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Review #1, by norapotter New Sleeping Quarters

29th September 2007:
I saw your review response and I was so excited that the author of *Falling for Fate* wanted to read my stories just based on my reviews that I had to give you another review.

I am writing a story called "His Life Foretold" and also I am writing "Cursed" those are the ones on this sight. I am also in the middle of a one-shot called "No Joke" And I have an idea for a story called "The Lost Founder". No joke should be up before 08 and Lost Founder should be up when my other two stories are finished.

I am still so excited that YOU would want to know what I am writing just based on my reviews. What an honour. Keep up the wonderful writing and please update soon! PLEASE!

Author's Response: Did you make a youtube video for lost founder?
Maybe I am dreaming IDK!
But that One sound realy cool!

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Review #2, by norapotter New Sleeping Quarters

21st September 2007:
Wow! good job! but now i can't wait for the next chapter : ( lol! please update soon

I really like your style. Especially this sentence "The students who did not clap began to whisper things like ,” isn’t he a murder”, until the Slytherins glared so hard that even the Gaunts would have fallen." I love that metephor like sentence it is wonderful. And your whole thing about how people act in public is so realistic. Of course the first years would begin to clap and then notice the 'big kids' that they look up to arn't and they would stop. Also, good way to portray Malfoy. Again, can't wait for the next chapter, please hurry.

Author's Response: WOW! THank you so much! THat is the nicest review I have ever gotten! I will try to get a new one up soon! THank you so much!
Oh and if you have written a fanfiction please tell me so I can read yours!
Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by illiana New Sleeping Quarters

14th September 2007:
very cute story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!
I try!
If you have any pointers I would love them!

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Review #4, by charmed_heart25 On The Express

22nd August 2007:
Ooo that was good. I liked when they were teasing each other, although I thought Draco was a bit OoC in this one. Good job though!!

And [I'm the author of Forgotten Magic] in my story... =]] Dont be too sad yet, something might happen. :)

Author's Response: Yah He kind of is. It is realy hard to keep him in character because he isn't the main Harry Potter character but I Will Try! Thank You For Reading!

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Review #5, by emmagranger On The Express

13th August 2007:
i liked the story, but i have one question. whats up with all the spaces?

Author's Response: My Beta-Reader actually made the spaces next time I will make less. Sorry.
Anyway Thank You so much for reading
BTW I like to know when I am doing something wrong so don't be afraid to tell me!
Thank you!

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Review #6, by norapotter On The Express

8th August 2007:
ooh! You can tell something is going to happen. : ) (and not just because of the review) But it seems rather quick. Are they supposed to be school enemies like the trio and Ginny are to Malfoy? If so we don't really see that. The pairing would be a bit more surprising if we saw a dislike between them in the beginning. But that was just a though. Otherwise, great job. I liked how you didn't assume the head boy and girl had the same room (like most fics like these) instead you thought up a mystery as to why it was that way. Nice!

Author's Response: THank You so Much For Reading!
They Don't Look Like Enemies Yet But They Are. She Doesn't Show Complete disgust because her character tries to know people well before hateing them so much. She likes To put herself in others shoes.

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Review #7, by bemyescape On The Express

24th June 2007:
Hey! You used the same name as me! Ha ha. My story has Kelsey Terrin as the Main. That's cool. I never thought anyone would use Kelsey. It's a pretty original name. Anyway, good story so far. Keep updating so I can read more! =-)

Author's Response: I used Kelsey because it was my name. Thank ou for reading!

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