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Reading Reviews for The Darkness of Day
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Review #1, by Ginny_Hermione The Darkness of Day

20th November 2007:
Hey Phoenix_Flames!

Wow, this was so sad. I feel so bad for Sirius, loosing his best friend and Lily, having Peter betray them, and going to Azkaban... I thought this was a very good story! I loved how you portrayed Sirius' reaction, I could totally picture it. It was so sad, in my mind's eye, I saw Sirius cradling James in his arms, rocking, crying. Then taking Lily downstairs... wow.

Then there was Remus, I felt so horrible the moment he walked in the room. Two of his friends dead. I mean, Sirius had it really bad, but I think Remus had it really bad too. What he has is James, Lily, and Peter dead, and Sirius a murderer. For twelve years, who knows where he is, and he has to live with all that, and his Lycanthropy... Poor Moony.

Then, when Sirius cornered Peter, I loved it. It was such an important moment. It's when the Marauders are finally completely broken apart. It's horrible.

I loved Fred and George's part of finding Peter. Lol, I could totally picture that happening. And finally, poor Sirius, being locked up in Azkaban at the end. I loved this story, and thought it was wonderful! Great job!


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Review #2, by Luna_Hamoc_5 The Darkness of Day

24th October 2007:
That was amazing yet sooo SAD!
I'm in tears
I couldn't even begin to imagine what i would do if my best friend died.
The last line made me cry even more
"He enjoyed sleeping because that was when James came to see him."
its so sad. I ahte Voldy! James and Lily were so cool
(oh i hate peter too, stinky rat)

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Review #3, by Minerva Ann McGonagall The Darkness of Day

21st August 2007:
oh god. . . .this was amazing! I know it's complete, but maybe a sequel? You know that deals a little with the intervening years and with what Sirius goes through when he gets the paper from Fudge and realizes where Peter is?

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Review #4, by HrXd The Darkness of Day

6th July 2007:
The beginning of the of the story, with Sirius. I think that this is the first time that you really get into his character. I like the communication between them. I liked Sirius reaction. However, it is so sad that Lily and James died, at least Harry survived. I think that the characterization of the characters was good. Sad at points, but none the less great.

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Review #5, by potterprincess The Darkness of Day

26th June 2007:
hey!! loved the story!!! only one question though... if scabbers was percy's rat why did fred and george find him??

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Review #6, by Ink_Well The Darkness of Day

20th June 2007:
that was really sad.but well written!

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Review #7, by GriffinClaw The Darkness of Day

19th June 2007:
That was really good. Very powerful, and it fits in well with canon. I thought that it was Sirius that suggested Peter for secret keeper and no one except James, Lily, Sirius, and Peter knew about it. I could be wrong though. Great story, 10-10

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Review #8, by misk The Darkness of Day

19th June 2007:
HOLY COW.just.HOLY COW.wow you REALLY captured the madness and absolute fury of the situation. i cried with Sirius and Remus that was so painful. PLEASE keep writing!!! your start is really really good i can't wait to read more!

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