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Reading Reviews for The Twists of War
19 Reviews Found

Review #1, by wheezygirlforyou55 Lupin and Tonks

3rd June 2008:
aw, dont stop there...UPDATE SOON!

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Review #2, by ghost28hunter Lupin and Tonks

11th May 2008:
hey, that was awesome...i loved it...although it was a total cliffie...i so hope you update soon...this story is amazing...
please email me at Ghosthunter4life@Gmail.com if you are writting more...
Im on all the time, and this is really one of my top 5 Ginny/Draco fanny...NICE ONE!

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Review #3, by James and sirius 4 eva Lupin and Tonks

23rd September 2007:
wow awesome story hurry up and update it might just kill me having to wait to long!
10/10 and a fav

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Review #4, by LALA Lupin and Tonks

25th August 2007:
Oh No! Suspence!

Author's Response: lol glad you liked it? thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by ihs Finding Out

27th July 2007:

Author's Response: umm i thought it wasn't like the book. tell me what you think the book and my story are alike and i'll fix it. :] sorry.

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Review #6, by MissPensieve Regrets

20th July 2007:
This is like the best story i have ever read. Please update soon. i can totally see this happening in the seventh book. I love it.

Author's Response: lol i dont know about best story ever read... but if you say so :] thank you sooo much!!

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Review #7, by ihs Regrets

17th July 2007:

Author's Response: lol i know :] it gets better. i'm in severe writers block right now.. i'm trying to get three up and edited but it's not going so well. i'll have it up asap.

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Review #8, by Amortentia757 Regrets

5th July 2007:
Yeah, to go to the dark arts website you go to "hpffblog" at the top of the page. Then on the left hand side there will be a headline reading "navigation". Under that will be a bunch of words, and one of them says "dark arts", so click on that. I really don't know how that site works, but apparently u request banners on it or something. If that doesn't work, u could just go around randomly asking people on review pages if they'll make u a banner. That's what I just do. lol

Author's Response: lol alright thank you very much!! :]

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Review #9, by Amortentia757 Secrets

4th July 2007:
OH MY GOD!!! And u said u needed help??? This is absolutely FANTASTIC and that's coming from a H/HR shipper! It's detailed, which I love. The words are also very flowing. The only thing you need to work on is length. Try to challenge yourself. Like you could aim for a really high word count (ie 4000) and end up with a perfect length (ie 3050). Other than that, there is really nothing you need help with. I have no idea why there aren't more reviews! Banners always help bring in the crowd. You could go to the dark arts website and request one, at least I think you can (I really don't know much about banners). Remember to make really catchy summaries and chapter titles. All that I'm saying are only suggestions, and you may not need them because you seem to be doing fine on ur own. If u need anymore help, feel free to contact me.
Good luck writing chapter 3.

Author's Response: haha thank you very much!! would you please let me know what the dark art website is or where i could find a really good one?? that would be great. chapter three is written.. just needs to be typed.. four and five are written too. thank you once again!!

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Review #10, by Moonrise Regrets

2nd July 2007:
I like it and can't wait for the next chapter. Keep writing.

Author's Response: thank you very much :]

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Review #11, by Moonrise Secrets

2nd July 2007:
You kind of rush things and if that's your style that's ok. There are also a few parts that I would change. Where it says she had figured out some, not all... I would change it to, but not all. It flows a little better. Also adding detail would be good. It just gives yuor story a better picture to paint. For example if you gave a color to the skirt she has on. That way, the picture has more defined color. I'm not saying I'm the best writer in the world and you definately don't have to take my advise if you don't want. I just saw your guest book entry and thought I might want to read your story. I like it so far. (:

Author's Response: thank you very much!! i'll go and fix it sometime tonight possibly? lol thanks!!

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Review #12, by Jane Secrets

28th June 2007:
No problem! I know how it is being busy and stuff. I just recently got out of school. Exams are brutal. Hope she helps, and if she doesn't, tell me, and she'll get a talking to. lol

Author's Response: lol thank you again. :] i'm planning on it tomorrow because i don't have work. and i'll have the whole day. now if my chapter would get updated like.. NOW. that would be great. :]

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Review #13, by Jane Secrets

27th June 2007:
So did you ask Amortentia757? Did she help?

Author's Response: i`m planning on it. i've just been extremely busy lately.. work and stuff. but i really do want her advice. thank you again. i can't tell you how much i appreciate it. :]

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Review #14, by Jane Secrets

25th June 2007:
Really good! I'm starting to like this very much. In ur author's note, u said u wanted suggestions, and I know someone who can give really good fanfic advice. Her name is Amortentia757. To contact her, click on site links at the top of the home page on this site. Then a page will comoe up with a list on it. The third word down says "guest book", so click on that. And there u r! Just leave a comment for her there asking for advice. She should be of good help, so u should seriously chat with her. She helped me loads!

Author's Response: thank you very very very much!!!!!

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Review #15, by swimsocceg Secrets

25th June 2007:
Omg this is soo good update soon

Author's Response: thank you.. chapter two will be up shortly. three is typed and four is being worked on while were speaking. thank you once again. keep reading!!!

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Review #16, by ihs Secrets

24th June 2007:
wow! i like!

Author's Response: thank you very much :]

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Review #17, by devy Secrets

24th June 2007:
that's a pretty good story so far, but why did ginny cheat on harry? Did she really have a good reason to? Pr was she just making it up?

Author's Response: yes there was a reason.. but i haven't said it yet.. she trying to "prolong" it as much as she can. you will find out in later chapters though. thanks for the review!!

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Review #18, by quailsrock23 Secrets

23rd June 2007:
aw, poor harry. xD that was wonderful, nice start.

Author's Response: thank you. i appreciate your review :]

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Review #19, by AussieAnatomy627 Secrets

23rd June 2007:
Wow! That was .pretty intense. Update soon!

Author's Response: thank you. i have chapter two and three ready... two needs to validated and three needs to be typed up. i work on them every night so chapters should be up quick.. or as quick as their validated. thanks for the review :]

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