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Review #1, by sweetgrl1988 The Cup

20th December 2007:
Lol at the ugly badger that was "the darling little thing painted on it." The viewer is pretty intriguing. I wonder who it is...if it's a main character or not...etc... lol. The crazy jumping on the cup was so funny (especially since I could clearly picture it in my head). Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Author's Response: Ah the viewer. Such an illusive figure they are. Eventually their identity will be revealed...eventually.

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Review #2, by sweetgrl1988 The Locket

20th December 2007:
Haha. So, I totally didn't expect this to be comical, but it totally works. From the TIVO, to the viewer, to the antics of all who came across the locket, not one section was void of comedy. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes!

Author's Response: Hey, comedy's my thing! At least I've been told it is :)

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Review #3, by firefawn The Cup

21st June 2007:
LOL I love this mysterious viewer! Not to mention his/her comments! So they are obviously linked to the wizarding world if they know who Mundungus Fletcher is, or at least, they probably are. Hrm... (Like how I"m trying to work this out without revealing the true answer? HAHA!) And I must say, the final line about the wedding was awesome!

They all made a mends and lived happily ever after…except for the new bride and groom who divorced a year later.

LOL I loved that line! I also liked the great imagery that you created of a bride jumping up and down with sadistic glee, all in an attempt to kill the darn cup! Not to mention the fact that the cup was being stubburn and determined about trying to stay together! lol And thats not even counting the funny stuff at the chapter's start! That pour tourist now only bought the heirloom from hell, but got swinzled! He went up $20 and Fletcher only went down $10! His wife realy should have let them keep looking! I also really liked the 'casual' mention to the bitter custody dispute over the cup, which the grand-daughter didn't want in the first place, but was afraid to reject for fear of being lynched. Awesome work. 10/10

Author's Response: Gah! Stop riddling out the mysterious viewer, that would ruin it!!!!! My favorite line was about the bitter custody dispute, acting like the damn thing was a child or something...haha. Stay tuned for the ring segment!

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Review #4, by natalee The Locket

17th June 2007:
wow, i don't even know what to say. this is totally not what i expected it to be. very different, can't wait to read more

Author's Response: Haha, yeah this is going to continue to be a really out there story, but I'm glad you want to read more.

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Review #5, by IchigoPan The Locket

17th June 2007:
Oh sweet Jesus. You really posted it... I don't think I could've put it into better words than you. The vivid visuals of 34th and 5th really put me there, seeing how my office is exactly three blocks off of 34th.

I can only imagine what you're going to do with the cup.
*smacks forehead* WHY did I suggest this?

Author's Response: Of course I posted it! You presented me with quite a lovely piece of plot to work with it would be a travesty if I didn't! And you already have an idea of what's going to happen to the cup, after all, you suggested it!

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Review #6, by firefawn The Locket

15th June 2007:
I love everything about this story. The sentence structuring and the way that the brevity of the sentences add to the humor is particularly notable. I also LOVED the mysterious viewer and the way that they only choose to watch because they had popcorn that must be eaten and pop that must be drank. :) That was a brilliant addition. I also found the vivid description of TIVO's antics to be quite hysterical. It is almost like a living entity in your house, at all the times, watching you...It's extremely creepy!

Ah ha! Husband of the year! That's hysterical how he considered slipping her a twenty a fulfillment of his husbandly duties! lol Excellent work on his obsession with the necklace as well. I'm imagining the horcruxes to have personalities almost. Perhaps this one had Voldemort's ability to coerce his minions into doing his bidding. 10/10

Author's Response: Well thank you miss firefawn! But thank Ichigopan for the lovely idea. HAHA, husbandly duties...forget the wife, it's all about the necklace! After rereading it it sounded so Lord of the Rings-esque with Gollum and the ring. Except, of course, we have here good old RAB and the locket. Stay tuned for the adventures of the hufflepuff cup!

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