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Review #1, by theblacksisters La Dernière Bataille

28th September 2013:
I have a couple of suggestions. First, they should be killed in front of Harry-that seems more evil. Second, please include Bellatrix.

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Review #2, by Paloma Patil La Dernière Bataille

22nd March 2009:
Very nicely realized. Although AU, I'm very fond of this heroic ending. Nice work, Shea!


Author's Response: Thank you so much!


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Review #3, by Luckys_lucky_girls La Dernière Bataille

27th November 2008:
This story is kind of depressing and I hate depressing stories because they make me depressed. In the end it is good but when all the people he loves dies it gets depressing. Well, it was suspensful and it is a nice piece of writing cootos to that. I think that other people will like it as well.


Author's Response: thanks so much!!! :) :) :)

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Review #4, by BatSEnecal La Dernière Bataille

23rd November 2007:
That was intriguing (sorry for the bad spelling). You had the perfect mix of emotion and imagery. And the idea of the spell turning into the stag was awesome. I always thought that Harry should have died in the end like this, too. 10/10

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!!! I was aiming for emotion and imagery, so I'm glad I succeeded! Thanks again!


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Review #5, by snape_is_good La Dernière Bataille

22nd August 2007:
One of my fav. bands is 'My Chemical Romance'! I think we'd be good friends, I read your 1st fic and so far I agree with all your ships (though I'll read others) and I like your style and theme of writing! I LOVED YOUR STORY!! I was gripping my keyboard since the very beginning! (my fingers are now red) It was very good! I also greatly admire the fact that you wrote it in 1st person, it's hard for me to do that! I loved it loved it loved it loved it

Author's Response: I LOVE MY CHEM TOO! :)

LOL!!! :) :) :)

Thanks for the super nice review! You're such a sweetie!

I'm really glad you like my writing! :) I try really hard to write stuff that people will actually want to read, LOL!

Yeah, first person is really hard for me sometimes too. And then other times it's a piece of cake for me to write. It's just one of those weird, quirky things. I generally write in third person, but I'm beginning to more and more write in first. I think that stories in first person allow the reader to relate to everything on a more personal level.

Thanks again for the marvelous review! :) I seriously have like, the most enormous smile on my face! :) :) :)


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Review #6, by brunettesrule La Dernière Bataille

14th August 2007:
Hey Shea!
Aw, it's so nice to read things with the final battle. So many of them are cheesy or lacking death... that's not what happens in war! So I loved this version!

The touch of ALL THREE of them dying REALLY threw me... I didn't expect that! Nice twist, girl! And how he was filled with love. :)

"I feel him sifting through my mind, a slithering snake weaving through every thought. He is a boa constrictor, depriving my brain of the oxygen it needs as he continues searching."
WOW! Shea... that is just. *speechless* A huge number/10 for that description. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

"I will win for Ron and Hermione, who’s everlasting love for one another uplifted me countless times."
Hm, I agree but I think that Ron and Hermione also loved him, it wasn't just their love for each other that drove him, it was their love for him.

Great to read girl!
Talk to ya soon! 20/10!
Jess :)

Author's Response: Oh my god! You don't know how happy your review made me... I've just been living the day from hell, you don't even know! I really needed this... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

War is such a horrible thing. I hope I depicted the pure evil that is war with killing them.

I'm really glad you liked it. Especially my description! It took like ten days to get that out of me, and I'm glad you took notice!

Yeah, I'll end up changing that... Ron and Hermione's love for him definitely would've given him power too. I can't believe I didn't think of even mentioning their unbreakable friendship! *whacks self in the head*

Ouch, that hurt! LOL!

Again, I am really glad you liked this. Personally, this is my favorite fic so far that I've written and I'm the most proud of it and the hard work I put in.

And I can't thank you enough for totally uplifting my day! :) :) :) THANK YOU SO UNBELIEVABLY MUCH!!!


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Review #7, by GRAWP_WANT_STORY La Dernière Bataille

10th July 2007:
"I will win this war for my loved ones who lost their lives due to this creature who serves only himself and the evil that resides in every fiber of his body.

I will win for my parents who never got to watch me grow up.

I will win for Cedric, who never got to see what life was like after Hogwarts.

I will win for the Riddle family, whose innocent members should’ve never met Voldemort.

I will win for Ginny, whom I will never get to marry now.

I will win for Ron and Hermione, who’s everlasting love for one another uplifted me countless times.

I will win for me, because my life was ruined by him.

And ultimately, I will win for Good to reign over the world forevermore.

I’ll win for the world."

love that part.
powerful fic, but i'm sad that everyone died.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! :) :) :)

Yeah, I was kinda surprised that I killed everyone. LOL! But, really, when I started writing it I was going to have everyone live (except for Voldemort of course) and then all of a sudden I just decided to kill everybody... I'm so demented LOL!!!

But I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!!! :) :)

Have a great week!


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Review #8, by Harriet T Cauldron La Dernière Bataille

1st July 2007:
OMG! That was so SAD! But I was totally into it. You did a fantabulous job with the descriptions, you used a bunch of great words and it was just cool! Really, as far as Angst goes, this was fantabulous! Usually angst is just stupid because someone will go goth and then hang themself, but this was good! For one this, he wasn't all like "Oh my God, life sucks, I hate you all." Because that's just pointless. But this one, the emotions were real. Or at least real to me. I suppose the thing about hating life is realt to some people!

Anyway, 10/10 for sure!

Author's Response: Alrighty, let's see if my full response to your review shows up this time... LOL! (sorry about last time)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are such a sweetie! I'm glad it seemed realer than the "OMG LIFE SUCKS" fics, because that's what I was really aiming for. I wanted the reader to know exactly how Harry was feeling at all times. I'm glad you liked my descriptions too! I worked hard to make them that "fantabulous" (great word by the way) and it's nice to have people notice it.



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Review #9, by GriffinClaw La Dernière Bataille

1st July 2007:
Wow, that was great! Incredibly sad, but very moving. It all tied together and flowed very nicely. Great job!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! You are such a sweetheart! :) I'm glad you liked it!

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE YOUR PEN NAME!!! Every once in a while I come upon someone with a really creative penname and I've gotta give promps!!!

Thanks again for the lovely review!


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