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Review #1, by LupinFan45 The day after

7th May 2008:
that stinks, cause ive read all ur other stories! and Hexed hasnt had a new chappie yet!!! :( :( :(

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Review #2, by LupinFan45 Together

7th May 2008:
awww...thats SSSOOO cute!!!

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Review #3, by LupinFan45 A little more then a Plateful

7th May 2008:
stupid cliffe hanger. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Review #4, by LupinFan45 D'Wayne and Dhollie

7th May 2008:
i love it :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Review #5, by Izzy Potter The day after

4th September 2007:
Great story! I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

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Review #6, by Izzy Potter D'Wayne and Dhollie

4th September 2007:
This is good so far

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Review #7, by TheOneAndOnLy The day after

4th September 2007:
You spelled Feud wrong.
but other than that...
I liked it.
dang Hermione.
spoiling all the fun.
woot woot.

Author's Response: Shut up
I don't care
I'll spell how i want.
And your not supposed to tell everyone what the next chapter will like. So yea.
Yea i would hate to have her as a mother.
I'd run far far far far fra away.

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Review #8, by Christy86 The day after

4th September 2007:
update soon can't wait for more

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Review #9, by Hpfreak52 The day after

3rd September 2007:
Finally... I like it. Check your email. --Becky

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Review #10, by LordNemesis The day after

3rd September 2007:
Ok we have seen how Hermione has reacted to this now we need the other one reaction so far nice story but not worth anything more then a 3 so far.

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Review #11, by Tom_Felton_luva D'Wayne and Dhollie

3rd September 2007:
WTF???! Dhollie and D'Wayne are retarded names!

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Review #12, by Hpfreak52 Together

8th August 2007:
Have you died? This hasn't been updated in forever, I would know, I have access to your account little missy! And this is the first story you've written that had more than one chapter? What about Cursed, does that mean nothing to you? I'm hurt Tailer, extremely hurt! Lol, and I've finally posted something on my account on here, but I'm not trusted yet... oh well. Update will you!

Author's Response: Oh hush. I'm a busy person you know. the first one i've written all by meself. so hush up lol

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Review #13, by unique_princess Together

15th July 2007:
oh. i'm love it please continue.
i sorta forgot a bout draco&& hermione!
i luve dholie and d'wayne!! cute boxers with purple dragons!!

Author's Response: XDXDXD Thanks!
I LOVE this story.
But what's to happen is a mystery to me as well as anyone else

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Review #14, by pandabear Together

12th July 2007:
Ooh.More I want to read more.

Author's Response: I'm about halfway through the 4th chapter

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Review #15, by lyricsplanet Together

21st June 2007:
first you say you won't
then you say you will
you keep me hangin' on
and we're not movin' on
we're standin still

Author's Response: huh? that was confusing. but i like it. lol

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Review #16, by TheOneAndOnLy Together

20th June 2007:
bad trusted author.
good job...
dhollie and d'wayne are caute.
cute story...
haha groan...
I totally took that the wrong way when I read it...

Author's Response: I know they're adorable. haha. I just got hit on!

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Review #17, by TheOneAndOnLy A little more then a Plateful

20th June 2007:
Haha closet...
Mutual closet...
yay story.
Your banner be almost done...
I want D'wayne.
stupid Dhollie.
Well...I'm killing of Draco in my story.
Haven't decided.
I like this story.
Its fun.

Author's Response: You kill Draco off and I'll push you off the bed again like i did yesterday.

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Review #18, by TheOneAndOnLy D'Wayne and Dhollie

20th June 2007:
D'wayne is sexsi. =D
I love this story a lot.
I was by you when you wrote some of this.
Aint i a lucky duck.
stupid trusted author you.

Author's Response: Trusted author is greatness not stupidness. i know i wrote some by you. Lucky duck. and i know you love it.

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Review #19, by Christy86 Together

19th June 2007:
keep up the good work and update soon

Author's Response: Thanks I will

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Review #20, by jkgiggle Together

19th June 2007:
How do u get trusted author. That's cool. Once again short chapter but still good.

Author's Response: Idk. I just got it. Yea i had like 14 pages for the first 2 and i split it up and changed stuff so they turned out shorter but with hope they'll get longer

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Review #21, by jkgiggle A little more then a Plateful

19th June 2007:
ok... that is usually like a paragraph in one chapter but it's interesting. keep it up (like I said) I'm watching

Author's Response: Lol. Thanks for the review

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Review #22, by jkgiggle D'Wayne and Dhollie

19th June 2007:
Has potential. So far, I'm definatly reading on. keep it up!

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