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Review #1, by Anonamous Waking

14th August 2007:
I'm sorry about the rude comment that I made in my last reveiw. I usually wait until the end of the story to reveiw, but I was frustrated at my stupid computer and you were the thing -no offense- that i took it out on. Now I see that it works out beautifully in the end. Again, I'm sorry for my irrational actions. Oh, and your story is wonderful, so beautifully written! I LOVE it! (sorry if I sound too gushey, I'm having an odd day. My mood won't stop swinging! It is Very annoying!)

~ Anonamous

Author's Response: Don't worry: I moodswing sometimes too. And thanks for loving the story and calling it 'beautiful' and 'wonderful'. Nice reviews make me so happy! ^-^

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Review #2, by Anonamous Sleeping

14th August 2007:
Next time please say exactly who thay are! It took me awhile to figure out that it was Hermione and Crookshanks! ( And FYI: I'm acually a VERY smart person, as in I get A+'s all the time And i'm in an advanced math class)

~ Anonamous

P.S. you write well though!

Author's Response: Yeah; I tried being suspenseful with the names. It's a habit I picked up from one of my hpff friends (he normally doesn't mention names until the last sentance in his frustrating!!!) Thanks for the compliment and the review though: and don't worry I name 'em in the next chapter!

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Review #3, by Janhavi Waking

7th August 2007:
Lol, its cute.

Author's Response: Thank you; cute is what I was aiming for!

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Review #4, by Silver Rain Sleeping

15th July 2007:
Cool I'm very interested in who the guy is. I think that the girl is Hermione, Right? BTW... I'm silver Rain.

Also known as * Super hero music *

Author's Response: Thanks for the Review, Michelle. Girl is totally Hermione..the guy, well, that's for the second chapter. Glad you liked the story! I sorta don't like it so, I just hate any fluff I write. And I read your response to m'review: can't wait to see some other fics out there by yourself!

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