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Review #1, by Sophia Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

29th July 2013:
more soon please! this is my favorite out of all of the harry/ginny stories i've read so far!

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Review #2, by jellybean2109 Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

5th January 2012:
love this story cant wait for the next chapter B-)

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Review #3, by ScoRose4eva Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

28th November 2011:
im looking forward to the next chapter, i hope you eventually finish this story is one of my fave harry/ginny stories

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Review #4, by harrypottergurl09 Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

13th July 2010:
I really enjoyed this story. Can't wait for the rest. Keep up the good work.

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Review #5, by phoenixtear21 Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

12th March 2010:
I've read a lot of stories about Ginny and Harry after Hogwarts but this is one of the best so far. I love all the characters, especially James II! You've characterized him very well. This chapter was a nice setting. I noticed that both Fred and George are both alive, so you must have written this before Deathly Hallows, right?

I think I like the name Evan Sirius better than Albus Severus. I don't know, Albus sounds a little old ...

I hope you update soon, I would love to read more of this chapter!

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Review #6, by whitney26 Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

11th October 2009:
Perfect eveything about ur writing is perfect noe wear is d next chapter? 10/10

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Review #7, by micking Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

24th June 2009:
Hi , I hope you are alright? bad times must be upon you, to keep you from this lovely story. whatever it is, I hope it is something you can work thru and get to the other side. us fans are at your mercy. We don't know why you stopped writing. Sure do hope and pray that you can finish this story. then, perhaps you could quit writing and continue with real life. your writing is so unique and you have a way of drawing the reader into your story. That is a gift that alot of writers are searching for. Hope that you are well or getting there. please respond and just let us know how you are,? take care.

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Review #8, by Tuff Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

16th May 2009:
Did you abandon this one? I really really hope not! your writing is some of the best i have found on here! and i really hope you do not give up on it!

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Review #9, by daniel Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

7th April 2009:
hi, are you still there? It is springtime now and alot of us are still waiting for that next chapter you promised us. please don't leave this beautiful story hanging. my mom and sister are fans too and
hope your hectic life allows you to finish this story. Everyone has choices. busy or not. hope the desire is still there. please don't leave us fans with half a story. please don't abandon us. we are still here for you. perhaps not so patient, but we are here for you.

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Review #10, by micking Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

6th March 2009:
hey, this sequel can't get going without it's writer. We are all waiting and hoping that this beautiful story does not get abdandoned. Fans are not patient especially when it has been such a long while. Please don't abandon your fans. Please finish this. It does not have to be a novel or anything of great length. Just finish it for us. You have the talent and the support. The decision to do it is all that is left. Please Respond.

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Review #11, by krista Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

19th February 2009:
Hi ! The near future you promised; it that going to happen real soon?
It has been such a long time since your last chapter. Please don't abandon this story. Surely, there has been some time in your busy real life to jot down words for a new chapter? You have devoted fans who love your story. Please don't neglect us.

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Review #12, by ClosetRomanceFan Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

10th February 2009:
more plz! =] you cant give up on this at this stage of the story! is just rude =D

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Review #13, by krista Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

16th January 2009:
does any fan know this writer and can tell us what is going on so we can understand why updates are not happening? Did the author die?
Sometimes other fans let fans know when the writers don't update or even answer reviews for awhile. any information would be greatly appreciated and i am sure us fans would call it quits if that is what the author wants.

Author's Response: Hi Krista - I am still alive and kicking - I have been trying to get the next chapter finished but my real life has been very very hectic. I want to give all of my readers the best story possible. I'm sorry for not getting back to the reviewers - I truly do appreciate each reader that takes the time to write. Stay tuned - I promise something in the near future. ~Jenn

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Review #14, by cupidbug Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

28th December 2008:
please update or give a progress report on this story! i would hate if you had abandoned it --at least let us know what your plan!

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Review #15, by micking Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

15th December 2008:
what does it take to convince you that we love your story and want it to continue? Please respond and tell us. You have a gift of writing fan fiction that easily draws in a crowd of obsessed fans. Don't throw that gift away. We are here and we love your story, just finish it for us.

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Review #16, by Karkaroff Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

28th November 2008:
Cool idea and I enjoyed reading this. Please write more thanks.

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Review #17, by unknown Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

21st November 2008:
please please please i begg keep writing it's been so long

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Review #18, by leezdz Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

22nd October 2008:
Your stories are wonderful--I can feel the emotions of the characters. When will the story continue?

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Review #19, by micking Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

4th October 2008:
sure do wish you would write a new chapter. It has been ever so long. I really do enjoy this story and hope you don't abandon it. I love reading about Harry and Ginny and their adventures with kids. Please update. You have such a delicious story, it is hard to wait for that next bite.

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Review #20, by velcroman Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

29th May 2008:
This story is looking great so far. Keep up the great work. Update soon!

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Review #21, by Evangeline Moving Day

27th April 2008:
Ya! I loved chapter 3!!

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Review #22, by Evangeline Surprises

27th April 2008:
I love this story, its looking like its gonna br my fave fanfic I've ever read, and believe me whne i say i've read ALOT. Keep up the good work!!

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Review #23, by Evangeline Red and Gold

27th April 2008:
I really like this, Its amazing

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Review #24, by nisarg_91 Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

20th April 2008:
gr8 one
ur fic is by far the best i've read
including coming home
i only wish u cud speed up the postings

p.s. i dont believe in rating literature so dont worry if u see a 5/10 rating

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Review #25, by jacks_angel2007 Chapter 7 - Birthdays at the Burrow

19th April 2008:
this was a really good chapter! Can't wait for the next update!!!

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