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Review #1, by The Girl Who Lived First Day of Classes

13th August 2007:
Did you change the titile or what? I liked the old one better... I am sort of like Jonathan, kids not willing to talk to me, think I'm a wiredo, lasts just go with that.

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Review #2, by brigiliz Awakening

13th August 2007:
i am really glad you decided to contiune this story i really enjoy it

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Review #3, by vicki95 First Day of Classes

2nd August 2007:
Poor Jonathan. I hope that he can understand what his did and never be like him. It's a good thing he wasn't raised by Draco Malfoy or he would end up like his Father and hate lily and the Weasley clan. I still say they should give him a chance to prove that he isn't like his father, I mean he doesn't even know his father and good thing too. I hope he gets excepted for who he is but not for how his father was. Please email me when you get the next chapter in. ( I really loved the story, Keep up the good work.

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Review #4, by Zokara First Day of Classes

18th July 2007:
I love this story, though I do feel sorry for Jonathan. I would hope that Harry and Hermione would be more understanding but I guess they went through a lot

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Review #5, by GENIE_4482 First Day of Classes

17th July 2007:
Great Story!! I love the Lily & Jonathan relationship. You can tell these two don't care what others think.
HoweverI must say I'm a bit disappointed in the Potters and Weasleys (older generation), they talked about accepting people for what they are, but they are doing exactly the same thing to Jonathan that they were against. Hopefully they will get their heads out of the sand and look at Jonathan for what he is a talented young boy.

Anticipating the next chapter!

Author's Response: i explain it later

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Review #6, by Zokara The Sorting Hat

10th July 2007:
Oh... it's really sad how everyone is prejudiced against him, I feel sorry for Jonathan. It's really good.

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Review #7, by AngelPotter1921 Hogwarts Express

2nd July 2007:
aww.. poor Jonathan.. i feel sorry for him.. anyway great update.. please update again.. soon!!

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Review #8, by Quill88 Hogwarts Express

2nd July 2007:
oh... that´s so sad... poor Jonathan... can´t help feeling sorry for him eventhough he is a Malfoy..
great story! please update soon! :)

Author's Response: actually that's the point of the story

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Review #9, by ILoveLost1888 Hogwarts Express

2nd July 2007:

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Review #10, by HilaryBergen Diagon Alley

2nd July 2007:
This sounds a lot like half blood prince so far, sam orphanage as Voldemort and everything... is there a symbolism there! keep writing.

Author's Response: glad you caught on, i actually tried to take elements of all the books when i wrote it, but mostly the half blood prince and the sorcerer's stone

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Review #11, by Zokara Diagon Alley

25th June 2007:
This chapter is also good.

Author's Response: thanks, i appreciate that

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Review #12, by Zokara The Journey Begins

18th June 2007:
Draco Malfoy's son, right? I'll keep reading.

Author's Response: thanks, and you're right. it gets better, hope you'll keep reading

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