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Review #1, by Ron_The_King Thank You Odette!

29th August 2011:
did you wrote those excerpts of book by yourself?

Author's Response: yes, I did... the theory of astral projection isn't mine but all that writing was my interpretation of it :)

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Review #2, by RonMioneOnly Breaking Up

25th August 2011:
No!!! Story was going so good until that sex ending with Dean. God, that f'ing ruined the whole story. THere's no point in reading this anymore. My advice since you didn't get a single review for this chapter, re-do the freaking chapter. Or you can put Hermione/Dean in the shippings area to let other readers know that she'll be doing stupid stuff with Dean.

Author's Response: I'm actually so grateful for this, I was really uncertain about that ending and on reading what you thought I changed it to something a bit more fitting. I was trying to convey Hermione's vulnerability but obviously that didn't come across. Hopefully you don't give up on this story just yet..
Oh and just so you know, I did have this down in "other pairings" since there's no Hermione/Dean ship.

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Review #3, by harrylilyjames Sweet Dreams

25th July 2011:
ummm.I'm not totally 100% sure about this. It was a bit sudden and the reader hasn't really settled into the story yet.
First, I think you could explain a bit more on his feelings or thoughts and what he wants to do with himself before he falls asleep, along with simple things like does he make himself a calming potion.

Where did Hermione come with that proposal?! That was a bit weird and then Ron just turns around and says no because of a DREAM. It just seems WAY too fast and their actions seem to abrupt and not really thought through. Like, what is he thinking when he is about to say no, or what does he think of Hermione when she turns up in the room. Just simple things like that would make it a lot more enjoyable.

The plot of the story is really good, it's why I started reading in the first place [because it got me interested, and I don't read that many fanfics anymore], you just need to work to make it more easier to read and real :)

Author's Response: Hey,
yeah I know what you mean. This story is actually really old now and I don't think it's the best story I've ever written, but I'm going to leave it so I can focus on other fics. I'll finish it up but i won't edit it or anything.
thanks for your feedback :)

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Review #4, by harrylilyjames Spoiled

25th July 2011:
Very short first chapter. Which was a pity, wanted to read more.

Awe, I didn't expect the man to turn out to be Ron. Poor guy. And I thought Hermione's reaction to the robbed books is a bit too obvious, like they're going to play a big role in the story [i don't know if they are, it just feels that way]- you could tone it down a bit, probably just put in the artical and Hermione not thinking much about it orput the part in on how weird it was for them not to take any money or expensive items. But just as a little non-important line.

Now with my thoughts left for chapter one...I'm going to read on!

Author's Response: Yes I know the whole story's quite short- short story, short chapters, I guess :) but I'm glad I left you wanting more!

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Review #5, by 1DarkAngel1 Message Revealed

24th September 2009:
wow - this is amazing, i cant wait to read on!!

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Review #6, by 1DarkAngel1 At Flourish and Blott's

19th September 2009:
wow,wow, wow, i cant wait to read on!

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Review #7, by 1DarkAngel1 Sweet Dreams

31st August 2009:
ooo, things r definetley going to gte intresting!

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Review #8, by 1DarkAngel1 Spoiled

31st August 2009:
that story sounds amazing! i just had to read it!

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Review #9, by YO ITS 75 CENTS! Enchanted Fire and Astral Projection

10th March 2008:
i read ur reply! thats ok. i feel its my duty, my job, my, my.THING! to write reviews for molly's wonderful stories! and its very hard coming up with words to describe how fantastic ur stories are! and the banner KICKS ASS! lol. bit weird there.
the girl looks like ginny/bonnie wright. lol...
LUV U!!!

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Review #10, by Hermioninne Harpies Manage a Win Against Magpies

10th March 2008:
as are all of your other chapters, FABULOUS!!
and i will be reading ur new story soon!

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Review #11, by Hermioninne Doing What They Did

10th March 2008:
that was a good chapter!!
especially the julia lee part. lol.
"That BITCH hates us!"
ooh ur gonna get in trouble. lol only jkng
luv u hun

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Review #12, by pinky_spinx Doing What They Did

17th February 2008:
omigod... i would've had a heart attack if you had made that more graphic than that was! "do watever it was that they did" was a nice touch. loling.

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Review #13, by pinky_spinx Harpies Manage a Win Against Magpies

17th February 2008:

i really liked the way you laid that out. that was awesome and different from the rest of the story so far! it seemed to work really well.

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Review #14, by pinky_spinx Seduction

17th February 2008:
tut tut, ron's having sex dreams. SOMEONE's a little insecure about himself. awww...

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Review #15, by pinky_spinx Message Revealed

17th February 2008:
wot the hell? *curiousity peeked*

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Review #16, by pinky_spinx Sweet Dreams

17th February 2008:
omigod... i wasn't expecting hermione to say that!!! lol!! that sort of thing always surprises me no matter how many times it seems to happen.

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Review #17, by The_Girl_Can_Rock Doing What They Did

16th February 2008:
woah this is such a good story. amazing... wow
please write more!!! i love the way the chapters are not too long, i dont like really long chapters... haha
well done
love annie

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Review #18, by midnitegurl Harpies Manage a Win Against Magpies

4th January 2008:
A really good fic! I love the plot, and ur dialogue is brilliant. I just think that you need a bit more foreshadowing for the Ginny/Harry not having sex thing- it was a bit sudden and wtf? Also, there are a couple of spelling errors, and if it's a fatal poisoning then by definition it kills you. Ugh, I'm such a nitpicker. Update soon, I really want to know what happens to Ron and Hermione!!!

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Review #19, by David Fishwick Too Late

27th December 2007:
Pretty good and what's with the Dream girl? Is she a Hogwarts's student or something else?

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Review #20, by My brother from another mother!! Too Late

27th December 2007:

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Review #21, by Leanne rox Molly's sox!! Seduction

23rd December 2007:
Hey Mollywobbles.
Wats up? I miss u so much! I miss u and ur jokes.
That was a good chapter. But not as sexual as the other stories. The other ones are too detailed. Ew...
Luv u,
Luv Leanne!

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Review #22, by hermioninne Message Revealed

16th November 2007:
Just amazing Molly.
What a genius you are!

Author's Response: You know, it's very kind of you to wrire reviews for every chapter I write. I also like it that you are running out of Engish terms to describe my story.

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Review #23, by hermioninne At Flourish and Blott's

4th November 2007:

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Review #24, by crazygurl17 At Flourish and Blott's

24th October 2007:
umm im lost

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Review #25, by Hermioninne Sweet Dreams

16th October 2007:
Molly, that was a bit disgusting, but blimey, that was brilliant!

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