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Review #1, by daisychain1 Prologue

23rd July 2009:
i really enjoyed this please write more !

: D

Author's Response: will do. :) But the thoughts are currently going out my head with this particular story atm.. D:

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Review #2, by RonsGirlFriday Prologue

27th April 2009:
So I noticed this was written quite some time ago, but after I read your most recent story I decided to take a look at the older ones. After reading this, I have half a mind to demand that you continue writing it. :-) I love R/Hr to death, and this was really enjoyable. If anything, I might say it was a little bit sugary and sappy, but you know what? - Everyone needs sappy once in's good for the heart. And I tend to think Ron's heart is a little bigger than he lets anyone know, so maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much!

Author's Response: Sugary and sappy is so nice to write. Though I do have tendencies to destroy my characters. I can't help it! Thank you sooo much for the review though. --Carla

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Review #3, by BritishBoysLover Prologue

24th February 2008:
OMG! I LOVED IT! Please update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm hoping I can update this story. I lost where it was head although I want to be able to say I finished it. Thanks for the review! --- Carla

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Review #4, by Potterholic Prologue

28th August 2007:
Aww, that was sweet! I love R/Hr, and I really like how you wrote them. The diary entries were nicely written, although it was a bit OOC. I can’t picture Ron writing those words, no matter how much he was in love. But still, I like it. It seemed that you have the knack of writing poetic passages. ^_^ And I love how you described their feelings. I wanted to knock Ron upside the head and tell him to tell her already, but I could understand why he kept on delaying it. All in all, you did a good job. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much! I've definitely been meaning to do a rewrite on this and the hopefully finish it.

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Review #5, by starry_night89 Prologue

16th August 2007:
Sorry for the late reply!

Ha, first of all, very well written on your part. Secondly, I can't imagine Ron having the energy to keep track of a journal but it's an amusing thought. ha, very amusing, in fact. Maybe George could get something from his shop to jinx it, sorry, active imagination.

Moving on, Hermione is Hermione, basically you got her down pat, the core of what she is feeling. Well done!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Ron with a journal seemed so far, so unexpected that it felt like it was right, hahaha. Thank you so much for the review! ---Carla

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Review #6, by _Emma_ Prologue

15th August 2007:
Good start, I really enjoyed it, update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm still working on it. 6yrs later. oh dear. -- Carla

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Review #7, by greylady_Ravenclaw Prologue

9th August 2007:
Great Story. Ron and Hermione isn't one of my favorites ships, but this is a great R/Hr.

Author's Response: not my favorite either. But they're fun to write, in any case. Thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by _tonks5hp_ Prologue

7th August 2007:
Loved it! I think it's a great idea to have Ron write in a diary, he does need something to vent his feelings. Please update ASAP, I really want to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. You are gorgeous.-- Carla

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Review #9, by njhill22 Prologue

26th July 2007:
Stopping by to review here =) Honestly, seeing as I can't stand fluff and this had a tad more than I could handle, it wasn't too bad. I did like the idea of Ron writing in a diary and berating himself for it, made me laugh. I was also amused by the fact you had Harry make another 'Hogwarts first'...I'm sure he's less than thrilled seeing as how he usually reacts to getting special attention. Or not, he's probably having a grand time brooding uninterrupted in there, haha. For writing a ship you hate, you're not doing bad at all. I know I'd probably throw my laptop across the room if I tried to right my most loathed pairing =P

Author's Response: I can't throw my PC... (too heavy) But, yes, if I wrote in my laptop I would be throwing it across the room. I probably wouldn't as my mom would have my neck.. Anyway, I'm sorry about the fluff... I kind of enjoy writing it since I'm so positive.. argh...
And the thing about Harry.. Hilarious.. I didn't mean to make him another Hogwarts first but now that you mention it.. ROTFL...
Lastly, thank you for the review.. Even if I annoyed you in some way.. LOL

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Review #10, by hermystwin Prologue

26th July 2007:
Not really my cup of tea, I did state that I didn't like Ron/Hermione but I decided to read this because it wasn't very long.

Despite not liking the pairing I did find some very nice things about your story! For example, you have amazing descriptions of their feelings while they wrote in the diary. You also pinpointed how I imagine they both feel about each other. Unsure about the other and unwilling to take the first step because of fear.

Keep writing,

Author's Response: Oops.. Sorry... My bad.. I was confused and thought you said you liked R/Hr... *slaps forehead*
Thanks for thinking that I wrote the story credibly.. I was sort of doubting it, to be honest..
I will keep on writing... Thank you!:D

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Review #11, by luckistars Prologue

25th July 2007:
Here I am, to review!
For a ship you hate, I think you wrote it really well! The fact that you were able to switch from both third and first person, as well as changed perspective really gave a new aspect to this story!
Overall, I think that you did a great job on it!

Author's Response: Thank you.. But I am beginning to not really hate R/Hr, surprisingly.. Lol.. Ahaha..:) Anyway, thank you so much for the review.. I really didn't know if I was doing an okay job..:D

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Review #12, by thegirllikeme Prologue

23rd July 2007:
More Ron/Hermione, eh? Outside of canon, I’m not really a fan of this ship. I’m more into the ‘unlikely’ pairs. That being said, I thought that Ron was very much in character. I don’t know whether he would keep a diary or not, but his thoughts afterwards were just like him. His fears, his insecurities, his wants were all spot on. Oh, and I loved this line: It had been a relief, a sweet joy, a silent victory— and it had scared the living daylights out of him. It made laugh, not because it was particularly funny, but because it’s so like him. In those last few paragraphs where heartfelt and true to him. Him calling himself a loser for not having the guts to tell her…well, it’s very like him. It’s good to see a more in-depth Ron than the one we see in the books. You really got into his character and hit the nail on the head with those. Well done. *throws confetti to celebrate achievement*

I think Hermione might have been a bit off, especially calling her a dreamer. She’s always struck me as the one to let her head led her, not her heart. I can understand, however, that she wouldn’t want to tell Ron she loved him until he told her first. I just wish I could have seen a bit more arguing between her head and her heart--trying to fight some sense into herself, for loving a boy who didn’t even have the guts to tell her he loves her. That’s always the way I’ve seen Hermione, but I’ve never written her character so…

There were a couple of typos, but all and all it was a well-written story. And Ron’s character was good, and the basis of the plot is interesting, so I’ll give you a 7/10.

Author's Response: Hmm.. I always seem to suffer a bit of trouble in characterization when it comes to the second person in my story, eh? Lol.. That's bad.. I will try to amend this though.. Probably go through everything again.. That's why I'm probably not going to be updating until I edit everything... Thanks for the review even if I know you don't like canon pairs in fanfics (sorry...)

And yes, I will have a beta check this.. Lol...:)

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Review #13, by spicyhc123(not logged in) Prologue

22nd July 2007:
I am a HUGE ron/hermione fan, and even though you dont really like the ship i thought you did a fabolous job. This was beautifully written and I felt myself saying yes, yes, yes! to what Ron was saying in the beginning. You did wonderful keeping the characters in character and you spelling/grammar was great! this story was wonderful and I hope you keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much.. I am beginning to love Ron/Hermione now... They're adorable, really!:D Thanks for the review..

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Review #14, by nana_banana_xx3 Prologue

19th July 2007:
I quite liked that actually. :)

I like the idea of both Ron and Hermione keeping a diary. Although, I wonder: would Ron be 'man enough' to refer to as a 'diary'? I doubt it. lol! Can't you just see Seamus finding it and questioning him about it? "It's not a diary! It's a--a journal!" lol. I love Ron!

You did a good job with first chapter. I found a couple of spots where I think you meant to use a different word than the one you ended up with. So, I suggest re reading and looking for those. Nothing major. I still knew exactly what you were trying to say. ;)

Nice job! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks for everything you said... It was sweet... Your suggestions are hilarious.. You really amuse me!:D
I will re-read it.. I actually have to get it to my beta..:) lol

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Review #15, by the nutty imp Prologue

17th July 2007:
That's just sweet. Although I don't normally see Ron as the contemplative type :) ...The doubts they have reflects with each other well. I have to say that I love this. You threshed out their feeling so well.

Author's Response: Ron... Hmm, he is a bit OOC.. But I had sooo much fun with him... Thanks though.. Really.. lol..

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Review #16, by subtle_plan Prologue

16th July 2007:
Alrighty, so here's the review I offered you on the forums ^^

Crossbox time!

Like it?
Hate it?
X Love it?
Loathe it?

Yay :D

I really liked this, it's an original and great idea and I love the way you write :D The way you describe the love is all... *swoon* (I usually don't swoon in the presence of Ron since I find him rather un-swoonish.)

Sweet fic! :D Love the style, and it is more than likely that I will return to your page and read some of your other stories once I've finished with the others on my offerings ;) :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much that you love it.. That's really nice of you..
I love the fact that you think it's original. That was one thing I was worried about. And, yes, Ron is rather "swoon-able" in this one, isn't he?
Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you... You don't know how happy you've made me!:D

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Review #17, by JamesandLilly4ever Prologue

16th July 2007:
I liked it alot

Author's Response: Thanks. Hope you keep on reading..:)

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Review #18, by dracoslover1 Prologue

16th July 2007:
It looks to be a very promising start. No grammatical or spelling errors as far as I can tell. Not one of my particular favorites, but it is still a good story.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #19, by Zacharias_Smith Prologue

16th July 2007:
I thought this story was really sweet and gave a good insight into the doubts and fears they both had. I did like Ron's part of the story better, I have to say, as it was a bit more convincing and emotional, I think. Great fic!

Author's Response: Ron's part was the reason I loved the story since it was really beautiful, I think. Everytime I'm feeling down, I read it and I'm happy I wrote it..
Thanks for telling me what you liked. I thought I was the only one very partial to that part in my story.:)

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Review #20, by Andromedatonks Prologue

16th July 2007:
That was very sweet. I loved the way you wrote their doubts - I know how it feels, and you managed to portray it very well, I could totally relate to it. Though, I must say, your take on Ron is a little different from mine, I mean, I never imagined him spending so much time thinking about his feelings, he doesn't strike me as a person who has this long inner arguments. But on the whole I love your beginning, and your style is really good.

Author's Response: Hmm.. I had fun writing about their feelings since I have particular difficulty writing my feelings down.. With imaginary people, I don't.. *sigh
I must admit, my take on Ron is rather weird from how I really perceive him but it came out that way and I'm kind of happy it did...
Thanks for liking it.. And for thinking my style is good.. You're the first person to think so..:)

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Review #21, by ralj1640 Prologue

10th July 2007:
That was a bit confusing. I got a bit lost in the jornal but I got really confused after Hermione's speech. Well, this could be intresting. Grest job though:)

Author's Response: I'm sorry if it was confusing for you... But I'm also glad you think it's interesting... Wo_Ot

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Review #22, by pigwidgeon385 Prologue

8th July 2007:
Aw... this was sweet. I enjoyed reading it. You write very well.

Author's Response: Aw.. Thank you.. I had fun writing it... I'm flattered...

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Review #23, by Blue Flame {Cappie on the forums} Prologue

3rd July 2007:
This story truly touched me at the beginning, I could totally relate to this story, wanting someone to admit their feelings so you can admit yours. This was a great fic, and I love how you have them both to scared and shy to admit their feelings.

This story is very good so far, as the reader can apply it to real life situations and such. Great Job!! 10/10


p.s. update really really really soon!! :)

Author's Response: I can relate to it on some level as well.. *sigh
Thanks for the high rating... though I am not overly sure I deserve it.. Thanks for saying I do..
I am hoping for an update soon but I am having difficulty as I want to revamp everything first before I update.. LOL..
Thanks bunches..

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Review #24, by Luna_Lovegood Prologue

3rd July 2007:
You really show that they love eachother but I think Ron is a little too "girlie" you need to make him a bit more funny like he is in the books while still showing how much he loves her.

Author's Response: Yup... Really girly.. Exactly my purpose... LOL.. Punishment for not telling Hermione he loves her...

Just kidding.. I will try to fix that if I can... If I can..

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Review #25, by Mrs. Harry Potter Prologue

3rd July 2007:
Yes I did like it!!Of course I didn't hate it or loathe it!!! And YES I DID LOVE IT! I WANT MORE!!! Are you planning to write more? 'Cuz I really want to read more! And for hating R/Hr when you wrote this, then people should write about things they hate more often because this was AH-MAZING! 10 for ratin, but you deserve more!

Author's Response: Thank you for the rather disturbing rant (nah, kidding) and yes, I will write more.. But everything is subject to a revamp before I update anything..

Thanks for the review and making me smile..:)

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