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Reading Reviews for Meeting Destiny
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by devils_snaree Loose Myself

30th October 2007:
you introduced Lilys parents in both the first chapter and this chapter, but you introduced them with totally different names; Denise & John then Jane & Spencer.

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Review #2, by Minerva Ann McGonagall Loose Myself

21st August 2007:
oh, I hope you post more of this soon!

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Review #3, by Mystile The First Encounter

7th August 2007:
Do you know your banner looks like one from Smallville, now I am not complaining, but do you know?
Mystile's rating: 7

“In the Myste, those who are dead can still be mutilated in a twisted version of Hell, and the being who is unknown will hunt each on of them down…”

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Review #4, by funny_lol Loose Myself

18th July 2007:
yay! He didnt kill them!

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Review #5, by funny_lol The First Encounter

18th July 2007:
lovely! I thought it was funny how james was late to his own wedding, lol.

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Review #6, by Proud Hufflepuff Loose Myself

13th July 2007:
I love how you're incorporating their 'thrice defying Voldemort'. You've showed the first time and I can't wait to see the next two! Great chapter!


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Review #7, by HrXd The First Encounter

6th July 2007:
Hey there Phoenix,

Okay let me think about this. Umm the beginning I thought was rather horrible, not to be rude, but you didn’t seem to draw the reader in. However, the way that you wrote the characters actions was just amazing, and I think that you are one of the best when it comes to actions. The characterization on James wasn’t as strong as it was on Sirius, and I would try to go back and redo his character just a tad bit. I liked the fact that this was James wedding day. I like the conversation that you have between the two boys it is nicely written. I was able to feel the sadness that James felt when Sirius talked about his parents, so you were able to show the emotion and you let the reader feel it to which I always good. I loved the description of Lily emerging and walking to James it was just wonderful. I liked that you add the fact that Lily would die for James so that was a plus also.

Well I look forward to the next chapter.


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Review #8, by Proud Hufflepuff The First Encounter

26th June 2007:
This is a brilliant fic! I can't wait for the next update. :)


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Review #9, by carlysue22 The First Encounter

25th June 2007:
u r gonna write more right? if u do i'll read it!

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