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Review #1, by Corinna Forgive and Forget

30th September 2013:
WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS??? you should make
her live in the house for him or something but NOT die!!

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Review #2, by harry_ginny_3 Forgive and Forget

4th March 2009:
Wow. That was realy good.
I liked it, but it was pretty angsty. I don't know what I expected, for Draco to end up having the whole thing be a joke and them living happily ever after? Ha, yeah, in my dreams.
But all in all, it was pretty good. You captured Draco exactly the right way, in my opinion. But now I'm rambling, so I'll just stop right now.
Hasta la bye bye!

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Review #3, by Isabella Potter Forgive and Forget

24th December 2008:
tears tears omg he killed her i thought it was going to be a romeo and juliet ending lol but this was good i

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Review #4, by Ana Forgive and Forget

7th December 2008:
So, there's a word I would like to use to describe your personality right now. I'm sure you know the word. It starts with a b and is technically used in reference to a female dog. But oh how I wish I could reach through the computer, grab you by the shoulders, shake you, scream at you, and then use the curse you had Draco so blithly use in your story on you. Hated it with every fibre of this universe and more.

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Review #5, by hehe Forgive and Forget

19th March 2008:
omg i cried! its sooo pain ful... beautiful

Author's Response: Thank you dear.

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Review #6, by unique_princess Forgive and Forget

8th December 2007:
omg no. i wanted them to be happy again. why?
i am so crying right now. that was so sad.
it was beautiful though.

Author's Response: Thank you unique_princess. I have a bad habit of killing off my characters in angst oneshots. Thanks for the review =]

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Review #7, by caliope Forgive and Forget

19th November 2007:
wow...that was brilliant!!! I am spechless!!

Author's Response: Thankyou, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by DracoMalfoysmitsresss Forgive and Forget

25th September 2007:
omg it is so amazing i love it

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #9, by Bitter_Sweet_Love62 Forgive and Forget

22nd July 2007:
ok for some reaosn everytime is end an email to u it failsd, i sent this one the second i got yours here si the reply

No that isnt exactly fair on the other banner maker who has gone to the effort of making one for you. just keep it. i can understand that you are remorseful but i would advise u next time if somehting like this happens that u email; the original person u asked , and ask them if the banner is being made! i always send out a email saying if i am making or not making a banner. nut in ur case u obviously didnt get it, also check ur email and if u splet it correctly

just for now maybe not request one from me for a while.
i no you apologised it just annoys me i wasted my time doing this for you.
ia m not trying to eb rude it just ahppens all the time that ppl get banners while u
are making one for them, it doesnt make u feel good!

Zoe xox

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Review #10, by dracosgurl812 Forgive and Forget

20th July 2007:
OMG HE KILLED HER! he was so stupid to kill her...but this was AH-MAZING!!! i didnt want him to kill her, but it made the emotion of the story so much stronger. beautifully written!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the brilliant review and i'm chuffed that you liked it.

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Review #11, by RachelBee42 Forgive and Forget

17th July 2007:
Oh my. Quite sad isn't it? Why did she sleep with Harry? Well no matter how sad, it was still a very good story. A 10 rating.

Author's Response: Thank you Rachel. Glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by Emma Forgive and Forget

9th July 2007:
OMG. Amazing story! Made me cry at the end. How did Draco do that, to the one he loved? Brilliant! Love it. xxx

Author's Response: Thanks Emma. and you know Draco...he's a Malfoy, what do you expect?

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Review #13, by GreatestGryffindor Forgive and Forget

7th July 2007:
sad sad sad sad sad! Ok, it was well written, a couple of typos, but nice job! 10/10!

Author's Response: Very sad isn't it? (grins) Glad you liked it.

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Review #14, by little.elf.ears Forgive and Forget

6th July 2007:
omg im crying...that is so sad! i love it!.:( sad though..

Author's Response: Thanks xD

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Review #15, by Kartyxxhp Forgive and Forget

4th July 2007:
Wow thats all I can say. That was beautifuly writen! I loved it!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the reveiw. Glad you liked it.

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Review #16, by Mrs SiriusBlack Forgive and Forget

4th July 2007:
it's a good story! i liked it, even though i don't usually like the stories where someone kills the one they love. but this one was good, and it's so well written!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for that review (loves ego boost) I'm gadl you enjoyed it even though Draco did kill her.

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Review #17, by AussieAnatomy627 Forgive and Forget

4th July 2007:
He was stupid to kill her. But it was beautifully written.

Author's Response: Well, who says Malfoys can't be a little stupid? Thanks anyway Aly.

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Review #18, by ilovemalfoy1235 Forgive and Forget

4th July 2007:
wow is going to be the only chapter because wow that is sad...

Author's Response: Oh thank you! xD

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Review #19, by meee Forgive and Forget

3rd July 2007:
omgsh that was soo sad =[ why did he have to kill her if he still loved her? great job tho on the story =]

Author's Response: Coz he's a Malfoy and Malfoy's don'tb utrn their backs on a decision. Anyway, gald you liked it.

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Review #20, by JJ Forgive and Forget

3rd July 2007:

Author's Response: Thank you ^_*

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Review #21, by janel Forgive and Forget

3rd July 2007:
you are such a good writer!!! I really like this story :)

Author's Response: Thanks Janel, glad you liked it.

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Review #22, by girl_in_the_sunset Forgive and Forget

3rd July 2007:
um, this is sorta strange & it seems a bit pointless cuz it's lyk the story just ends here w/ him killing her, if u know wat i mean. unless there's something lyk his love brings her back... but if there isn't then it just seems sorta pointless 2 have written this much & then kill her.

Author's Response: no, she doesn't come back because of his love and i don't think it's pointless, but if you do then so be it.

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Review #23, by Drecklin Forgive and Forget

3rd July 2007:
omg.. this story actually got me to cry. that never happens. wow this was beautifully written you have a talent for writing. awesome job!

Author's Response: You never cry at a fanfic? Well i guess there's a first for everything. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review.

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Review #24, by ANON Forgive and Forget

3rd July 2007:

Author's Response: Yes! Dramion all the way!!!!! way to ship girlfriend! But heck, I'm gadl you enjoyed it, even though it was very sad!

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Review #25, by Lovely_Slytheriness Forgive and Forget

3rd July 2007:
Beautifully written, amazing. Angsty, dark and, well... Fantastic! I really loved this story, you did a great job. So sad... But so beautiful. You are talanted. 10/10


Author's Response: Hey Linnea, thanks for the amazing review. Glad you liked it!

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