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Reading Reviews for Don't Hold Back
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Review #1, by al3x What Am I Getting Myself In To?

3rd July 2007:
LMAO!! Thats really good so far! I cant really comment much and i dont usually like to review for a first chapter but seems as yu asked me too, i will =D I think you write brilliantly! I came across a few bits where like yu put the wrong word somewhere. Not in a way that yu dint realise it was the wrong word but rather yu were just typing away and did it by accident..I do it all the time too (^^/) I think you portray Lily's character very well so far. We haven't rlly heard much from her so far so i dunno, maybe it wont turn out as good (which is why i tend not to comment on the first chapter. I could think its rubbish and it turn out brilliant, or vise versa), but so far she's great =] And also sirius. The way yu had him lean close to her and just stare was so like him!!! Such an odd person isnt he =D Have yu read many J/L fics on here? Yu seem to have caught on to the nack of the way people write them and i would guess yu've read a few. Id read loads before i started mine =P But, it still has its original-ness =P So yep, i really like it and shall be awaiting an update n_n


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Review #2, by LilyMaria What Am I Getting Myself In To?

1st July 2007:
Hah! Sirius, gotta love him! Oh, this was great! I definitely urge you to continue writing. My advice for this is to try and add details, you have a significant amount, but details can make or break a story in my experience. Don't add too many, that would make it boring, and if you don't have enough, it's bland. lol. Anyhoo, this was great. Do you need a banner? I would be happy to make one for you if you are interested. My email is Ghstlily14@aol.com
Keep up the awesome work!

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