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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

27th May 2012:
This was brilliant. 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Thanks, Lillylover22!!

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Review #2, by Irena Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

17th August 2010:
Though I love your stories, I've always skipped this one because the pairing is so weird. But now I was browsing your fics here and decided to finally give it a go. I'm glad I did. This was such a good one. It was simple, yet deep, tender and even sexy. Luna was very OOC but that's okay, she was wonderful here, and Charlie even more so. Wonderful, I mean. Mm. Thanks for a nice reading experience!

Author's Response: Hi Irena! Thanks for coming to read this story. I know it's a quirky pairing, but that was a challenge I wanted to take. I had a good time writing it, exploring these characters and different kind of history I gave them, since this was before we saw book 7. Anyway, thanks so much for reading and reviewing, and sharing your thoughts! (o:

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Review #3, by Key Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

24th June 2010:
Ah, I think this fanfic deserves more reviews! This was great, thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. (o: I'm glad you liked it. I appreciate your review very much. (o:

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Review #4, by Lilly Barker Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

14th May 2008:
Oh I love that movie!! :DD. I knew the line sounded fimilar lol. I liked that Luna had grown here. She really did seem older. I always find Luna a hard person to write, though I love to try. Writting what she says is always hard, hard to find something thats strang enough. :pp. But I do guess that after all she had been through, or what she had been through here you would change from the odd little girl she was. Anyways great job! :DD

Author's Response: Hehe, glad to hear you like that movie too, Lilly. And yeah, Luna grew up a lot in this story, had a different set of circumstances that hit her. She is kinda tough to write, but I liked trying her. Anywho, thanks for the notes! Appreciate it!

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Review #5, by missingwitch Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

11th January 2008:
i rather loved this story! i adore the pairing, its one i write a lot of. I love your spin on it, you really know your characters. excellent!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You write Charlie/Luna? I may have to check it out, if I ever have time. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read much at all lately. But thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by DontBeSilly Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

22nd December 2007:
This was such a cool story. It was so refreshing to read a story about Charlie, and then add Luna into it and you got something that was such magic.

I have a feeling no one else but you could have pulled off this story. :) Absolutely amazing and creative!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked it. It was such a strange whim that I had, but I do hope it turned out okay! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by bubblyblonde Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

18th September 2007:
aw! that was so cute! Luna and Charlie are pretty much a couple of my favorite characters and i loved how you paired them together! that is definiately something i havent seen before...so props for your story being original!

your portrayal of Luna was great! she was changed and so different than how she is ususally shown but at the same time there were still glimpses of that same old Luna...just in a more matureish way. and with the backstory to this it would have made sense that she would have changed after that.

speaking of the backstory, i found it quite believable and i liked how you talked about the characters and how they changed but didnt really go into what actually happened...

oh i adore charlie! i wish we had seen more of him in the books! i loved how wrote him! and now i just gotta say that i am so jealous of Luna!

Good Job! i loved it and it is so one for the favorites!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Luna and Charlie are both two of my favorite characters too, and it was quite random that this idea came to me, hehe.

I'm glad you enjoyed Luna, different though she was. Both her age and experience had changed her, but she's always been and will always be a bit quirky...

I'm so pleased you like the back story. It's really half the story, honestly. I had considered making this a chaptered fic, but at the time decided against it, so... eh, there remains this backstory that I'm actually very partial to.

Thanks for a lovely review, and I'd love to hear from you again!

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Review #8, by kissedbyavampire Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

31st August 2007:
aw! that was amazing! i love how they just talked it up. you made this pairing work like a dream!!


Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate it. It was certainly fun!

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Review #9, by sugarkitty232 Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

12th August 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #10, by Janhavi Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

11th August 2007:
Well that was original! it was fun to read :)

Author's Response: Thanks! (o;

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Review #11, by Harrys_baby_4_eva Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

4th August 2007:
I don't usually read one shots but this one caught my eye. Very good work. I might just have to read your other stories now.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. I don't often write One-Shots, myself, but I'm glad you gave it a chance. And I'd be honored if you wanted to read my other stories. (o:

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Review #12, by Rebekka Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

2nd August 2007:
I adore the ending. ^_^ Luna is such an unpredictable little girl... well, woman. ^_^ I had so much fun reading this. It's been my companion for three days now. I love the beginning and I was so confused with the whole Ottery St. Catchpole. I didn't remember. I only stumbled upon it yesterday when I was reading about Luna for my own story. I love the way you start this story, and that Luna just takes what she wants. And the scene with the dragon is somehow so serene and sweet. Ah, I loved everything about this story. Very quiet, but in a good way. Yay! Oh, and Charlie is wonderful. ^_^ Love him. I've actually never read one single story about him, yours is the first. Hih! I have one tiny suggestion for you, very small and insignificant. ^_^ Leave this sentence out:“Red Dragon…” The sensuous whisper… And it was like fireworks. Making love referred to fireworks is very cliche and the for both of them to use a nickname is just... weird. Everything else is just perfect. Good work, dear. *hugs*

Author's Response: Aw, you read this little dandy, how sweet of you! Hehe... This was my fun little whim, because I'm a random fan of both Luna and Charlie.. Teehee...

Your companion for three days, eh? Was it, er, too long? Ah, the Ottery St. Catchpole part I was actually relying on readers to forget. It keeps you wondering longer, who it is (I think it does, anyway. Unless you remember the characters listed in the story description, lol!)

I'm glad you like Luna and the Dragon and Charlie. Teehee. I really loved writing this, loved their characters and everything. I had considered writing a full-length story, because I'm not a fan of one-shots, but at the time I just didn't have it in me. But I think the rather long one-shot turned out alright...

Ah, you didn't like the line with the nickname and the fireworks? Blast! I thought it might be a stroke of genius, but alas it's cliche. hehe. I was rather not wanting to go *there* per se, so I wanted something good to end that part on. Perhaps I can rustle up some better, non-cliche ideas....

Thanks for reading, my dear! I so love everything you're doing for me!! By the way, I'm working on some really fun scenes for Harry Woke Up right now and I can't wait till you read them! LoL!

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Review #13, by MrsSBlack Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

1st August 2007:
Oh that was lovely! I had never thought of Charlie and Luna as a pair, but that was excellent. Perfect 10, for sure. =)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I know it's a bit of a random pair, but it hit me on a whim, and I had to go with it. Thanks for the 10!

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Review #14, by OllyCoop Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

14th July 2007:
Amazing. It's a rarely seen pairing (two of my favourite characters), but you've created an absolute gem here!

Every detail you supplied worked flawlessly, the background story was so believable! Comments about Ginny, and her relationship with Harry...brilliant! Draco and his decision to save Hermione...And yet you managed to elude to the battle, and Luna's experiences in a way that makes it so...intriguing.

Lunalove (the nicknames were great) really did seemed changed by the past, but there was still the underlying hints of the Luna of old. Well done, though I do sort of miss her unconventional kookiness. Experience does that though, and it seems she's had a majority of bad...

I quite like the idea of the group of 'six'...as I said before, you explained your backstory so well!

This story is so well written, I'm so glad to have read it!
I love it, I really, really love it!

Author's Response: Thanks for coming to review OllyCoop!

This was a lovely review and I'm so giddy now! Hehe. I really enjoyed creating the backstory and I do hope it was all believable. I wanted something dark, something that would change them in different ways. Push each of them toward something different...

The nicknames were fun and something that just struck me, though I have to give credit to my pal Steph, author of Sanitarium, for Charlie's "Red Dragon" nickname.

Indeed, I miss some of Luna's kookiness too, but I tried to still keep it there, just a bit more refined and matured, tempered by other traits too.

Thanks heaps for just a lovely review dear! (o:

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Review #15, by DandN Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

3rd July 2007:
This is by far one of the most unique pairings I've set my eyes on, and you actually got it work pretty damn well :P

Completely un literary comment at first, I LOVED the banner, it was very cool ;), and I liked the fact you had put a story image in here as well ^^

I think you have done wonderful job with all the characters mentioned in here. Your Luna was believable, even though she's an adult now there's still the sense of quirkyness about here. Albite her forwardness is something I haven't seen before, you really got that working for you. Charlie was great too, and I really enjoyed reading about him, he's the Weasly Kid who hasn't never been in the spotlight. Even the characters just mentioned in the story, like Ginny, were very well done and the 'background' story felt very plausable and real. Keep up the good work! Oh and the OC you introduced, the bartender, he was so much fun to read about :p

You did a great job getting the story to the love scene, but you also avoid writing the love scene in the corny fashion that is much too common, kudos to you! Somewhat unrelated comment,but the idea of Luna in Charlie's sweat pants and hoodie was pricless :P She's so much smaller than him it really must have looked hilarious *g*

Oh and I loved the Harris reference you had put in the story ;)

Few things caught my eye ^^

As a reader I prefer more of indirect telling rather than the direct one, it just feels better in my opinion, though I'm sure there are people who disagree with me :P For example;

"The sitting room was occupied by a rather comfy looking sofa, accompanied by two large armchairs and a rug that accented the room wonderfully. The floor was covered in a soft cream coloured carpet that had certain worn down paths standing out against the otherwise plush surface in contrast. The room was lit with low lighting that created a wonderfully seductive aura when combined with the dark walls."

Could be turned into something along the lines of:

"Luna approach the sitting room and under her feet the soft carpet muffled the sound of her steps, even if the carpet were partially worn out at places. The dim lightning and dark walls made it hard for her to see everything in the room, but the shapes of a sofa and two large armchairs could be seen in the dim lit room."
Something to consider about ;)

In the first line you had a small typo of having a bar tender instead of a bartender ^^

Oh, and do wizards have notes? technically that would be possible as we have no idea what the Romanian monetary system is like, but I was expecting for Charlie to throw a few coins on the table :P

All in all, great job, and I especially liked the ending, I was so sure Luna had stood him up for good, but no *LoL*

Author's Response: Wow, you weren't kidding about nice, long, healthy reviews! hehe, I'm so delighted! Wow! What great comments you've given me!

Ah, yeah so the Charlie/Luna pairing is a bit odd. I usually stick with normal ones, but something struck my fancy about this one and I couldn't let it go by. (o: I'm glad that you felt it worked well, because frankly I wasn't sure if it was complete rubbish!

Loved the banner, eh? Thanks, er, that was mine. (o: I dabble in making my own... And the story image, that's mine too. I drew 'em. Aren't I pathetic?!! Hehe.

I'm glad Luna was believable. I took her far beyond what we've seen at Hogwarts so I was afraid readers would see OoC rather than a grown character... I think the forwardness, as you mentioned, grew from their time in the war. I have a few stories back there about what she went through or did. She learned to be what she needed to be, and in this moment, she needed to be foward with him to get what she wanted, lol.

You liked my Charlie? I adore Charlie! These are truly two of my most favorite minor characters! hehe!

Glad you liked the background story too. And I'm happy it was plausible and real. Oi, and you liked Alin the barman! hehe. I actually had to make sure I found a Romanian name, though now I realised I've probably missed a lot of other cultural things, hehe.

Ah the love scene. I didn't want to do what is always done. Somehow it fell together like this and I wanted it to end there like it did. (o: You liked Luna in Charlie's sweats and hoodie? Teehee! I loved it too! That's why I, er, sorta drew it for the Chapter image, hehe.

Thanks for pointing out the direct and indirect styles in description. You're absolutely right about what you shared with me, another, better way to write the scene of Charlie's flat. Truth is, I think I'm terrible at good descriptions so I have to work hard in painting the picture of whatever I'm seeing in my mind. I'll continue working and try to use the indirect style. (o: *scribbles down homework*

Ah, wizards and notes. Good question, hehe. Perhaps in Romania they have Romanian wizarding money that involve notes. Hehe. That, or I goofed and I need to fix it, heh. Thanks for catching it!

Thanks for such a WONDERFUL review! Now I can't wait, if you end up having time to review any other of my stories. I'll be dying to see what you ahve to say! What a fabulous reviewer you are!!!

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Review #16, by purplepunkpixie Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

30th June 2007:
i really luv this story this is the thirs time i've read it. i think that it would be a erally kewl idea if u did an AU fic about a luna/charlie romance where charlie is still in hogwarst while the trio and luna are there (maybe u can make it so that charlie is in his seventh year while the trio and luna are in their sixth) oh and i would also liv it if luna had this confidence that she has in this one-shot i thin she is such a kewl character with this new confidence. please think about my suggestion cause i luved ur story and u seem like a really talented writer

Author's Response: Thanks for the suggestion and for reading the story so many times! I don't generally like writing AU, and I doubt I would write about Charlie being at Hogwarts with the trio. Plus, Luna is confident and different because of what she went through in the battles.

If I wrote a story about Charlie and Luna, I'd continue something like this, Post Hogwarts or sommat. I'll think about it, I just dunno! (O: Thanks for the suggestion though!

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Review #17, by cookiemonster Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

26th June 2007:
Wow. Great story! I love the nickname you have for Luna, "Lunalove"! It's awesome! Luna seemed a bit out of character when she was "coming on" to Charlie, but I guess that's what she was talking about when she said that she had changed. I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading another one! Ha, you liked Luna's nickname? It just sorta happened and sounded right. I suppose Luna might have sounded a bit out of character, but I was making an attempt to grow her up considerably. Ideally, from her stories of the war, we should get the idea that she's changed in lots of ways, and she's no longer quite so naive and clueless, if in fact she ever really was.

I'm glad you loved it, thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by purplepunkpixie Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

18th June 2007:
awww i luved it. maybe u could make Charlie/Luna romance story casue u wrote this one shot really well

Author's Response: Thanks. (o: Originally I was going to write a Short Story or Novella but I got a bit over loaded and just went for a long One-Shot, which I don't write often. Anyway, I'll think about a Charlie/Luna romance story. (o: I'm glad you liked this one-shot.

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Review #19, by Falons Task Didn't Mean to Fall in Love with You

18th June 2007:
This was really good and the nicknames were awesome plus I really like the idea of "the six" I think it sounds like a very good ending to a book

Author's Response: Hi Falons Task!

I'm glad you liked the nicknames. I think I should credit the author of Sanitarium for the use of 'Red Dragon.' I thought it was a nice nickname for Charlie. 'Lunalove' is mine though. (o:

I too like "the six." I think it's a nice concept and it would be very cool if it was used in the book, though I hope it's not all as terrible as Luna alludes to it being.

Thanks again!

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