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Reading Reviews for Corkscrews
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Review #1, by loved up zombie Plans

16th February 2008:
Primary school =]
Year 1-6

Then secondary school

I like your story so far =]
Please keep writting

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Review #2, by Crizbin The Feast

14th May 2006:
excellent im definetly adding this to my favourites

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Review #3, by magpie quill The Feast

14th April 2006:
cool! this story is awesome. I love that know one knows who harry is. please update soon

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Review #4, by pinkandblue The Feast

9th January 2006:
i like it...i really really like it... please write some more! x

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Review #5, by pinkandblue Plans

9th January 2006:
if harry's 11 thats the end of year 6 (UK) so he'd start hogwarts in year 7.

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Review #6, by Megan The Feast

1st January 2006:
keep writing!!!

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Review #7, by yaffa Diagon Alley

28th October 2005:
his name was really harry james potter and his mum was in griffindor

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Review #8, by just annother stupid idiot The Feast

30th September 2005:
super cool thingy majig

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Review #9, by QuickieChick A Slightly Unusual Day In The Life Of

16th August 2005:
I really like this story so far! I'm only on the second chapter, but I decided to review right now. Poor Harry, he's just dumped at an orphanage..... But at least he has friends now. that's good. I was also thinking of making a story where Harry's past was different. Only his parents lived. I think that that would be interesting to write. Anyway, great story! I love it!

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Review #10, by FireTears The Feast

28th July 2005:
I need more, MORE, MORE!!!! Very good! when are you gonna update?

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Review #11, by David Winestein The Feast

1st July 2005:
Very good, if not a little short... PLEASE UPDATE!

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Review #12, by sandstar The Feast

4th June 2005:
I LOVE the song! and if you changed the words and plot a little, you could make this into your own new book, publish it and get rich! go for it! (and if you ever get writer's block (i mean, you can't be this good ALL the time) come review mine!

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Review #13, by Megan Brown The Feast

20th May 2005:
Keep Writing I love you story!

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Review #14, by neji The Feast

18th May 2005:
u know this story is great and if ur not gonna update chould you atleast say it im tired of watching this page 19 times a day

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Review #15, by neji The Feast

28th April 2005:
great realy realygreat and i can`t wait for more

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Review #16, by alisia_cameron The Feast

12th April 2005:
haha!! this is an awesome story! lol thanks for making draco a real character!

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Review #17, by alisia_cameron A Rose By Any Other Name

12th April 2005:
hahaha!! LOVE cabot to!

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Review #18, by C. The Feast

15th July 2004:
Ahh! I really think you shiould update soon! I've been waiting for EVER for you to do so, and you still haven't yet :( PLEASE update soon.

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Review #19, by C. The Feast

31st May 2004:
I think this story is by far, one of the best I've read yet! It's SO awesome! I really like how Harry is all prankster, and Draco is nice! Good job! Update soon! And also your Buffy story! That one's really cool too.

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Review #20, by Mugwump Plans

5th May 2004:
So if his new last name is Evans, wouldn't his fake fathers last name be Evans, tambien?

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Review #21, by like, teenager gal The Feast

4th April 2004:
totally awesome story! but when are they, like, gonna get into trouble? I wanna see some pranks! I, like, totally loved when Harry (Andy? Evan? Andrew?) pranked snape. Like, dont you dare abandon this story, keep writing and like totally update soon!

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Review #22, by Nooka The Feast

19th March 2004:
congradulations you have my undivided attention!!! YAY!!! You sorted 'em into Ravenclaw...the best house ever! Rock on man!!!!! This is well funny!! Keep it up!

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Review #23, by Nooka Plans

19th March 2004:
um Hi English girl here. I'm loving this fic at the mo keep it up! Lets see...in Primary School we start in year 1 and go up to year 6. So year 1 to year 3 is Key stage 1 year 4 to 6 is Key stage 2. Key stage five is..um..beyond year 11. Coz I'm in year 11 (im 16 btw) and I'm in Key stage 4.....is this confusing you? Well anyway Harry in this chapter would be in year 6 key stage 2...doing his SATS. anyway great fic!!! keep it up!

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Review #24, by Curious Cat The Feast

11th March 2004:
I'm realy happy with the draco- good guy bit as I alway's wonderd what would happen if he had a desent background. I think sticking him in ravencraw was the best thing to do (especialy if malfoy needed to be in his group). Though I agree with everyone that you will have a lot of problems with COS unless your gona realy revamp the novel (miss out doby, gryfindor sord/ all of plot). Hu... you could have a break year insted, you know only attacked by a frog insted...

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Review #25, by Curious Cat The Hogwarts Express

11th March 2004:
I like how it is getting on, but just a littel queery, why would hogwarts: a history have stuff on platform 9 1/3? Wouldn't it be better to have said he learnt it from the "one for people who were switching from the muggle to the wizarding world" book you mentiond earlier?

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