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Review #1, by Weirdawesomechick An Eye for an Eye

20th January 2014:
Just thought you ought to know that I usually click the 'Random story' button again when I come to a story that's been abandoned or that hasn't been updated in a long time, and I am so glad that I didn't do that in this case. I loved this story the second I started and I was sad to see it come to an end, but thank you thank you thank you for A. Starting it in the first place and B. telling me how you had planned to end it. I picked a real winner.

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Review #2, by TimeSeer An Eye for an Eye

6th March 2013:
I really love this story. I am very sad that you won't continue to write it. I am, however, glad and thankful that you wrote a small summary of what would have happened because I also hate when the story just ends and I never know what would have happened next. Anyway I just wanted to say that I love this story and I hope that you continue to write because you do have a talent for writing.

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Review #3, by lucy Of Quidditch Matches and Scandalous Kisses

16th June 2012:'s not a bad story. but your main character comes across as incredibly snobby and pretentious. idk maybe its just me

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Review #4, by XxImAgInAiReXx Inflitrations

13th October 2011:
Love it as usual. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you for your support.

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Review #5, by XxImAgInAiReXx Incognito

13th October 2011:
Yay. Love chappie 2. Even more in love with this story. Good job. :)

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Review #6, by XxImAgInAiReXx The Plan

13th October 2011:
I love this story...and it's only chappie one. Good job.

I love the plan. You know, boys really are like that. They're such jerks.

Anyway, love the story.


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Review #7, by he_could_be_the_1 The Plan

11th July 2011:
never abandon it!!! I love the sound of it so far.

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Review #8, by FlippyBits An Eye for an Eye

1st May 2011:
Hi! This was an awesome story (of it wasn't already done? The AN confused me). I've been reading this since you put it on, and haven't been able to write a long review, because I don't havea computer, and I write these on my sucky phone, but, seeing as though this may be the end, I feel a long-ish review is in order. I loved the plot, though I wished the real Violet could've had more of a character in the beginning, not just automatically changing into Viola after the first chapter. Secondly, I wished we had more about Violet's home and life, not just the first little introductory piece. Maybe a memory, or even a short flashback. Thirdly, I think you didn't have enough Marauder actionin there. There should've been a lot of pranks, seeing as they're the self-proclaimed Prank Kings. Fourthly, (is that a word?) there were only two main Marauders in this, James and Sirius. Remus was only mentioned when he was talking, and was Peter even in it at all? Fifthly, (still conscious with my grammar) there should've been more Snape. Isn't that the Marauder's main part, to make Snape's life miserable? Sixly, (okay, ignore my atrocious grammar, throughout) it was kind of weird how you made characters, made them Viola's friend, and they pretty much dissapeared. She and her girl friends didn't have sleep-overs, and her guy friends didn't ask for girl advice. That's what my friends do. And lastly, (I know!) I was horrified how the climax and ending were done in an author's note. You could've at least had three more chapters. It would've been... right. Either way, you're definitely one of my favourite authors and love your writing style. I sincerely hope that this isn't your last fanfic.
With regards,

Author's Response: Hi. I would like to thank you for your criticism, as I know there are quite a few things (many more than you listed) that fall a little short with this story (which is why I inevitably abandoned it). I disagree with your idea that girl friends should have sleepovers and guy friends should ask for advice. It was not my intention to make this story like hundred of others out there (though I admit that did sort of happen). And the reason more pranks were not featured was because the narrator was Violet, and she wasn't around whenever they were goofing off.

I'm sorry that you did not like how I concluded the story. I did the best with the options I had. Unfortunately three chapters would not have been sufficient with the amount of material I still had to cover. The wrapup I wrote in my author's note was very skeletal, just to get the point across. I'm sorry it didn't go the way you had hoped.

Thank you for taking the time to write out this critique. I appreciate the work you put into it. And as always, thank you for reading.

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Review #9, by LilyIsAwesome Hogwarts is Going Crazy

1st May 2011:
Lily asked him to the dance! Aww... Young love...

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Review #10, by Siriusly Lights, Camera, MARAUDERS!

24th April 2011:
In the UK, we don't use inches. But, I love the story!

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Review #11, by Del An Eye for an Eye

25th March 2011:
Oh well...
It's sad that you stopped, but we understand (some of us at least, ha-ha)
But anyways, i really apreciate that you took the time in writing a short ending, for closure.
Yes it is quite devestating when fanfic writers suddenly abandon awesome stories -__-
But they don't always take the time to do what you did, which was give us the ending, sooo, thanks for being noble and facing the readers instead of fleeing right away.
Anyway this was weird, and i'm sort of babling, but anyways!
Your still an awesome writer and i look forward to reading your other stories on this site ;)!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. =]

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Review #12, by KieraBlack An Eye for an Eye

4th June 2010:
I love this story so much. Sirius is just getting sweeter and sweeter ;) I hope you dont break his heart in the end of this ;) I didn't think this story would be so good when I read the first chapter, it seemed a little bit "to much" about changing the face, but Im glad that I kept on reading, 'cause you're doing a great job.

It was so funny, when read about the plan I came to think of shes the man, and I even thought about it more, that you may get your insperation from there, when I saw her name was Viola. But it wasn't until the cheese comment I got really sure ;) but that movie is great so its good that your using it as insperation.

keep on the good writing and please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks for such a wonderful review. I ended up leaving the story because I didn't like how I had set it up and didn't have the time to redo what had gone wrong. You didn't really ask about that, but I thought I'd let you know why I wasn't updating anymore. (Plus just not having the time or stamina).

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Review #13, by Lucky An Eye for an Eye

3rd May 2010:
Are you sure you are not going to continue with this story? I had a great time reading it and couldn't help but laugh all the way through.
Viola/Violet is an awesome character and I really wanted to know how she unmasked herself. Oh well, just thought you should know that your story is still being appreciated! :D

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm sorry to let you down. Since I won't be finishing, I guess I'll ruin it here. Violet was going to unmask herself in the train station after they got off the Hogwart's Express at the end of term. Everyone would be shocked, Sirius included. She'd leave. A week later he would come to her apartment, say he wanted to be with her, and she would reject him because she knew it would never work. She'd never see him again. He would write to her from Azkaban and tell her he understood finally what she was trying to say. He would tell her to be happy. And she would be.

Sorry to not finish.

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Review #14, by Siriusly_Not_In_Love An Eye for an Eye

7th February 2010:
It's amazing! Wow, Sirius is perfect
I think I love him ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, he and I are about to announce our engagement. Haha.

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Review #15, by LimeCrush An Eye for an Eye

16th December 2009:
Bloody awesome! i love it, but i've got to say that helga hufflepuff wasn't what i expected her to be, you know? kind and caring, not crabby and rude. but whatever floats your boat is fine to! anyways i don't know the date which you posted this but i hope the next one doesn't take five months either! that would be suck, anywho. keep the magic flowing, your doing a great job! :O) looks cute right? lol

Author's Response: Yeah, I don't really know where I was going with Hufflepuff. It was just something to add some humor, as even the kindest aren't so glad to be woken up in the middle of the night.

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Review #16, by prongs lover Uninvited, You Are

13th December 2009:
ah im suddenly incredibly excited for the next chapter! Sirius better be nice to Violet and show her that he is cabable of normal interaction with normal girls. I've noticed that while i really like her and agree with her mostly, she is rather close minded. okay sorry but i cant wait any longer and must continue reading! Great chapter - oh and i loved the expelliarmas line haha.

Author's Response: Yes, she definitely is! Hopefully she'll learn to tone that down a bit.

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Review #17, by prongs lover The Plan

12th December 2009:
ah awesome idea haha, i hope some of my predictions are a little off though so that i get surprised.
are you planning on making it super cliche?
But of course, a little cliche never hurt anyone ;)
Great chapter!

Author's Response: When I started the story, I thought it wasn't cliche. The reason I abandoned it was because it was turning into one and I couldn't fix it.

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Review #18, by GoldenSunset An Eye for an Eye

7th December 2009:
first of all, i want to say that i love where this story is heading. and i feel like i'm dying because you haven't updated in almost 6 months! please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm sorry. Here's the end, if you're interested:
Violet was going to unmask herself in the train station after they got off the Hogwart's Express at the end of term. Everyone would be shocked, Sirius included. She'd leave. A week later he would come to her apartment, say he wanted to be with her, and she would reject him because she knew it would never work. She'd never see him again. He would write to her from Azkaban and tell her he understood finally what she was trying to say. He would tell her to be happy. And she would be.

Sorry to not finish.

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Review #19, by doglover Hogwarts is Going Crazy

4th November 2009:
awww that was so adorable! it actually made me laugh out loud when James fainted!

Author's Response: Yeah, I definitely laughed a bunch while writing it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Snargaluffpod The Plan

7th September 2009:
AH!!! I was so sad when this story got deleted off of Veritaserum! I can't believe I found it! Oh, I am so excited!!! I just love this whole idea, its very clever.

Author's Response: Oh God. The good old days of Veritaserum. I forgot about that. Glad you found it. =]

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Review #21, by siriusgirl1 The Art of Picking Up

17th August 2009:
The spacing in this chapter is really weird..
Sirius expects girls to "to bend over backwards for him--to fall at his feet." My thought upon reading: Well, they probably do fall at his feet if they stink at gymnastics...
Personally, I like Michael and Remus the most in this chapter. I thought you did a good job with this chappie. It didn't blow me away, but it was sound. 8/10.

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Review #22, by converse_rocks345 Rain Rain, Go Away

5th August 2009:
I liked this.
Was that guy real?

Author's Response: Thanks! If you're talking about the "legendary prankster" guy, then no, he's not real. I made him up.

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Review #23, by converse_rocks345 The Art of Picking Up

4th August 2009:
Michael. He seems like the sensitive rocker type.

Author's Response: Hahaha. Possibly, but I don't think so. At least, not what I had in mind.

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Review #24, by converse_rocks345 The Plan

4th August 2009:
Keep going.
This sounds amazing :D

Author's Response: Great! Thanks!

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Review #25, by Shani Wije The Plan

22nd July 2009:
I love this plot!
I was actually thinking about doing something like this but i am 2 lazy so i was just wishing that i could read it and now i can. Awesome!!!

Author's Response: Ha, glad you like it.
Uh, I definitely would not recommend doing something like this. Never can turn out well.
Thanks for reading, though!

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