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Review #1, by SunnyRae A Godfather's Duty

18th April 2012:
That was brilliant!
I thought I cried enough the first time around in the books when Sirius died! And you went and made it even more... emotional!!!
Sacrificing himself to save the others time because he knew... how? that if he didn't everyone would die...
Noble house of Black, indeed.
Thank you and your genius mind for this.

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Review #2, by JoshBails A Godfather's Duty

27th November 2008:
Great idea you got here...I've seen both GroundHog day and teh episode of TNG and you made it fit HP perfectly


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Review #3, by ronnikinschik4ever A Godfather's Duty

3rd August 2007:
wow this is really, i dont even know how to describe it. its kind of chilling, but heartwarming at the same time. idk...

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Review #4, by steph A Godfather's Duty

1st August 2007:
Ever seen Star Trek? One of my favourite episodes plays out almost exactly like the poker parts of your story. I'll tell you though the repitition didn't half get annoying, must have been a bugger to write.

Good though. :)

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Review #5, by nicholasjkind A Godfather's Duty

27th July 2007:
That was weird, but interesting. I liked your other stories better, but this was an interesting twist to OotP. Great job on the story.

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Review #6, by GriffinClaw A Godfather's Duty

19th June 2007:
It was a good story, but it repeated itself so many times that it was a bit confusing.

Author's Response: Thank you. I put in another line explaining the repetition, that might help some. S.

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