterization of her.

I did spot some grammatical errors and spelling errors, but overall you did a lovely job!

Author's Response: thankyou! yes, as sad as it is i have to agree with you! but it was fun to write!

i'm pretty sure i picked up all the spelling errors! oh.... proberbly because i'm Aussie i spell things differently! i'll have to check that!

thankyou for the review! *hugs*

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Review #9, by xoxoilovedraco Dear Lucius...

30th June 2007:
i like the story . ALOT keep writing plz

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #10, by Fanfair Dear Lucius...

28th June 2007:
Very good I absoultly love it I wish you could do a sequel and see what happens with Narcissa

Author's Response: *cough she has a baby cough*

damn i gave it away..... ;p

hehe, sorry no sequal, i ended it there so that the reader can work out what happens, especially cause you're all so smart :)

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Review #11, by lia_2390 Dear Lucius...

28th June 2007:
My goodness, why does this only have five reviews! This is a story that makes one say wow, mind you, I nearly fell out of my chair. I think your choice of a pairing is very original, I like it! The part where Narcissa tells Lucius she's pregnant and he told her he's unable to have children, made me say "oh snap!" Well, enough of the gushing, you left out some punctuation marks and if you said that she's writing a letter to Lucius, you didn't really need to say i wrote. Otherwise, it was great!

Author's Response: don't know! lol ;p probebly cause it's a james/narcissa!

ha! oh sorry about that ;p wasn't my intention! (honest ;p)

yeah, i know it's original cause i've only found one other story with this pairing, which i actually haven't read because i wanted to write this first!

and yes, *oh snap* is what i was thinking as well!

oh, thanks for the tip, i'll go and fix that up now!

anyway! thankyou so much for this absoulutly fantastical review! *hugs* it really made my day.

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Review #12, by lily_black Dear Lucius...

28th June 2007:
This was... rather interesting, I don't know how to express my thoughts. Anyway, I truly doubt this could have actually happen BUT (yes there is a but and it's good I promise) it was so amazingly well written I could imagine it actually happening!!

After they woke up I started to think Narcissa would be pregnant and you cleared my doubts, irony of life, Harry and Draco enemies to death are brothers here!!! It was so ironically funny!

I loved your story keep it up!

Author's Response: yeah, i know (*sob*)

as much as i hate to admit james and narcissa just wasn't meant to be! but wow! you thought i wrote it good! *blushes* wow, i'm actually quite shocked at that! thankyou.

yeah, i thought some people would get the fact she's pregnant. fact of life, some people cannot be fooled!

yes i was going for the ironic angle, and hell yeah draco + harry brothers! it could so happen!

thankyou for the review as well, it's really nice to see that someone likes my stories *hugs*

thanks lily_black!

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Review #13, by lilly Dear Lucius...

26th June 2007:
it was rather interesting but i would like to know wat happened after...too much
but it was interesting

Author's Response: oh i know....but i thought i'd leave it to the reader to figure out!

thanks for the review hun! *hugs*

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Review #14, by Vera_Black_Potter Dear Lucius...

26th June 2007:
It's a great story, and the first story I've read of the J/N pairing. 10/10


Author's Response: oh thanks! i actually have only seen one other J/N pairing! so yeah...


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Review #15, by Silverlightning Dear Lucius...

26th June 2007:
Very good- really quite believable!

Author's Response: thank god for that! ha...

thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by B.J. Dear Lucius...

26th June 2007:
i loved it... i love strange pairings, and James and Narcissa are just perfect :D

simply brilliant

Author's Response: *nods* strange....

But *shrugs* i just love them...

thanks for the review! *hugs*

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